Getting To Know Her


What's wrong? She asked knowing exactly what my problem was.
You know, about us, getting too know each other more. Experimenting.
I said hoping to make her feel bad. I'm not sure if I'm ready yet,
she said in a really distinctive manner.

We were both 14, she was about 2 months older than me, she was 5'5
about 130lbs, I don't know why but I've always had a fetish for girls
that have a few extra pounds only on there stomach, yet I hate really
big boobs on a girl. 36B I find that size most attractive, by my own
personal opinion anyway. She had the most beautiful brown hair, and
brown eyes. I was about 5'8 not over-weight but didn't have a 6 pack
or anything like that. I had brown hair, with dark green eyes, that
sometimes turn blue.

Well, if your not ready I'm not going to push you to do anything you
don't want too. Our ride to the movies will be here in about half
of an hour. You want too go swimming? She asked. I said sure, my
eyes opened widely in amazement. You can change in the bathroom
if you want. OK, she said happily.

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I was filled with joy at this moment. I thought to myself
I hope she still doesn't wear a once piece. I ran up to my room
quickly, changed into my trunks and yelled. "I'll meet you at the
pool!" I ran down the stairs so fast so I could get a good spot in
the pool so when she came out I could have a good view of her in her
swim suit. Which I was hoping was a bikini.

She came out of the house with her towel hanging over her shoulder,
so I couldn't really get a good view of her bikini top, Which I was
surprised too see her wearing. "WOW! You look really sexy in that!"
I said hopefully she wouldn't take it the wrong way. "Thanks she said,
with a small giggle after wards. " "Well come on in the waters warm. "
I said. She slowly started walking down the steps into the pool,
getting closer & closer too me. I'm getting a little shaky at this
moment. As she began to come closer I could see her breast peeking
out of the tight bikini top right above the water line. "Wow. " I said
again not even thinking before speaking that time.

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   She giggled once
again and slowly putting her arms around my neck, as her hands
gently rest on my back. I put my arms around her petite waist, like
we always do when were kissing. She slowly started to move in, and
I kissed her passionately on her neck and up too her ear lobe. And
bit it in the harmless way possibly and went for the lips.

As we have been making out for about 5 minutes, about fifteen minutes
have passed since i received the call for our ride, so I knew we
had at least ten more minutes. She starts pulling me against her
really tight like she wants its right now. She slowly pushed my too
the shallow end of the pool, and forced my onto the steps, and started
pulling down my trunks. "Are you sure?" I asked, thinking that's
the stupidest question I've ever said. She said, "Yeah I've been
horny all day, and I know you"ll treat me right and be gentle. "
So now I'm sitting on the steps inside the pool, with my trunks at
my knees. She slowly grabs my half-hardened dick and starts stroking.
"Ohh that feels so good. " I moaned. I slowly reach around and undo
her bikini straps, as it falls into the pool. She started stroking
harder,and faster.

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   "Suck it please ohhh. " So she does and she can
feel my dick harden inside her mouth as it reaches full length.

As shes sucking & pumping, my body jerks, and she knows whats
going to happen. She takes my whole cock in her and moves her head,
and right then I explode. She swallows all and licking her lips.
I slowly stand up with my cock half erect, I gently push her on the
steps, and slide her bikini bottoms off, i start rubbing, then I
kneel down and licking hard while fingering at the same time.
I stick my two biggest fingers in her tight little cunt, as far as
possible. Just reaching her G Spot, she came all over. Moaning, and
contracting while I'm holding her in my arms. "That was the best
orgasm ever! I love you. " she said passionately. "I love you too. "
We had better get cleaned up and dried off before my cousin get's here.
"But I was you inside me, NOW!" she said almost violently.
"We can't, Maybe after the movie.


"Alright, I love you, I'll meet you in kitchen after your changed babe. "
"OK sweetie," she said in a very sexy way.

Will continue on too Ch2,3,4,5 D: Give my your opinions on anything!
I will take criticism.




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