Dev’s Vacation - Part One


This may or may not but a true story, thus the names may have been changed to protect the innocent, or something. You get to decide for yourself whether this all name is Devlin, when this happened I was 18. I’m six foot tall even, and about 230 lbs. Some of it’s muscle, some of it’s not. I have strong arms and legs, and broad shoulders. A Bit of a gut, but hardly noticeable.  I have green eyes, and short brown-red hair. I had a beard at the time, kept it trimmed up nice. I wear black wire rimmed glasses with a slight grey tint. I looked older than I was, always have. Most people would guess that I was probably 20-25.
This was the summer after I’d graduated high school, after completing that endeavor a lot changed at my house. My older sister moved out with her then fiancé, and my parents started bowling on a few leagues. Up until that point, my parents had been really strict on me coming and going, where I was. But after my sister left I could come and go as I pleased, I’m still not sure why, maybe my parents reconsidered how they raised my sister when she moved out, and thus reconsidered how they had been raising me.
I met a lot of new guys around that time, and caught up with a lot of old friends.

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   I started hanging out with a guy named Allen a lot, up until that point I’d only known him as a casual acquaintance, he dated a few of my friends that are girls. It turned out e had a lot in common. When July rolled around me and Allen decided to go visit his family in Ohio. Mainly because in the state we are from Fireworks are illegal, and his family lives by a lake anyway, so we could buy a lot of fireworks and light them off by the lake.
Allen himself was a little shorter than me, but not by much. Even though he was mostly Italian and German by heritage he still managed to look slightly Asian, but with very Caucasian skin tone. He had short black hair, and brown eyes. He was in decent shape, from playing baseball in High School.
His family down in Ohio was his Dad, his Younger Brother, his Younger Sister, and his Grandmother. His parents had been split about 5 years back, and he’d been living in Michigan with his Mom finishing off High School, even though he’d been graduated for a year at the time. We where going to stay at his Dad’s house, which was on a good chunk of land, so we also considered camping out in the woods by his house.
We decided to invite two of our other friends; Brad, who was tall and skinny, with short blond hair and brown eyes; he wore glasses, and was very pale. And our other friend Rich, who was shorted than me by about a half foot. He’s got a bit of a gut on him. Shaggy brown hair, and beard, with blue eyes.

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The original hobby that got us all together was Dungeons and Dragons, and so the four of us had been playing marathon sessions for about a month sometimes from midnight to eight in the morning. At the time, we’d recently started playing a few other role playing games and found out that a club for a certain game was run only an hour or so away from his Dad’s house.
So we planned a five day trip, with the middle of said five days being the Fourth of July, and the fourth day in our trip, the visit to the game club. So we set off by car to his house a day early the plan was to arrive on the day before day one, but at an hour of the night that we would show up, and go to sleep, and wake up bright and early on the first day and begin our adventures from there. The car ride wasn’t amazing, and we stopped at a fireworks store and got a heck of a lot of fireworks.
We arrived in Ohio at about 8:00 at night. The part of Ohio we where in was very rural, it was a small town, and everything was old. The houses looked like relics, and the nearest mall was an hour and a half drive. Me being the outdoorsy type didn’t mind. Allen’s Grandmother was really nice, and made us all hamburgers on the Grill even though it was late, and told us a few stories.
Allen’s Dad was out of state, but would be back early Fourth of July morning. He was on a business trip. Allen’s little brother, Jeph, was 16, and a pretty cool guy, he was kinda punk, kinda gotth and seemed pretty out of place in the middle of nowhere Ohio town we where in. His sister was at a friends house, but would be back later.
The house itself stood in the forefront of a large plot of land, It loomed overhead, as a 2 story monument.

