Early Experiences - A Young Man Finds His Way (continued 3)


Anyway, we were at my house one of these particular days and looking at some (we thought, then!) pretty hot magazines we had acquired somewhere. I can’t remember what they were now but probably were only the usual black and white ‘tits and bums’ kinda stuff we normally had. It was enough for us and was pretty horny stuff, I guess. When, out of the blue, Dave said he could do with a wank! I remember laughing and saying something like ‘Don’t let me stop you. ’ , not thinking he would actually do it, when, without further hesitation, Dave unzipped his fly, pulled out his quite hard cock, and proceeded to rub it right there in front of me. ‘Think I might join you. ’ I said and went in search of the obligatory tissues before proceeding to do likewise. Of course, it didn’t take very long before we were both cumming into our hands! After cleaning up, Dave admitted during our general chat, that he and Mervyn sometimes got together and ‘helped each other’. I had to laugh and when I told him why I found it so funny, he laughed at the coincidence too. Nothing further happened that day, but on several occasions in the future, we did, in fact, ‘help each other out’ and individual sessions with both Dave and Mervyn became quite a regularity but it was only a month or two later that the three of us got together, again at my house, and had a joint, mutual wanking session. Again, it didn’t get very complicated and only really amounted to wanking each other or ourselves. My first experience of anything really dirty happening with another male was when Dave1, Andy, and myself went camping together one weekend. RuthI’m not sure how I got to know about Ruth but I managed to find out that she was a little bit ‘friendly’ when it came to the local boys! Ruth was quite a nice girl, a little older than me – probably 18 or 18 - and she lived in the street behind me. The same street as Mervyn, in fact. I’d often seen her on the bus to school and around the neighbourhood in general but hadn’t really given her a second glance. She wasn’t what you might call pretty but she was attractive enough I guess and after Mervyn had told me he had fucked her, which I didn’t really believe, I started to see her in a new light.

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   As I said, I didn’t believe Merv for a second and decided that the only way to find out was to approach her myself and see if I could persuade her to ‘go for a walk’ with me! I don’t honestly remember how it all came about – I do remember talking to Ruth from time to time but I’m pretty sure I said nothing about Mervyn or sex or anything like that. I really don’t know! I suppose I must have asked her to be my girlfriend or something equally as corny but all I really remember was walking with her one day and finding ourselves at the disused railway station, not far from where we lived. I also remember her asking me to show her all the ‘secret places’ most of us lads used for Hide and Seek, war games and things like that. I must have been pretty naive but thinking back, she probably knew more of those places than I did! Anyway, we were walking and talking and holding hands and we stopped every now and again for a kiss and a cuddle (as you do. . . ) and eventually, we found ourselves in one of the old, dark basement rooms that was reached by going through several little rooms up on the platform and then down a couple of sets of wooden stairs. It was pretty dark down there but as us boys used these places regularly, we always had a selection of candles and matches handy, in a hole in the wall, on the way down. The next thing I remember was that Ruth and I were stood up, she had her back to the wall, and we were kissing like it was going out of fashion! It was pretty cold and damp down in the room and I can still remember the musty smells of those places like it was yesterday. It was an odd sensation being down there with a girl – I guess I was too used to being down there with my mates, smoking, planning all sorts of games and schemes and generally doing what boys do. I also remember very distinctly that Ruth had quite large breasts for her age and never having come into contact with anything quite as large before, the feeling of them pressing against my chest as we kissed, is something that I also will never forget!I remember looking at these breasts in the candlelight, between kisses, and asking Ruth if I could touch them. With little or no hesitation, I recall, she lifted her jumper and exposed these two beautiful items to my eyes. Apart from my mum’s, this was the closest I’d been to a real, live white bra too! I couldn’t believe my luck – the sight of that flesh pushing and straining at that lovely material – it was almost too much for me! Like me, Ruth had quite a dark complexion, I think she may have had some Maltese connections somewhere, and when she pulled the cups of her bra down to expose her tits completely, I remember being totally in awe of her nipples, which looked so dark and big in the candlelight. I was so excited, I have often wondered how I managed to contain myself without cumming in my pants, there and then! Something, I admit was to happen several times in the future! I don’t know! Anyway, I was gob-smacked and couldn’t really believe what I was seeing. All these crazy thoughts running about in my head in a split-second but actually seemed like forever.

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       I would have been too young to have thought about kissing or sucking them then but I do remember reaching up and touching the smooth, silky skin and feeling the small, hardening nipples. I was in absolute heaven! After what seemed like ages, Ruth must have tired of my inexperienced gropings and pushing my hands away, pulled the jumper up and over her head. Then, reaching behind herself for a second, her bra fell away, leaving her top half entirely exposed. With the light from the candle flickering away, she looked beautiful and I can remember the moment so well. My chest felt so tight, I thought I was going to burst. I remember the smells of the room, the sound of our breathing, the condensation from our breaths and even the thumping in my chest. The next thing I knew, Ruth was hitching her skirt up and I was looking at her tight, white panties! I think she just tucked the hem of her skirt into her waistband and I was left staring at the tight material at the top of her legs. This time I didn’t need telling what to do, I just reached up and grabbed the waist of her pants and tugged them down her legs as far as I could reach without bending and there it was, my first sight of a pussy, complete with dark hair! Everything seemed to happen so fast from then on. Ruth had unfastened my trousers and they were somewhere below my knees, my cock was in her hand and I thought I was going to explode. Without further ado, Ruth simply opened her legs wider, bent her knees and pulled me and my cock towards her while whispering ‘put it in’ as she did so. I remember reaching down, taking hold of my cock and stabbing blindly somewhere under her hair until I found a wetness that almost scared me. It was too late by then I guess and before I knew it, I was actually in and instinctively thrusting forward with my hips, feeling the warm wetness around my cock. A couple of inexperienced thrusts, loads of grunting and the next thing I knew, I was cumming – and how! I was breathing like a steam train and gasping and I could feel my cock wilting fast and slipping out of her. She was now a little wetter than she had been and I could feel it coming away from her as I stood back. I put my hand down to my cock and it was soft, wet and slippery and I felt great.

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       There, my first time with a girl. I was no longer a virgin! Fantastic. I’m sure, on reflection, it couldn’t have been much of an experience for Ruth, but for me, I thought the world had come to an end and felt six-foot tall, all at the same time!.



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