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When I was 18 my girlfriend Samantha and I were avid pot smokers. Samantha was 18 she's about 5"7 and 135 lb she has brown hair blue Eyes she had 32 c and an ass to die for. She was athletic and on the Swim team in high school. One day we ran out of weed so I called a Friend of mine to see where I could get some he said he knew a guy and Gave me his address me and Sam got in the car and droveA quick drive. We pulled up to an old house with 2 black Guys out front. We got out if the car and walked up to the door. I was Talking to Jason one of the guy about the weed the other guy Andre Went inside. I could see as me and Sam was going into the house that Jason was checking her out which she had no idea and I didn't care. We were inside and Andre handed me the bag I asked how much and he said 50 but if we stayed and got high there it would be 25. So we stayed And got high we started talking and joking Sam got up to go to the Bathroom when Andre said to me he would love to fuck my bitch we Started laughing and I semi jokingly said go ahead.

We started talking With Jayson and he said he would too and we could gang bang her and run a train on her n shit I said cool we should totally do it she might go
For it I'll ask her. I went to the bathroom and asked her if she wanted to fuck us. She was so stoned and said maybe. I tell the guys and they like it we just got to convince her now. She sat back down on the couch and knew what we wanted we started fooling around with her
Like playing with her hair and tickling her next thing we know she says yes it was like a dream come true. Jason Andre and I were ready she Told us to sit on the couch and she was going to strip we did and she did.

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   First she took her shirt off revealing her nice tittles in a sexy rainbow dotted bra next she took her belt off and started to lower her pants. She turned around and showed us her red g string and eventually her pants were off she then gave us a quick flash of her tits while keeping her bra on then she flashed her shaved pussy. We were all rock hard I am 7. 5 inches Jayson was like 8. 5 and Andre was 8. We were ready we got up and started fondling her kissing and feelin her we got our cocks out and then it started. We threw her on her knees ripped
off her bra and thrust our cocks in her mouth she couldn't even handle it she then started suckin us 1 at a time alternating she rubbed us good and was sucking so amazing she was lickin it real good next thing I know Andre puts his hand in her thong and pushed his fingers in her pussy she started to moan and wanted more. We walked to the bedroom threw her on the bed and went at her. Me and Sam had fucked before but she was really tight and she never let me do anal.

Jayson wasted no time he put himself inside her deep she was really moaning and said fuck me with your big black cock you animal so he gave it to her harder and said you like me in your tight pussy she said shut up and just fuck me. She was on her back taking it so good they switched position so he was on his back and she was riding him then I hopped up bent her over a lil and just rammed my cock in her amazingly tight ass he let out this scream of pleasure and pain. To shut her up Andre got on the bed stood over top of her and rammed his cock in her mouth so deep she was gagging. The three of us pounded her for about 20minutes we were all over her we only stopped because Jayson said he was gonna cum Andre was gettin ready to and So was I. We pulled out and got off the bed she was there layin out of breath panting and bleeding from her ass and pussy we stood there jackin ready to blow she got on the floor on her knees and leaned back we stood over her and our cum shot out at her face hair and tits there was so much it was oozing down her chest she looked up at us and I looked at her and said to myself wait she is 17a 18, 20, and a25 year old men just pretty much raped her. Sam stood up and she was a mess she could
barely walk had cum in 1 eye some of her hair was pulled out from when Andre was pullin her hair face fuckin her nose was red all around her mouth was red her tits were red from where we were suckin biting and pulling in the she had marks in her sides from where Jayson and I were
holding on thrusting her back and forth on our cocks and dried blood.

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She as a little dazed and I asked her if she was alright she wasn't really high anymore and all she said was whoa it hurts all over but it feels really good. We went into the living room and sat on the couch all still naked it was Sam me Jayson then Andre we watched a little tv. Andre fell asleep. Sam got up to go to pee and I followed her she sat on the toilet and started to pee she peed fir like 5 minutes I could tell her pussy was aching. For some reason seeing her there sittin peeing with messed up hair and dried cum all over turned me on. I got so hard she looked at me and said I dint think so we laughed then Jayson came In to check on her he pulled me aside and said we had a lot of fun but we should do something for her I said ok what and we started thinking. He looked at my erection and smiled. I have to admit he was good lookin and maybe I checked him out while we were fuckin Sam. I knew immediately I said r u b he said yeah u 2 yep.

I told Sam that since she was so good she got to watch Jayson tear my ass open she smiled and said if you insist. We went back to the bedroom she sat in chair and watched as I got on the bed and went to my knees. I have had only one person before that in my ass and he was small. Jayson go behind me and I felt his tip on my ass which only made it pucker and tighter. He put the tip in and it hurt he slowly got the whole thing in and I was in pain Sam could see it on my face. I thought to myself this is just a fraction of what she went through.

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   He started pulling out which felt good then grabbed my shoulders and thrusted it in I jumped and yelled Sam got up and layed on the bed in front of me with her legs open by my face and told me to think if her pussy i said fuck that pulled her down and dove my face into her cunt there was dried pre cum from Jayson and dried cum from Sam. I lifted her waist up and gave her a big lick starting with my younger at her ass where I tasted some of my pre cum then I pushed my younger in her ass and licked around then I took it out and licked her hole a few times then I licked all the way down and up to her pussy I licked piss and cum off Her.

By this time I was used to having Jayson in my ass he was thrusting I was moaning yeah and my semi erect penis was flapping I Also loved the feeling of hid balls slamming mine Sam was laying there laughing at me so I rolled her over got her on her knees and started fuckin her doggy style. It was the train we promised I was getting fucked then fucking Sam all I unison when it came time to cum I just pulled out in time and shot up her back Jayson felt me tense up and cum the he started to cum he got some in my ass then I felt the warm cum hit my back. He apologized we got up and me and Sam showered. We were getting ready to leave and we said goodbye then out a nowhere Andre threw up a half pound bag of weed and thanked us. I pulled out and the car ride was quiet then Sam asked me you guys whore rubbers right I looked at her like fuck. She started going crazy she made me pull over and go to the store to buy preggers tests so there I was in the store with a pregnancy test a sore ass sore balls and a weird satisfaction of what I got a 18 year old girl to do.



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