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   It was very large, everything was really cozy, and old fashioned. They even had a chicken coup, some ducks, a few rabbits, four cats, and puppy. The land in back of the house was lawn for a good hundred feet, before it dropped off onto a slope, and then, woods. When you looked out at it from the back porch it was just treetops.
I knew they had a computer cause I asked, before we went on our trip, and after dinner I asked Allen to let me use it so I could send and e-mail to the game club people letting them know we would be attending. He led me up the stairs to the room with the computer in it. The room was kind of small; it had a computer, a bed, and a dresser. The walls where covered in drawings and photographs. After reading a few of the notes out of curiosity, I knew I was in, Amber, his little sister’s room.
I’d met Amber before, about three months before when Allen was having his birthday, it was a small affair with just me hanging out really. Amber arranged to come up and see him, so after cake and whatnot, me Allen, and Amber went up to a local restaurant and got food. She seemed pretty grown up for her age, 14, and kept right up on the conversation with us.
She had the same almost Eurasian features as her brother, light brown eyes and black hair that fell to her shoulders that she kept in a pony tail most of the time. She had a very warm and kind demeanor, with a big grin, dimples, and that air of innocence. And even though your not suppose to notice, but every guy does, she was developing rather nicely, with her hips pronounced, and her legs long and tone.

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   She had a nice little butt on her. Her chest was still pretty small, I’d guess a large A cup, even if it is an oxymoron. All and all she was a nice little package.
After sending the e-mail and writing a few more, I heard someone coming up the stairs, and I knew it was Amber. I turned the swivel chair around and waited in a very relaxed pose. She walked through the door, and I could tell she was a little startled. She was wearing a lime green miniskirt, a white tee-shirt with the word “Princess” on it in hot pink, and light blue sandals. I grinned wide, and she ran up and gave me a big hug.
“Dev! I thought you guys where gonna be here tomorrow? Or am I a day off?” She said with a puzzled look on her face as she kicked off her sandals and plopped down on her bed.
“We left a day early, the plan was to sleep as soon as we got here, and start the five day vacation tomorrow officially,” I said in an effort to clear things up, she nodded, “Didn’t you see your brother, or his car at least?”
“He’s not here, I don’t think, unless he’s hiding really good. What if he dropped you off and left you here!” She said laughing, with an evil grin.
“As much as I enjoy your company, I would have to kill him. ” I said with a big grin.
Amber stood up and went to the window, and bent over to get a little leverage to open the window. It opened with a loud evil noise, that can only be described as an old wood window too warped for it’s frame trying to open.

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   I looked at her legs, shaped and toned, and followed up to her ass that the skirt was draped over, firm in all it’s glory, and caught just the smallest view of ass clad in white cotton panties.
“It gets hot in here with the computer on in the summer, and we don’t have air conditioning,” she said looking out the window, “Looks like Allen just got home, I’m gonna go say hi to him, do me a favor, put this out on the floor. ” She bent over further and pulled a sleeping bag out from under her bed, Eyes met panties again and I was rock hard. She walked out of the room, and I went to work unrolling it, and setting it up at the foot of the bed. It fit neatly between the bed and the computer desk, like it was measured out.
As I laid out the sleeping bag I contemplated my situation. Maybe it was because I’d just broke up with my girlfriend and hadn’t had sex in like a month, maybe I genuinely liked Amber. As much as I tried to tell myself she was too young, I wanted to hit it, bad. “Dude, Devlin! You up there!?” I heard Allen yell from outside, I peeked my head out the window, “Get down here!”
I went downstairs and while heading through the living room, I passed Amber, I gave her a puzzled look “Shower,” she said and pointed at the bathroom, we both shrugged, I nodded, and went out onto the back porch. Allen, Rich, Brad, and Jeph where seated around a table, and I could see what was on the table. A bag of weed, and a few pipes.
Now, I’m normally not a big smoker, or drinker, but I have been known to indulge, we all had. I did it a lot more in high school, and Rich and Allen smoked a lot more frequently then I did. But what the hell, I was on vacation. “So dude, we smoke this, order pizza, and then weed nap till tomorrow,” Rich said, everyone agreed.

