Family Reunion


“This is honestly the biggest waste of time! Why do we always have to get dragged to these things every summer!?!” James asked his older sister. “I mean honestly, there are about 150 people here and guess how many I know… 20 AT THE MOST! And that’s because they’re immediate family or aunts and uncles!”
“I know,” Jessica answered, “but mom is really into this stuff, imagine being dad and being drug to these things for the last 25 years! Just relax ok, it’s only for the afternoon. ”
James and Jessica had been sitting at their table for the last 45 minutes complaining about being drug to yet another Family Reunion by their mother. It wasn’t that James didn’t like his family… they all seemed like good people, it was just awkward trying to talk to people who knew you only as “Kami’s youngest. ” But he always stuck it out. The food was good, that was always a plus! But besides that it always ended up being James and Jessica sitting at a table waiting for their mother to finally say it was time to go.
The reunion seemed to just be meeting its peak as fewer and fewer people whom James didn’t know filed into the door. James was a very average teenager. At 18 he was right under 6’0 with brown hair, brown eyes, and lightly muscled frame… not skinny, but not bulky either. He’d had his share of girlfriends and more than once he’d gotten all the way. But as of late he’d hit somewhat of a dry spell. It had been about 8 months since he had last gotten any sexual attention from a woman, and it was beginning to get the best of him! However, there was little he could do… he hated guys that constantly tried to impress girls by literally throwing themselves at them, and hated it even more when guys purposely acted like jackasses to a girl just for attention. He had a different game… old fashioned some would say. He was more the gentlemen. Growing up in the south that was the only way his father would let him treat a lady… and that was what he did. He treated every girl he met with respect.

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   Some girls liked it, some girls hated it… either way he wasn’t going to change!
As he watched a few more people come in through the door he again asked himself why he was here? Any good looking girl that walked through that door he couldn’t look at in a sexual way… I mean… he was related to them! And he definitely was NOT into incest… even if he had never met them before… it would still be weird!
Just as this thought crossed his mind a girl walked in, and his heart skipped a beat. She was what all guys would call a bombshell! 5’4, dirty blonde hair down to her shoulders, perfectly proportioned chest, and the firmest ass he’d ever seen! Immediately impure thoughts of all the things he could do to her, or her to him, flashed in his mind and that familiar bulge in his pants began to grow.
Jessica noticed the entranced look on her brothers face and followed his eyes to the girl who had just walked in. “Well she’s a pretty girl… I wonder how we’re related to her?”…
James’ heart sank. “AWWWW for the love of the game!” James groaned, “reunions suck!”
Jessica giggled as they both watched the girl walk with her family over to a group of people and begin talking. James couldn’t believe it… how could this happen to him? This amazingly beautiful girl had just walked through the door and he didn’t have a chance with her, and not because she was out of his league, but because he was RELATED to her! It seemed like a sick joke!
“Where’s mom? I’m ganna ask when we can get outta this hell hole!” James asked as he got up from his seat, the earlier signs of an erection a faint memory.
“She’s over by aunt Tammy, but be nice!” Jessica said with a stern look.
James made his way over to the small crowd of people his mother was talking to. As he crossed to room he couldn’t help but notice a gaze following him. He looked over his shoulder at the girl how had come in earlier and could have sworn that for a split second she was watching him. “I’m insane,” he said to himself…. “she’s relation!”
He walked up to his mother and calmly asked when they would be leaving.
“Oh, don’t worry hon, we’ll just stick around for a while. Why don’t you go over and talk to uncle Stan… he’ll introduce you to everyone. ” she said as she pointed over to where her uncle stood… which just so happened to be the same crowd of people the mystery girl was in.

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   James hadn’t seen Stan over there before… he was probably too distracted by the beautiful girl. He decided he had nothing better to do, so walked over and joined the crowed with Stan and the mystery girl.
“James my boy! How the hell have you been!?! Seems like ages since I saw you last!” Stan exclaimed, throwing an arm over James’ shoulder. “How old are ya by now anyway?”
“I turned 18 in March Stan… you were at the party… but judging by the amount of beer cans we found on our front lawn, I can understand why you don’t remember it. ” James said with a smile.
“Oh, of course, of course! How could I forget a bash like that!” Stan bellowed, slapping his knee. “Oh, I’m being rude here aren’t I? James these are my cousins John, Samantha, uncle Terry, aunt Ann, cousin Barb, her husband Ryan and their kids Tara, Zack, and Rachel. ” Stan introduced each person and James introduced himself giving each member of the family a hand shake. However, the mystery girl who stood next to Tara was not introduced. James looked at her with somewhat of a puzzled look on his face, when Tara piped up…
“Oh, and this I my friend Mallory from back home… she came with us since this is just kind of a detour on our vacation to Florida. ” Tara explained.
“Ok, nice to meet you Mallory. ” James said shaking her hand and giving her a smile. She smiled back and for the first time he noticed her baby blue eyes. This family reunion just got a whole heck of a lot better, he thought to himself.

