Family Friend - Part 10


Chapter 36
Michelle awoke the next morning at seven. Most teenagers liked to sleep in during summer vacation, but she had always been an early riser. She liked the morning and usually woke up before dawn. But last night with Steve and Angie had her all excited and for a long time she’d lain awake thinking about getting together with them and Artie today. Just the thought of Artie’s big cock was making her wet and she stripped off her pajamas and masturbated until she came. That seemed to help and she finally managed to fall asleep around one-thirty, still naked.
She put her pajamas back on, went into the kitchen, and made herself some toast and a bowl of cereal. While she ate, she thought about what she was going to say to Artie. Was he ready for the three of them? Was she, for that matter? Probably more than Artie was. He was learning fast, but she suspected that he sort of had a special thing for Angie and might be more nervous than the rest of them.
She finished her breakfast and was cleaning up her dishes when her mother came into the kitchen.

"Good morning, dear," she said as she reached into the cupboard for the coffee and began to load up the coffee maker. "Did you have fun last night?"
Michelle froze, thinking she’d heard her masturbating. Why that thought popped into her head first, she wasn’t sure.
"I asked if you had fun at your friend’s house," her mother said, giving her a funny look.


   Yeah. We watched TV and talked. I was home before midnight. "
"Good. You’ll have to bring Angie by sometime soon so I can meet her," her mother said.
"Ok, sure," she replied, unable to meet her mother’s eyes. She pushed the last bite of toast into her mouth and stood up, taking her dishes to the sink. "I’m going to take a shower. "
She quickly left the kitchen and went to her room. Why was she suddenly so nervous talking to her mother? And why did she see everything in a sexual way? She shook her head and looked at her reflection in the mirror. "Get ahold of yourself, Michelle. " She undressed, pulled on her robe, and went to take her shower.
She waited until nine am to call Artie. She wasn’t sure what time he got up, but she was anxious to talk to him and see what he wanted to do. He answered the phone on the second ring.

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"Hi, Artie. It’s Michelle. "
He hesitated a second before speaking and she could sense his smile through the receiver. "Hey! What’s up?"
"Angie’s back," she told him.
A long pause, then, "Oh?"
"Uh-huh. Steve and I told her about you and she wants to get together. You know, to talk about stuff. "
Another long silence. "Uh, ok. When?"
"Today. We were wondering if we could all meet at your place, since your parents are at work. "
An even longer pause. "I . . .

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   I guess that would be all right. "
She could feel the fear and anxiety in his voice.
"Would you mind if I came over first? Before they get there?"
"No. That would be nice. " He sounded somewhat relieved.
"Ok. What time?"
"Whenever," he replied. "I’m not doing anything. "
She smiled. "How about if I come over in an hour. We can talk, then we can call Steve and Angie. Sound ok to you?"
Artie agreed and they hung up. It was plainly obvious that he was terrified about getting together with Angie. Hopefully, she’d be able to help him relax a little first.

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