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I knocked on the door and took a step back, waiting patiently. A few seconds later, my girlfriend Gabrielle, opened the door and ushered me in. The door had hardly closed behind me before she threw her arms around my neck and engulfed me in a deep kiss. I cupped her face in my hands and stuck my tongue in her mouth. She began sucking on it hard, bringing it deeper into her. I moved my hands down, grabbed her firm ass, and pressed the bulge in my pants against her warm crotch. She broke apart the kiss and lead me upstairs to her bedroom.

Gabrielle and I had been dating for a few months now. This was the first time she was home alone and I could sneak away.

I gently lowered her to the bed and began kissing her neck. My hands moved slowly up under shirt, feeling every inch of her strong stomach before cupping her juicy C-cup breasts. Her shirt seemed to melt off and I could see her tiny nipples standing at full attention. I took one into my mouth and began sucking it while massaging the other. She moaned in pleasure as my tongue explored her delicious chest.

I took my shirt off and before I could react, she shoved herself into me, pressing her tits against my chest and licking my ear. I responded by rubbing my bulge against the now wet center of her legs.

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   She lied her head back and bit her lower lip in pleasure as i slowly removed her pants to reveal her neatly trimmed virgin pussy. I licked my lips before delving my tongue into the pink center of her. She gasped and moaned as I shoved my tongue inside her pussy, licking up her sweet juices. As I continued to make love her to her with my teeth and lips and tongue, she grasped my head and pressed it against her pussy. A split second later, she screamed in ecstasy and a huge flow of her juices exploded directly into my mouth, almost drowning me. I swallowed it all and as she was coming down from her first ever orgasm, I undid my pants and revealed my fully hard 7 inches to her.

Without missing a beat, she grabbed my manhood and began stroking it with her delicate fingers. Sliding her long nails down its length, making me quiver with expectation. At last, she leaned forward sucked on the tip. The feel of her tonguetwirling around the head of my cock was almost too much to bear and I could barely stop myself from cumming right then. She started off slow, almost teasing me. But the pace began to pick up and before long, she was taking my whole length down her throat.

A few minutes later the pressure became to much. "Ah baby," I moaned. "I'm gonna.

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  . . CUM!" I cried out right as I let loose into her mouth. She greedily began to swallow every strand, even sucking a little more just to make sure she got it all. She sat up and lied on her back. With her fingers, she spread her delicate pussy lips and moaned, "Give it to me baby. I want to feel all of you deep inside my tight wet cunt!" Invited in? It would be disrespectful to decline.

I climbed on top of her and slowly guided my cock inside her tight pussy. It was hard going the first time. Her virgin cunt was so tight around my cock, I could hardly push it in. At last, I reached the protective wall of her hymen. I looked down into her dark green eyes, and she nodded slightly. I pulled back a little, and shoved forward, taking her virginity and my own with a grunt. She screamed in pain and pleasure as a slight trickle of blood ran down my cock.

I began to fuck my beautiful girlfriend, easy at first.

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   Slowly pushing in and out, adding just a little more each time. Once she got used to feel of me, I began to go faster and faster. Before long, my balls were slapping against her as she gasped with each inward thrust. It was not time at all before felt a familiar tightening in my balls.

"I'm gonna cum, baby!" My girlfriend moaned. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" She screamed and I felt her hot juices explode over my cock. That was too much for me and I began firing my load deep inside her pussy. She gasped as each thick strand of my hot sticky seed entered her fertile womb.

"That was amazing, Gabby. " I said a few minutes later as we lay hand in hand on her bed, my cum dripping out of her pussy.

"Good. 'Cause I'm not done," she replied. With that she rolled over on top of me and gave me a devilish grin. She took my rapidly solidifying cock and rubbed it all over her pussy, until it was soaking wet. Then, instead of guiding it back inside her pussy, she guided my cock back until it was pressing against her teeny asshole.

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   My eyes widened in surprise and she grinned again.

She squinted her eyes shut and began to lower herself down onto my cock. I felt the her ass close around my cock. She was only able to take a few inches before it became to painful for her. She just began bouncing up and down. A few minutes later I grabbed her hips, and slammed the rest of my cock inside her ass. She screamed in pain and about of gallon of her sweet pussy juices exploded out of her cunt and over my legs.

She just held still for few seconds, feeling my cock inside her pussy. She slowly began to move up and down again, now taking my entire cock inside her. I reached up and massaged her tits. She groaned in pleasure as I pinched her nipples. She began riding me faster and harder, trying to get me to cum.

After a few minutes, I grabbed her hips and exploded inside her. She screamed in ecstasy as my hot cum struck the deepest regions of her asshole. She also came, squirting her juices all over my stomach.

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   I pulled out and fired my last few strands of cum over her face and tits. She greedily licked up all she could. We embraced in a deep hug and kiss. I could still taste my salty cum on her mouth. Just then, the front door opened and her father called up, “Gabby? I'm home!”.



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