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   And we followed the plan to the letter. After the pizza, we all went to the living room, Rich and Brad stretched out on the sofas, and Chris said he was going to sleep in his dad’s room.
I started to stretch out on the living room floor, and Allen looked down at me, “Dude go sleep with my sister,” he paused, “wait, that sounded wrong,” everyone laughed, “dude the sleeping bag, you can go sleep in my sister’s room. ” He said to me, as he got the other guys blankets.
“Dude, she’s gonna be in there too, that’s kinda…weird,” I said questioning it.
“Dev, your like my best bro, besides, I asked her before we got down here over the phone, she’s cool with it. You act like I got something to worry about,” he said with a grin.
“Naw, dude, it’s cool, it’s just you’re her big brother, figured I’d make sure it’s cool with you, better the sleeping bag than the floor,” I said and went upstairs.
As I walked through the door, she was on the computer. She had her hair down, it was still wet, I looked over her shoulder, and could smell her shampoo, strawberry. She was in a long white tee-shirt, she was using as a night gown. She was reading some poetry, or maybe it was song lyrics. “Thanks for sharing your room. ” I said.
“It’s cool, you’re a nice guy Dev, I trust you,” she said, with a lighthearted smile.

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“But the real question is, do I trust you?” I said with a grin.
“Oh be worried, I’m quite the opportunist. I wouldn’t take your pants off, if I where you!” She said laughing a little. Still looking at the screen.
I started taking my pants off, partly to tease her, and because I was getting ready to go to bed, and she was right, it was hot in here with the computer on and I damn well wasn’t sleeping with them on. She turned and looked at me and grinned. “Hey I warned you,” she said, and got up and got into her bed. Laying down with her hands behind her head and her feat out to either side enough that I could have looked up the night gown and stared right at her crotch, I had to fight myself not to.
I took off my shirt to and walked up beside the bed and leaned in and kissed her on the forehead. “Night Amber,” I said as I walked over the my sleeping bag, as I turned back, I could see a very satisfied grin on her face. “Night Dev,” she said, and closed her eyes.
I laid down on top of the sleeping bag, the same way she had been and stared up the ceiling.
Again I began to think, I mean, seriously, this was too freaking good. She was two feet from me, in a tee-shirt, and maybe panties. She was so fucking cute too.

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   And whenever I flirted, she flirted right back. There was something here. It was all down to who would make the first move at this point, I knew it. My cock was hard, as I thought about her, and I had to fight myself to jack off, or pounce on her. “Hey Dev?” Amber said softly, I paused.
“Yeah, Hon?” I responded.
“What’s it like?” She said.
Jesus Christ, she was gonna throw it out this fast, this was too classic. What’s sex like, says the young inexperienced girl, and the older man can only really show her. On with the fucking!
“What’s weed like?” God that was disappointing, “I saw you guys smoking it. Jeph never lets me try it, Allen won’t either. ”
“Um, it makes you really relaxed, it makes things slower, sometimes things go on like train tracks. Um it opens up your mind, gets you thinking. ” I tried to explain it. Weeds hard to explain, truth be told, I still think it’s a little different for everyone.

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   “It’s not bad, it’s just you know, you’re a little young. ”
“They say that about everything, your too young, your too young. I wish I was older. ” She said rather annoyed and sighed.
“Sometimes it sucks being young, be we all go through it. If I had some I’d share with you, but it’s not mind Amber, it’s your brother’s anyway. ” I responded and things where quiet for a half a minute.
“You went through being young back in the city though, there’s nothing to do out here!” she said and paused, then she blurted out, “they say all there is to do out here is drinking, drugs, and have sex. I can’t do any of that cause of my age!”
You ever have like. A sack of potatoes hit you? But it was filled with bricks, so like, a sack of bricks hit you. I had about thirty-two responses I could have given. You know which one I gave? I still kick myself for this.
“I’m sorry Amber,” yeah, that’s it. Not, I’m sorry I don’t have bear, or drugs, but I have a penis, you have a vagina and we have 7 hours till sunrise. Or I can’t provide option A, or B, but we can have sex.

