Friends Again


Tim had liked Lucy in elementary school. And into middle school and high school. He rarely even spoke to her. He discreetly watched her develop from a petite child to drop dead gorgeous. They both went through relationships with others, but Tim still had the eye for Lucy the entire time. Then came senior year.

It was nearing the end of the school year. All the seniors exchanging future colleges, phone numbers, and the like. But, as always, the most anticipated event was the senior prom. Everyone finding dates and reserving the finest restaurants in town. Tim was waiting for his friends after school to walk home with. He spied Lucy doing the same. Now or never, he thought. Tim swallowed his courage, and walked over to Lucy.

"Have a date for the prom yet?" he said.

"Now that you mention it, I don't" said Lucy.

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"Would you want to go with me, you know, as friends?" Tim barely managed to blurt out.

"Sounds like a good idea. "

Tim was shocked to hear this

"Ok, I'll call you later to make plans" Tim said

Once he got home, he pumped his fist in excitement and then immediately arranged a tux.


All plans made. Final touches being done. It was the night everyone was waiting for. Tim had arranged to meet Lucy at the prom since they decided not to go out for dinner, instead opting for a nice lunch. Tim showed up wearing the basic tux, but still looking ravishing. Lucy walked in, and Tim almost had an erection right there. She was wearing a blue strapless dress, and had her hair up in the sexiest curls.

The two had a good first half of the prom. Drinking fruit punch, and dancing and chatting with friends. Then came the slow dance half of the prom. Tim knew this was his big chance. They began slow dancing and chatting quietly.

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   For a moment, the two stared into each others eyes lustily as could be. They embraced in a light kiss. Tim almost jumped up and down with joy thinking they were just friends and waiting for the moment for years. Things got hotter and heavier as they began to make out like you see in the movies. Tim pulled away.

"If we're going to do that again, we'll do it later" he said.

Lucy agreed and the prom later ended.

"My parents are out of town, want to crash at my house?" Tim asked.

"Sounds like a good idea" Lucy said. She then called her parents, and they agreed, considering she lived a half hour away and it was late.

Tim drove to his house, and they both went inside.

"What should I sleep in?" Lucy asked.

Without a word, Tim tossed her a large t-shirt.

"But what about the other half of my body?"

"That shirt should be big enough" Tim yawned.

Lucy silently agreed and put on the shirt, which was so big it almost touched her knees.

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"I hope we're really good friends now, which I bet we are after what happened earlier" said Tim

"Why's that?" Lucy asked.

Tim explained that all the bedding was being washed, and the only place to sleep was the couch.

"Well, ok" said Lucy.

The two proceeded to lie down on the same end of the couch, figuring they were good enough friends now to at least sleep next to each other.

"That kiss, while we were dancing, what was that about?" Tim questioned.

Lucy blushed. "I had never really realized what a cool guy you were"

"Well, cool" Tim was at a loss for words.

Lucy suddenly started another kiss, this one much heavier than the one at the prom. Almost as if they were pros, they began undressing each other, which wasn't much work considering how little each was wearing. Both didn't really have much of an idea of what was going on, but neither cared. Both were virgins, saving their selves for that special someone.

    Before long, they were both naked.

    "Tim, I want to tell you something. I've always secretly liked you. I've been saving my virginity through all my boyfriends, just for a time like this"

    Tim could not believe what he had just heard.

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       His seven inch member was standing at attention. Lucy got right down to her virginity losing by spitting on Tim's cock. Tim got his mind together and positioned himself to enter her. As he did so, Lucy yelped in pain. Tim knew what that meant, and thrusted himself as far as he could. He rhythmically thrusted as if he had done this before. Since they were new to the sport of sex, neither lasted long. Tim ejaculated so far his sperm almost came out of Lucy's mouth. Lucy then orgasmed, as she sunk her nails into Tim's arm. They both moaned in ecstasy and soon fell asleep, Tim still inside and on top of her.

    The two woke up the next morning, with no mentioning of the previous night's events. The two began a relationship, and well, that's another story.


    This is a quick story of a fantasy I have. The names have been changed and any resemblance to anything real is entirely coincidental.

    I tried to write a different story than the others here on SSP.

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       I left out physical details to focus on the story. Tell me what you think and maybe I'll write more. I also apologize for any typographical errors in this story.




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