Embarassing But Exciting


It took me another few seconds, but I slowly edged my hand up her abdomen. Neither of us spoke, sitting in the silence. My index finger touched the bottom of her left breast, and paused. She inhaled. I trailed my fingers up over the huge mound, and circled them around her hardened nipple. She sighed. I almost jumped. That’s good, right? I thought. Sighing is good? I applied pressure, and started to squeeze it. I could feel what I thought was a bra underneath her tank top. I instantly started to sweat. I didn’t know how to unhook the bra, what if I messed up? She put her hand over mine. I stopped, unsure. She smiled, and lifted the tank top over her head. Underneath I found a blue bikini top- that tied at the neck. I breathed a sigh of relief and reached up to untie it.

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   My excitement built, and I felt the blood pumping in my pants. Her breasts bounced slightly, and, unbelievably, seemed to grow larger as they were released from the top. I put both my hands on her breasts, squeezing and massaging, and leaned in to kiss her. Our tongues met each other, caressing, and I felt her nipples harden even more. My pants bulged as I grew harder and harder, and she ran her hand over my waist. She pulled out, smiled, her eyes twinkling, and tossed her blonde hair back. I got even harder, staring at this beautiful topless blonde in front of me, her enormous breasts bouncing. She got up from the bed, and stood in front of me, placing her tits at my eye level. I took them in my hands and kissed them, squeezing and pulling with fiendish delight. My tongue ran over her nipples again and again, and I could hear her sighing- I swear, to this day, that I heard her moaning. She stopped, and pulled back again. I was eager to get back to her tits, but also puzzled as to what she was doing. She got down on her knees, and pushed my legs apart. Christina slowly unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, pulling them down to my ankles. My cock stood straight in the air, pointing at her head.

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   She placed one hand around the shaft, her red fingernailed fist gripping it softly. My dick pulsated and throbbed even more with her gentle touch. She started to move up and down, pressing harder and harder. Christina moved her head in, and placed her lips around my penis, sliding up and down while she rhythmically moved me towards ejaculation with her hand. I felt her tongue caress the head of my cock, almost coaxing a climax out of me. I didn’t think I would last long under this temptation. She took it out of her mouth, but continued to jerk me off. And then I blew my first load, all over her beautiful chest. I tried to hold it in longer, but that just made it bigger. The spurts of semen spattered all over her huge tits, shimmering as they flopped up and down while she continued to jerk me off. I finished off, and stood their, quivering with joy. She looked down at her breasts, drenched in semen, and faintly smiled in surprise. Just then, her mother opened the door. She didn’t get a word out, just staring. Staring at me sitting on the bed, cock still hard.

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   Staring at her firstborn daughter, half naked, and covered in semen. I thought I was going to die. I lay in bed 2 hours later, staring at the ceiling, thinking about how unbelievably awesome that experience was, and equally how embarrassing it would be, when my door opened, and Christina stepped in. I almost expected her mother to be behind her, but the door shut. She walked over to me, and stepped into the dim light of my bedside lamp. She was wearing the same blue bikini top I had seen earlier, except now it was accompanied by a blue silk thong. She held a condom package in her hand, almost silhouetted in the light. I didn’t think twice, and threw off the covers. She climbed onto the bed next to me, taking off her bikini top, and kissed me full on the lips, tongue caressing the inside of my mouth. My boxers were guided off by her hands, and I pulled her thong down, following suit. I heard the condom being unwrapped under the sheets, and I felt her pull it down onto my throbbing penis. She somehow slid under me as I propped myself up, and stared longingly at me with those blue eyes. “I’ve never done this before,” she whispered. “Me neither,” I said. “But I want to,” she whispered again, smiling at me.

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   Thus passed the few words of the moment. I awkwardly guided my hardening dick into what I could only guess was her vagina. Her sharp inhalation in my ear confirmed my actions. I began to slowly slide in and out, deeper with every movement. She breathed heavier and heavier each time, moaning as softly as she could, whispering loudly that it hurt, but hurt in a good way. I kept this up for about five minutes, and just as I felt the wave of elation coming on, she whispered in my ear, “Let’s switch. ”I acquiesced graciously, and awkwardly moved to the lower position. She straddled me, her blonde hair being tossed behind her head, and began to move her pelvis up and down. Her breasts bounced up and down, jiggling in all their splendor. I knew I would never be able to keep this up for long. She started to move herself in a circular, grinding motion, that stimulated all sides of my cock. I felt a huge wave of excitement, and then felt my cum squirt out into the safe confines of the condom. She sucked in air as we both felt the sudden liquid warmth. Slowly, she backed off and stood at the foot of the bed, breathing heavily. She walked over and picked up her bikini top and thong.

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   With a final passionate kiss, Christina walked from my room and we both awaited the events of the following day. .



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