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Topic: Fun at Summer Camphi, im jack and im 18 years old
and last holidays when i was 14, my parents sent me to some camp on a headland just out of the city.
when i just arrived there, all i wanted to do is go home as i was there by myself without any friends (except for some random loser kid who kept following me around. ) the food was crap and i didnt want to participate in any activities. so i just spent the time perving on a hot young blonde instructor, and other girls on the camp.
towards the end of the first day, i started a conversation with a girl, she was my age (14) had brown hair, nice blue eyes, faded freckles and a nice firm body. she wasnt the hottest girl on the cam but pretty good. she  was very nice and seemed to like me, her name was Michelle, she always wore tight blue pants, with a black singlet that always moved up abit so you could see her skin.
so for the next 2 days i just talked to Michelle. on the third day we got to know each well enough, till i brought up boyfriends/sex. she was a virgin that hadnt done much stuff other then make out (same as me at the time. )
i asked her if she wanted to make out and she agreed so i took her to a big rock behind the empty grass field and we made out, it was great, i held her close to me getting a touch of her ass. we did this for about 5min and my erection was very hard.
the next day, we realised we really liked each other, so we went to the same place and again. we made out like crazy till i slipped a hand down her pants touching her soft ass. she stopped kissing me and asked what i was doing. i told her that i really liked her and wanted to experiment a bit more.

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she seemed ok with the exuse so i put my hand in her panties down to her lil virgin pussy. it was wet and very warm, it felt so good so i contiued to finger her, i could tell she liked it as everytime we looked at each other she smiled. i became so horny that i pulled down her pants and started licking her out, she was very suprised but told me to keep going till i made her orgasm
after that she told me she wanted to return the favour, so she took down my pants and started stroking my hard cock. . a little precum went on her hands but she didnt seem to notice.
then out of no where she licked the tip which nearly caused me to cum all over her face. she wrapped her lips around it and went down while swirling her toungue around. she was very good for a first timer.
she kept on sucking till i came a huge load in her warm mouth while looking into her blue eyes. she kept my cock in her mouth till i was out of come, then she spat it out onto the grass.
the next day of the camp which came from a boring time to a great experience, i asked Michelle if she wanted to have sex with me that night in my room. at first she said no, but i kept on telling her that i loved her and that she would like it. i finally got her to agree and she would come to my room at 8:00pm that night.
so i was already for having sex, except that i didnt have a condom with me, and i didnt want to pull out. so i went around asking some guys if they had any but no one did.

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   i told Michelle and she said if i gave her my $10 she would buy 'the night after pills' when she got home because we were leaving camp the next morning. i was very suprised that she was willing to do that.
so at 8:00pm i heard a knock on my room door and to no surprise it was Michelle and was she loooking sexy. very tight tracksuit pants and small black top that started at her belly button. she was ready for sex
i pulled her onto the bed and we kissed and touched each other, she rubbed my hard cock to get me ready. after 5min foreplay i was ready
i pulled down her panties and pulled her close to me, i slowly put my cock up her wet pussy, it felt so good, i picked up pace and she started moaning. i started going faster and harder. her tight virgin pussy wrapped around my cock.
after 2mins i was ready to come in her, she got on top of me and i was at the bottom she started riding me making a bit to much noise, she was going to orgasm, perfect timing as i was about to cum
we kept at it till she she started moaning very loud, i came in her pussy filling her up with warm soaking cum. i kept it in her for about another minute till i flopped my cock out her, and cum came dripping down from her pussy on my cock and stomach.
after that we held each other close and talked. she was no longer a virgin.
the next day we were leaving and we kissed each other goodbye, we exchanged numbers
i havent seen Michelle in person since then but we keep in contact via phone and msn. we are planning to meet up one day and relive memories from camp.
i was glad my parents sent me to camp instead of letting me stay home bumming around with friends.

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