Different This Time Around


Me and James walked into the already packed house at about 11, and the high school nostalgia instantly returned. After a year of college, it took me seconds to be transported back to Ledgeview High. Things were different this time around, though. Four years ago, I wasn't anything. I wasnt an athlete, I wasn't a nerd, I had few friends, and in general, I was unnoticeable. I would go to the few parties I heard about, drink a few beers, chicken out from talking to the hot, popular girls, and then drive home before I violated my curfew. When I hit college, however, I took the opportunity to become an entirely new person. I hit the gym. Hard. I started using creatine, dietary supplements, watching my food and calorie intake- and it worked. By my second semester of freshman year, I had gained about 52 pounds of muscle, getting some mass onto my previously skinny, 6'1" frame. Girls started to notice me, and I started to take advantage of that. Things had finally changed.
But this was my first night out, back at home, and it was strange. I hadn't gotten used to being confident in my hometown like I was at school. James and I weaved through the rooms of teenage inebriation, and I began to notice a few things.

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   First of all, seeing as I took a year off between high school and college, I was much older than everyone else. I was almost 21, while most of the kids in the room were 18 or 18. The girls all looked older, however, which was an interesting development. More startling was the presence of harder drugs- in my high school days, it was pot or booze. Nothing else really entered the scene. Now there were girls on E dancing to techno, kids blowing lines of cocaine- pretty crazy.
James and I walked past a group of three girls, most likely seniors, and most definitely the popular clique. As I passed by, I happened to hear one of them relating how her father, a plastic surgeon, had given her a pair of fake breasts for her sixteenth birthday. I stopped. So did James. We nodded, and then turned to engage in conversation. I instantly hit it off with Kristy, a short blonde, maybe 5 7, with gorgeous blue eyes, beautiful tan skin, and long, thin legs, accented by a blue miniskirt that hugged her rear for dear life. When I glanced higher, however, I realized that this was the girl who's father was the surgeon. Kristy's breasts were enormous, especially on her small frame, and the pink pushup bra and white tank top did very little to hide them. Whenever she laughed, they jiggled.

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   When she moved her arms, they almost seemed to get bigger. I was entranced. She seemed young from her face, but her body suggested a certain aura of maturity- almost a little dirtiness to her character.
The night wore on, drinks were downed, fights were won and lost, James was busy outside pounding a cheerleader from behind, and Kristy was sitting alone on the carpeted stairs. I knew what I was gonna do with the rest of my night. I didn't even bother sitting down, I just harkened back to my college days and the confidence I had gained. "You wanna go take a look around upstairs?" I asked. She blinked her eyes, smiled, pursing her glossy lips, and said "Sure!" in a perky manner.
I took the first open door I could find, which turned out to be a large bedroom. Probably the parents of the household. I closed the door, and without a word, placed my beer on the dresser, leaned in, and kissed her. She closed her eyes and massaged the inside of my mouth with her tongue, moving with unbelievable vivacity. We tangled tongues for a good five minutes before she stopped and slid my shirt up over my shoulders. I stopped to ask her, "So how old are you?" She giggled, and said, "You first. " I answered, "20," to which she replied, "I'm 16.

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  " I stopped. Here I was, alone in a bedroom, with a gorgeous blonde, and she's sixteen. I couldn't believe it. I would've guessed at least nineteen. "I dunno if I can do this," I mumbled, "it's pretty wrong. " She didn't say a word, and slowly kissed my abdomen, pulling my belt off and unzipping my fly. As my pants fell to the floor, I felt my boxers bulge in excitement. "I don't think this is a good idea," I stuttered. She took out my throbbing member, and wrapped her hand around it, massaging it slowly. Kristy looked up at me, blinked her eyes, and before I could say anything, tilted her head down, and slid my penis into her mouth. It was amazing. I gasped. My head slithered further and further in, and I could almost feel my penis in the bottom of her throat. She continued to work me, the dim light and slurping sounds keeping my head spinning. She stopped, stood up, and pulled her tank top over her shoulders.

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       I started to say something, and she reached around her back and unsnapped her bra. Her breasts were perfect, enormous, tan, round and firm, moving up and down as she breathed. She turned around, walking towards the bed, sliding her miniskirt down. As she pulled her hair up and clipped it, I could see the sides of her breasts swaying with her movements. Her perfect, tan back reflected the dim light. She motioned me to come over to sit on the bed with her. I can't do this, I thought. "I can't do this," I murmured, walking slowly to the bed. She smiled, leaned back, and spread her slender, tanned legs. I stopped. "I. . I don't have a condom-" I started to say. She interrupted me, "It's ok, I'm on the pill. Her hands slid around to grab my buttocks, pulling me closer.

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       I couldn't move away. I didn't want to. Her enormous breasts flopped about as she slowly positioned my penis against her vagina. Something in my mind gave way, and I caved in to my animal instincts. I pressed my pelvis forward, and she sucked in air. I started to slowly repeat, watching her breasts bounce as I thrusted, her teeth bite her lower lip as she moaned. I pounded into her again and again, harder every time, as her moans slowly grew louder. I pulled out of her for a second, upon which she lept up, unclipped her blond hair, and perched herself on the bed on all fours. She looked back, blinked her blue eyes, and bit her lip in a sort of a smirk. I slid my penis into her vagina from behind, my pelvis smacking her ass louder and louder. After a few minutes, she reached around, and pulled me out of her. "I want you from behind me," she murmured. I jumped at the chance, and slid my dick slowly into her anus. I watched her hands clutch the pillow, and she let out a harsh gasp and a moan. I slowly sped up, engorging myself in her small body.

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       After what seemed like hours of her blond hair flowing about, her enormous breasts flopping against the bedsheets, and her yelps and screams, I let out a gasp and shot a load of semen out, just as I pulled out of her. Another splotch of cream splattered on the small of her back. She turned around to look at me, her beautiful blue eyes blinking, her blond hair matted down with sweat, her teeth biting on her lower lip, her huge tan breasts swaying with her heavy breathing. A wave of guilt washed over me.
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