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Years ago as a teen, I was always looking for excuses to play with myself. I learned to masturbate by accident reading a paperback porno story I found in my father's drawer. I started humping my bed imitating the characters in the story until I suddenly thought I was about to piss myself. I ran to the bathroom and tried to go, but nothing happened. I went back to humping my bed when it happened again. I learned later that I was experiencing my first dry orgasms.

As I matured, I started to share my discovery with a friend. We had always talked about girls and what we'd like to do with them. I spent a number of nights at his house where we'd we talk into the night. On one of those nights my friend pulled out some Penthouse and Playboys he found in his brother's room. His parents had gone to bed earlier and we were downstairs in his room watching TV and looking at the magazines. After a while I turned on my stomach and slowly put pressure on my erect cock against the floor. My buddy was on his bed next to me on his side. I was trying to be unobtrusive while I slowly humped the floor. Suddenly by buddy says "I bet that feels good". I was busted.

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   He knew exactly what I was doing. I said "yeah, I like the way it feels". It was then that I noticed his hand was inside his underwear and he was playing with his dick. I figured what the hell and we started talking about how we masturbated. I was horny as hell watching him play with himself, so I sat up next to the bed and asked ifcould do that. He hesitated and then pulled his hand out. I was a bit nervous, but I pulled his shorts down releasing his erection. I grabbed hold and started to slowly stroke him. It wasn't long before he blew his load. I finished myself off afterwards.

Soon these became fairly common place with us. We never thought ourselves gay, just two horny teens who needed to get our rocks off. It wasn't long before we'd masturbate each other rather than ourselves. Needing more excitement, we'd lay in the missionary position and rub our cocks together until we came. Other times we'd hump each others butt crack until we blew our loads all over each others back.

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   It wasn't long before we decided to up the ante and while I was jerking him off, I went down on him and started to suck his cock. He'd return the favor and we'd 69 just enjoying the feeling of our cocks in a mouth. We never came in our mouths. We would always end up in some other position rubbing ourselves off on each other.

We kept this up through high school even though he had found a girlfriend who would let him fuck her. We'd spend the weekends together while he tell his latest sexual adventure with her while we beat each other off. Only onetime did we try to have anal sex. We decided I would go first and put my ass in the air for him. His cock was a bit bigger than mine and I was really nervous about it. He managed to get the head in, but the pressure was a bit much for me, so he pulled out and just enjoy ourselves the usual way.

We had a lot of fun and did things on the spur of the moment. My buddy lived next to a country club/golf course. We often would roam the grounds at night looking for mischief. One night we ended up down by their swimming pool. No one was around and the lights were still on so we decided to go skinny dipping.

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   We entered the changing area and stripped and then hopped into the water. We swam around for about 18 minutes or so when we started to get a bit nervous about someone catching us, so we got out and headed into the changing area. We looked around, but there wasn't anything to dry ourselves with excepta small hand towel. We grabbed that and out clothes and took off in just our sneakers across the golf course. We were laughing and having a great time running naked under the stars on a warm summer night, our cocks swinging in the breeze. After a bit I noticed my friend had gotten an erection as we were walking along. I remarked on it and he said that the streaking had made him horny. My cock started to stiffen and soon we were walking slowly along with our clothes in one hand and out cocks in the other. As we walked I stopped stoking my cock and reached over to start stroking his. His hand released his cock and reached for mine. We finally stopped and lay down on the grass and went into a 69 sucking each others cock. We shifted to rubbing our cocks together for a while. Then we'd stand up and one would get behind the other and we'd stick our cock between the others legs right under the ass and slowly fuck the others legs with the head of our cocks bumping against the nutsack. . I'd stand there and my friend would drop to his knees and start sucking my cock.

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   He kept it up until I was ready to cum and the jerked me off the rest of the way. I then returned the favor and give him head until he was ready to cum. When we were done, we used he had towel to wipe the cum off of ourselves and got dressed and headed home.

Those were some great days. Soon enough I got a girlfriend and my buddy and I stopped doing things together now that we both had a girl to fuck. .



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