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I think we both fell asleep really sexually frustrated. I woke up with a hard on sticking strait out of my boxer shorts. Amber wasn’t in bed, and unless she woke up really sleepy and went downstairs, I know she saw it. At that point, I hoped she did.
I went downstairs and took a shower. The guys where all outside on the back porch passing around a blunt, and eating pizza. I put on a change of clothes. Some khaki shorts, a blue tee-shirt, and dug my sandals out of the trunk of Allen’s car. “Morning guys,” I said.
“Dude you alright?” Allen said, looking at me puzzled. It’s hard to be depressed and sexually wound up, and I guess it a feeling hard to hide.
“I’m alright” I said, he held up the blunt and I passed.
We made small talk, and went over the plans again.
“Dude, your sister seemed kinda miffed you don’t let her smoke. I mean she’s young and all, but it’s a holiday, and she’s gonna get a hold of it sooner or later, I think its best it happens around people she can trust,” I said to Allen.


He shrugged and looked at Jeph, “I don’t know man,” Allen said.
Rich cut him off “I started smoking at like 12, dude, it’s not gonna hurt her. ”
“But your also kinda retarded now, that might have something to do with it,” Brad said and then took a hit.
Everyone laughed, even Rich, “It’s probably true man,” he said.
Jeph shrugged, “Ambers always been like that, she wants to hang out with the big kids, I vote we let her for the holiday at least. She gets awful bored around here and all. ”
“Ok man, cool, but since you brought it up Dev your responsible for her share I’ll call the guy. And your responsible for her if she coughs bad and throws up or something,” I threw a twenty on the table and nodded.
The rest of the day we didn’t do much, Allen drove us around to the few attractions in town, we took a swim in the lake. And rented a few video games for the X-Box downstairs.
When nighttime rolled around Amber showed up from her friends house. She was wearing a spaghetti strap shirt and jean Capri pants. She seemed a little angry. “Hey Amber” I called to her and she walked up with a bit of a, what now, look on her face.
“I talked to Allen and Jeph, you can smoke with us tonight, ok?” I said before I could even react she threw her arms around my neck.

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“Thanks, this will be so cool!” She said and kissed me on the cheek. Then ran upstairs.
An hour later we where all outside, all buzzed, I’d been a lot higher though. Amber came outside, and Allen looked up, “Ok kiddo, you owe Dev for this, and this is like a Holiday thing, ok, you can’t do this all the time. Got it?” She nodded back at him.
It’s always kind of funny seeing anyone take their first hit. I told her to breath in, and to hold it, and she took way to much at once, and coughed for like a minute. I kind of felt bad. But she didn’t give up, she took another hit, and even though she coughed she got threw it, and about a half an hour later I could tell she was buzzed. They say you don’t get high your first time, but I know I did, and man after an hour she was tripping.
“I’m gonna go to my room,” she said, and stood up, you could see her adjusting. It was hard not to laugh. “Thanks guys. ”
I got up and followed her a second later, “I’m gonna make sure she’ alright, ok?” Everyone nodded.
I found her at the base of the stairs, “Dude, their like, so fucking there, how do I even do this?” She said to me.

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   We both laughed. I’m not sure how long it took either of us, but we made it to her room, and she shut the door. We both sat on her bed. Just kind of staring at each other, there was so much tension in that moment. And then she started laughing, gut busting laugher.
“What’s so funny?” I questioned.
She kept laughing for a few seconds, “Your um, your dick, this morning,” she had tears running down her face from laughing, I wasn’t sure how to take what she was saying, had I not been high, I think I would have been offended.
“Oh you saw it?” I looked at her. She nodded, and smiled, “It was kinda cool, I never saw one for real before. ”
I think had I not been high, I would have been also apologizing and telling her the age difference thing again, even though I would have wanted to fuck the shit out of her, but because I was high, I said, “Wanna see it again?”
She paused, and then just nodded. . I was already hard, and reached for my zipped, and slid it down, and my dick sprang out. I’m not huge, only six and a half inches, I have a thick cock, and my ex always said she liked the girth. Also I’m circumcised. She locked eyes with it, and reached a hand out her hand was soft, and she instinctively stoked it.

