Fitting him in


Hey there! My name is Sarah. I'm going out with a hot spunk who broke my virginity at the age of 18 I'm 18 now. Tall, long legss, 36C breasts and a tight ass. Jayden is tanned, brown hair, blue eyes.
Every day we fuck like hell and god i enjoy it. I'm a highschool slut and also a prostitute. My mum and Dad are divorced and i live between the two houses. They have no idea of what i do and if they did they would KILL me.

My dad went away one weekend and so i invited Jayden over as usual. we had sex and then we decided to go a pub. (well try and see if we got in anyway) we did, I seduced the security gaurd and we met some friends inside. Jayden left me for a moment while he went and got a drink, and 2 guys sidled over, squeezing my breasts and spanking my ass. At first i thought it was a joke, playing along, but when one whispered in my ear "Do what wwe say, or else!" I froze up. They led me away and I tried to wriggle free of his tight grasp, but he tighted his grip and as we walked away from the people, he suddenly turnedd around and slapped me hard accross the face. "YOU FUCKING BITCH! don't try and get away, or we will make it hurt more!"
They pushed me in a car and the tall one (Jeff) turned to me and grinned. "Give my a fucking blowjob while im driving, bitch!" I didn't want to get slapped again so i unzipped his fly and put the head at my lips.

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   It was at least 9 inches long, not erect and i freaked. this was how long Jaydens was erect! All of a sudden, his hand came down with such force on the back of my head that the cock slid fully in and i threw up. "Fuck you Bitch! You wanna fucking throw up? I'll make you fucking throw up!" He pulled over and smashed my head against the steering wheel. He then slid the seat back and pushed me onto the floor. He kneeled down and smashed his cock into me again and again. He thrusted with such force on the last one that one of his balls rolled into my mouth and i threw up for the 4th time. He cumed in my mouth and i threw up agian.
He got up and continued driving. soon we arrived at an abandoned house. . . .
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