Friends Party


Before I get started with the story I'll tell u about what Kayla and I (Chris) look like.   Kayla is about 5'7'' blonde hair, blue eyes, C cup tits, and she is on the gymnastics team at our school.   I am 5'9'' brown hair, brown eyes, 8in penis, and im on our schools soccer and track team.  
Ok.   So I was going to a friends (Dan) party in the next town over where his parents were out of town for the week and almost our entire class was going to be there.   When I got there the keg had already been tapped and the dance floor was going.   I met up with Dan and gave him the 12 pack i had brought.   He introduced me to Kayla, who I had met atleast 3 times before, I think Dan was already starting to get drunk.   Dan got involved with somebody else and left me and Kayla there to talk.
There had always been this sexual tention between Kayla and I.   She looked so sexy tonight, wearing a tight white tank top and a school girl type skirt.   So this caused that tension to grow greatly.   For about 3-5 minutes we just kinda looked at each other nodding our heads when our eyes caught one anothers.   She then broke the ice by asking if i wanted a beer.   I accepted and we walked over to the keg.  
I starred at her perfectly tight ass while we walked and i think she might have caught me looking because when I looked up she quickly turned her head to face forward again.


    We got our beers then went into the living room to sit down.   There was only a love seat left so we both sat on it together her left leg ontop of my right.   After we talked for awhile and had a few more beers I started to get horny and it was showing.   I had a full tent and Kayla had deffinately noticed.   She was entirely sitting on my lap now with my tent poking her in the ass.  
She then stood up and took my hand.   She led me to Dans parents room and closed the door behind us.   She then pushed me on the bed and started to undress herself.   She started with her tanktop revealing a lacy pink bra. Then she took off her skirt showing a matching lacy pink thong.   Next she took off thong showing her deffinately well trimmed and manicured pussy.   Finally she took off her bra letting me get a view at her firm and pert breasts.   She then undressed me allowing my fully erect dick to show off its full potential.  
She climbed on top of me and whispered in my ear "I've never had sex before. Go easy please.

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  " "Don't worry I've never done it before either. "
I then roll her over like ive seen in pornos and I get ontop of her.  I then slowly lowered my dick into her pussy with much struggle.   However, her hymen had probably been broken during her gymnastics.   After several slow thrusts the lubrication finally started to build up and it was easier to get in and out.   She started to moan and shout my name really loudly as I pounded away at her pussy.   I felt like I was about to cum so I pulled out of her and told her why.
Then I went down on her and started to eat her out.   At first I just probed the surface but then I started to viciously eat away at her pussy.   Her pussy juices kept building up and then her hips started to buck up and down humping my mouth.   Then she shouted she was cumming and a load of pussy juice oozed out into my mouth.  
After she recovered from her orgasm she still wanted more.   She said "Well ive had my orgasm now its time for you to have yours. " I fully expected her to go low on me and give me a blow job but she didn't.
      She slowly bent herself over the bed and looked at me with a seductive look.


        Then she mouthed "You want to put it up my ass?"  I smiled and walked over behind her.   She braced herself and I slowly but steadily put my entire dick into her ass.   I repeated this by going all the way out until the tip was just in then put the entire dick back in her.   I started to speed up once I felt it was ok for me to do it.   I eventually got up to a fast speed that was causing Kaylas head to buck up ever time i slammed back in her.   I was just hammering her ass and from her moans I could tell she was enjoying it but in pain.   I then said "I'm about to cum u want me to cum up ur ass?" She thought about it not wanting the pleasure of her ass to stop but then said "I want to swallow ur entire load. "  So I pulled out of her ass a little bit of blood on my dick from her ass.  
    Then she dropped to her knees and started to suck my for cum.   This was deffinately not her first time giving a blow job and she was a pro at it.   She deep throated my entire shaft.   Then started to play around with the head of it.   When she felt my dick start to twitch in her mouth she returned to deep throating and I shot load after load down her throat.  
    We slept in Dans parents bed that night and in the morning we gave each other another orgasm.   Then I drove her home and went home myself.

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    Kayla and I are currently dating and we have sex ever chance we get.   I'll post more stories about me and Kayla.   Please leave comments so I can make my stories more enjoyable for my readers.