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“Hey, why don’t you kids go over and find a table and get to know each other… after all we’re all family here!” Stan said with a chuckle.
James, Tara, and Mallory agreed and walked over to an empty table and sat down. An awkward silence soon followed, but Tara was quick to break it.
“So, you turned 18 in March?” She asked James.
“Yeah… how bout you girls, how old are you?
“I’ll be 18 in August. ” Tara said. “And Mallory here actually just turned last week! Isn’t that right Mal?”
“Yep… and it was a fun birthday!” Mallory said with a grin.
“Oh, well in that case happy late birthday!” James said with a little wink.
He could sense some sexual attraction between the two of them, and assumed that Tara could too.
“Um, I need to use the restroom… Mal can you come with?” Tara asked with a little smirk.
“Yeah sure. We’ll be right back. ” Mallory said to James.
Once they had left the table James ran over to his sister and sat down next to her with a huge smile on his face. “Can you do me a favor sis?” he asked.

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“What do you want?”
“Um, two girls just went into the bathroom… can you go in there and tell me what they’re talking about?” he asked with a grin.
“Oh my God… I told you she’s relatio-
“Not the dirty blonde one! She’s the other one’s friend! No relation!” James said becoming more excited by the minute.
“Oh fine, but you owe me!” Jessica said and started toward the bathrooms.
After about 5 minutes Jessica finally exited the bathroom with a grin on her face. She made her way back over to James and sat down. “You’ve not going to believe this kid!” she said with a smile.
“WHAT? What did you hear?” James asked excitedly.
“She likes you… thinks you’re cute. ” Jessica answered. “and from what I caught when I first walked in… she wants to do a little more than snuggle on the couch if you catch my drift…”
James was shocked… confused… excited! That bulge that had been in his pants earlier was beginning to come back, however, this time he was not ashamed! One of the hottest girls he had ever seen wanted him! And he wasn’t going to waste this opportunity! He didn’t have a lot of time, but before he left this building… he was going to get laid! By any means necessary!
The two girls soon came out of the bathroom giggling and laughing as they did so. James jumped up, thanked his sister and met them half way back to their table. “Hey so I was thinking… there’s a park about 2 blocks from here… you guys wanna hang out there?” James asked, hoping not to sound too desperate.
The two girls looked at each other and smiled “Well… I have to stick around and watch my little brother and sister… but you two can go on ahead. ” Tara said.
“Are you sure… I mean, we don’t want to just leave ya hangin” James said, trying to be nice, but hoping she’d still say no.


“No, seriously… you to go get to know each other. ” she looked at Mallory and gave her a wink. “I’ll be here when ya get back. ”
Mallory giggled and turned to James, “Well I guess it’s just us two! Lets go!” she said batting her eyes. God she was beautiful! Don’t screw this one up James said to himself as they walked out the door.
They made small talk as they walked to the park and it was easy to see that there was definitely a spark between the two. They sat on a swings and talked about the normal stuff, when after so long there got to be a lull in conversation. James was about to ask another pointless question when Mallory asked him something that caught him completely off guard…
“So are you a virgin?” she asked calmly.
“Uh, um… no, actually I’m not… are you?
Mallory laughed… “No, far from it actually!”
“What do you mean?” James asked innocently.
“Well,” Mallory said with a smile, “Lets just say I’ve… experimented a lot with my sexuality. ”
James still wasn’t quite sure what she meant… but sure as hell wanted to find out!
“I see. ” he said smiling at her, and noticed that she licked her lips as she quickly glanced at the growing bulge in his pants.
There was a short silence as he looked into her eyes. “So… what do you want to do?” he asked trying to sound casual.
“Well,” she leaned over to the swing he sat on, “I can think of something.


  ” she said and kissed him on the lips. It didn’t take long for the innocent little peck to become a passionate kiss with their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. James had never done this with a stranger… a one night stand was something he’d never done before… but he knew that was about to change and he made out with this perfect stranger.
“Do you want me?” she asked breaking the kiss just long enough to get the words out.
“Yes!” he replied panting heavily. The bulge in his pants now straining against his jeans… waiting to be tended to.
“Then take me! Make me your slut!” she exclaimed. Standing in front of him, waiting for his attack.
He stood next to her looking for a place that would hide them from view. He saw a small grove of trees and they ran hand in hand toward it in anticipation. He pushed her up against a tree, both teen panting hungrily for each other and began kissing her neck… slowly making his way down. She continued to pant loudly, occasionally letting out soft moans. James felt her nipples under her thin top harden and had to reveal them! He lifted her tight shirt over her head and quickly unfastened her lacey bra to unveil a pair of tits most guys dreamed of. He attacked her hard nipples and took one into his mouth, a soft gasp escaping Mallory’s mouth. “Oh God…” she whispered.

