fun in food tech part 1/2


it was the 14th of june, and none of us could wait for the holiday to finally begin. i glanced across the room at abbie. she was 15, had a tight cute ass and 32C boobs. she hand long, black hair and a softaccent.

the bell rang to signal the en of last period and i stayed behind to grab my coursework folder. a soft hand came into contact with mine. i looked up straight into abbie`s face. she gave me a shy little smile and our eyes refused to leave each other. i leant in, our lips met and at that moment iknew that i had to have her right here ad now. i threw my arms around her waist and hoisted her onto the table. she kicked off her shoes and i pulled down her matt black tights. i kissed the inside of her right leg all the way up to her panties, which i removed quickly.

her pussy was what could only be described as art. it was clean shaven, dripping and surprisingly tight for the number of people that had nailed her.

i stuffed my head under her skirt and started licking ferociously. she squealed with delight and i felt her legs squeeze in with pleasure, so i licked her harder.

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   suddenly, she squirted her sweetness all over my face. i was so horny that i didnt bother wither buttons, i just ripped the shirt off her back.

she slipped her skirt off so fluidly, it could have held no more weight than the air. she leaned back on the table as i unbuttoned my trousers and unzipped my fly. my 9 inch member pointed straight at her pussy. i leapt up onto the table and slid my penis into her vagina. abbie roared with ecstacy and begged my to go harder, i did. for a full ten minutes the room was filled with the sound o sex. then abbie was filled withspunk as we both screamed in orgasm. she put her skirt on a left, giving me a little wink as she walked out of the door. this wasnt over, i could tell. .