First time pals Part One


It was kind of nice lounging there together on the bed in Jason's room, listening to some soft, jazzy sounds of music, with the fragrance of green tea incense lightly filling the air. It was summer and both of us were kind of bored and trying to think of something to do. Right then, it was nice just relaxing really and doing nothing. We had both kicked our shoes off in favor of being barefoot. Well, Jason had, and I figured that if he was going to do that, that I might as well, too.
That was all we were doing, just laying there side by side, propped up on our elbows. Only after a minute, because we were both boys, I sort of started to feel a little self-conscious about the closeness. Mindfully I remarked, "I hope that your mother doesn't come home. . . I can imagine what it would look like, with the two of us laying here together like this. "
Jason smirked at the implications.
"It isn't like either of aregay," he said.
"I know," I admitted, feeling a little silly for having raised the concern.
"All we're doing is just laying here," he pointed out. "Besides," he added, being sort of indignant about it, "Stuff like that is different between friends.

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"Yeah. . . " I agreed, knowing what he meant.
He gave a small shrug. "Anyway, my mother's at work. She never comes home in the middle of the day," he re-marked, addressing the issue of privacy. "And even if she did. . . we'd hear her car drive up. "
I felt a little better.
"Good to know," I laughed.
We both grinned with a kind of modest amusement over the idea of our looking friendly in that way. It was sort of funny, and at the same time sort of nice not having to worry about it somehow looking gay, even if it was homosexually suggestive.

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   Jason was like me, and typically would have shied away from anything even hinting at that. Again, because these days everything was automatically labeled as being gay and straight boys wanted to avoid having anything to do with that. Unfortunately, leaving absolutely no middle ground. Right then, however, since it was just the two of us, and the subject had been mentioned, it was sort of cool not having to be so embarrassed about it.
Offhandedly Jason joked, "I suppose that would give us time to get back into our clothes. "
"Well. . . if we were laying here naked," I said.
"We would have to be," Jason remarked. "If we had to get back into our clothes. . . we would have to be out of them to begin with. "
"True," I said, conceding to his logic.

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We both grinned some more.

    Being deliberately pedantic about it, I questioned, "Why would we be out of our clothes in the first place?"
    Jason gave another small shrug. "Because it's warm? Because we just felt like it?"
    "Because we felt like laying here naked?"
    "Just as friends," Jason countered carelessly. "I mean. . . I wouldn't have any problem with it. "
    "I wouldn't, either," I said with equal carelessness. "Just so long as nobody found out. "
    "Nobody would find out," Jason assured confidently.
    We looked at one another, as if in consideration of the idea.
    I don't know. Maybe it was just the thought of defying social convention, or just doing something because it was outrageous and fun, the idea of our taking our clothes off was a kind of challenge to our being daring enough to actually do that.
    "Do you want to?" I asked with a teasing grin.
    "If you want to," Jason replied.

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    "It's OK with me," I said.
    "It's OK with me, too," Jason said back.
    There was that sort of awkward moment of hesitancy. Then, making our minds, we started to get undressed with neither of us bothering to get off of the bed. Our t-shirts came off, then our jeans and underwear. Suddenly, and maybe to our own surprise, we were both naked.