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James knew the time was getting close. He let his hands slowly make their way towards the top of her skirt, then in one quick motion lowered it to reveal a sexy red thong.
    However, as sexy as it looked… it would have to go! And he ripped it down, letting her freshly shaved pussy breathe. James continued to engorge himself on her nipples when she suddenly pulled his head away from her wonderful breasts. “Someone’s a little overdressed, don’t you think?” Mallory said with a grin and a wink.
    She then pulled off his t-shirt and tossed it to the ground. Then she got on her knees and unzipped the fly of his jeans, where his cock was now straining more than ever! She slid his jeans down, letting the tent in his boxers show.
    “Oh my!” Mallory gasped, “Someone was hiding quite a big surprise from me!” as she teased the head of his cock through his boxers. “What are we ganna do about this?” she asked looking up at his with a little smirk.
    “Oh God, suck me baby!” James said, loosing control of his thoughts. Wanting nothing more than to feel this girls mouth around his waiting cock.
    She wasted little time after receiving this order and ripped his boxers down, nearly getting hit in the face by his massive erection. Mallory had been with many guys, but she’s never seen a cock this big before. It had to be at least 18 inches long and 4 inches thick! She almost came from just seeing it stare her in the face… hard as a rock with the purple vein throbbing along the side. She grabbed the thick member just under the purple head and was surprised to find she couldn’t even get her hand around it! She was getting wet…VERY wet! She’s never been with a guy this big, and wanted nothing more than to put that monster cock in every hole! For now, though, she was ganna jam every last inch into her hot mouth and make this hung stud feed her his seed! She pulled the heavy dick into her mouth and closed her eyes, pushing as much as she could in… but when she opened her eyes, she was disappointed to find she hadn’t even gotten half of his cock in her mouth.

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       She was so upset she almost cried… she wanted it all soooo bad! James could tell she was sad, and asked if she wanted all his cock in her mouth. She shook her head yes, with his cock still in her mouth, and tried forcing more down. James had seen only one girl take his entire cock, but never saw a girl more determined to do so then Mallory! He felt sorry for her, and could see tears well up in her eyes, so he decided to help her… he put his hands behind her head and shoved her head hard onto his cock, she let out a small gag, but she wanted more and kept shoving it in her mouth and down her throat. Only another inch or two! She could do it! He saw she was almost there and thrust as hard as he could into her mouth, forcing the rest of his cock down her throat. She felt her nose being tickled by his pubic hair and slowly bobbed her head back and forth, savoring the flavor of the enormous cock she had just swallowed. James was in heaven. She had just ate his entire dick, and nothing had ever felt better! She then decided to get this stud off, and began working her magic. She slid most of the cock out of her mouth and focused on this massive head, letting her tongue tease the opening and fondling the biggest balls she had ever seen. She bobbed ferociously on his cock, humming quietly as she did so. James tilted his head back and let out a loud moan. “Suck that cock baby! Oh, fuck yeah!” She knew he was getting close and worked faster… she’s never wanted to taste cum so badly! He was so huge! She wanted more of his fucking cock! “Give me that fucking cum you stud!” she screamed at him, then resumed her oral attack. After hearing this James could take no more and released the biggest load of cum he’d ever shot, into her mouth.
    She felt it hit the back of her throat and sucked harder. She wanted every drop! And that’s what she got. He came for what seemed like forever.

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       She had to swallow 3 different times, before he finally finished. She then released his cock and let it dangle before her. But to her surprise, his erection was back within seconds and he was ready for more. She looked up at him and smiled. “No more pussy eating for you stud… you’re ganna fuck me with that monster right now!”
    She stood up and leaned her bare back against the tree and waited for his dick. He gently rubbed his fingers against her opening, making her gasp. He teased her pussy for several seconds, until Mallory grabbed his cock, looked at him and said. “Fuck me with this mother fucking cock!” With that James thrust as hard as he could into Mallory’s waiting pussy. “AHHHHHHHHHH!” Was all she could manage to get out as she felt his enormous cock invade her tight pussy. He thrust in, and held it there for a few seconds then slowly worked up an easy pace. She loved it, and it wasn’t long before she was getting close.
    She screamed so loud James was sure everyone in the town could hear her, but he didn’t care! He quickened the pace and was ramming his monster cock in her as hard as he could. She had never had a fuck this good, and wanted it to last as long as possible. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and could have sworn his fuck stick went even deeper into her pussy! She moaned and screamed and begged to be fucked harder by his enormous manhood!
    James couldn’t believe she was lasting this long… usually with this dick, a girl never last more than 5 minutes, but he was giving her all he had, and she wanted more… so that’s what he gave her. He threw his dick as hard as he could into her pussy, and heard her scream even louder.

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       He fucked as hard as humanly possible for several minutes before he finally heard those magical words escape her mouth…
    With that her body went tense and her pussy seemed to vice around his cock. He came and let his seed rush into her throbbing cunt. She let out a low moan and collapsed on his shoulder, both sweating and panting. She lifter her head and kissed him lightly on the lips, completely exhausted from the amazing orgasm she just received from this huge cock. He slowly removed his cock with a small “slurp” and the two got dressed and kissed one more time.
    When they walked back into the reunion Tara ran up to them and asked if they had a good time. James and Mallory looked at each other with a smile and both agreed they had a terrific time.
    “That’s great,” Tara exclaimed, “Cause I just talked to my parents and they said if it was ok with James, he can come with us to Florida!”
    James looked at Mallory again and gave her a wink… “God bless family reunions!”
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