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“It feels so hard, and soft at the same time, and it’s so warm” she said, playing with it a bit, pushing it toward the floor and letting it spring up, then giggling a bit. She started stroking it again, and the contact we nice, but her rhythm was inexperienced.  I put my hand over hers and guided it up and down a few times, and let go when she had it down. I was dripping precum now, and loving it.
She was experimenting still speeding up slowing down, adjusting grip; she was treating it like a play thing, When I really started to enjoy it I just laid back, as I did that she pulled down my shorts and my boxers, and started playing with my balls a some too. When she was stroking me and playing with my balls, it finally got to be too much, and I let out a long moan, my balls tightened up and that awesome feeling crept up and just let go. “I’m gonna cum,” I let out, and she backed off some, I guess she’d seen enough porn to get the idea. I shot a huge load all over my shirt, some landed on her bed, some on the wall behind me, a little on her pants, and a lot on her hand.
She looked around a little, and almost squealed with glee. She had this masterful grin on her face, like she’d just won a million dollars on sheer skill alone. Not that luck of the draw happiness, but the ‘I did that smile’. She was gratified. I was far more gratified. I closed my eyes, and when I opened them, she was licking my cum off her hand. God was that sexy.

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“Yo guys!” Allen yelled from the back porch.
Amber got up and looked out the window, before backing right off. I guess the fast movement and the drop must have been to much while she was tripping. I got up and looked up “Yeah?” I said, still panting a bit.
“Dad’s home early! Come meet my dad Dev!” I cleaned up best I could and put on my tee-shirt from the day before, the other one was ruined till it saw a washer.
I went downstairs and shook his hand. He looked a lot like Allen, A lot taller though, and a lot darker skin. He had a goatee, and was wearing business casual clothing. Khaki pants, and a white button up shirt. “Evening Devlin,” he said with a warm smile.
“You’re the one Allen thinks is so bright and the one Amber thinks is so cute,” he said with a chuckle.
“Thanks, I don’t know what to say, um nice to meet you,” I said back trying to be polite.
He sat down at the table, and pulled out a note pad and a pen, “What do you drink Dev?” He asked, as he set down the pad, and I could see various alcohol requests on the notepad. He was definitely the ‘Cool Dad’ I’d been led to believe. I gave him my selection.

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   “I normally don’t approve of all this, but it’s a vacation for you kids, and a holiday tomorrow! Got to celebrate! And in my day, we celebrated the same way,” he said with a wink.
He got up and went upstairs, and peeked in on Amber, I followed, “Already asleep,” he said, mostly to himself. She’d turned off the light, “She was out all day with her friend, I think they swam out at the beach,” I told him. He nodded, “Probably that Janice girl, she loves to swim,” he said again mostly to himself.
You know how weird of a position it is to be in; looking in at a fourteen year old girl that just gave you a hand job, and less than a foot away, her father who is being all ‘dad’ and not being sure whether or not he understands you’re expected to sleep in there too? Maybe Allen hadn’t told his dad. I felt so weird.  
He opened the door slightly, “If you’re tired by all means. ” He said to me, what a relief. I nodded at him, “Big day tomorrow anyway,” I said with a smile, and made my way over to my sleeping bag. He shut the door. I waited a few seconds, and walked over to Amber. She was really out, weed nap all the way. I kissed her gently on the lips, so soft I thought to myself, and held myself their a moment, she pressed back a little then laid her head back down. I laid down very satisfied, then curled up on the sleeping bag and went to two is being written soon.

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