Degrassi: First Loves- Episode 1


Degrassi: First Loves takes place the same time Season 18 of the real show takes place. It's sort of an alternate reality series.
The cast is the same as the real show but will have cameo appearances by Emma and Spinner.

"Well, I didn't knew how creative you could be. " Emma whispered to Spinner.

"I'm glad that it pleased you as much as it pleased me. " Spinner said winking at Emma.

"Ready for round two?" Emma asked grabbing Spinner's semi hard penis.

Spinner cell rang before he had any chance to do anything.

"Dammit! Who's calling this early?" Spinner yelled.

Spinner reached for his cell.

"Hello? Yea, alright. I'll be right over. "

Spinner closed his phone and got out of bed.

"What's wrong honey?" Emma asked

"The new employee at The Dot never showed up. So I gotta fill in.

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"Oh, Well what time are you gonna get back?" Emma asked

"I don't know. Don't worry. . . . . . . . . the wait will be worth it. "

The opening of the show roles.

"I've been waiting a long time for this. " a unknown voice whispered.

"Who's that? Who's there?" Dave yelled.

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"C'mon you should know, you been waiting as long as I have. " the voice said coming out of the shadows.

"Alli? You. What are you doing here?" exclaimed Dave.

"Shhh. Just follow my lead. " Alli said.

Alli moved to Dave and kissed his lips, and whispered

"I want you. Understand?"

Alli and Dave started french kissing, Dave started kissing Alli's neck making her let out a slight moan. Alli started removing Dave's shirt, Dave doing the same to Alli. When Dave's shirt was removed Alli started licking Dave's dark body, kissing every inch of his finely toned abs. Alli slowly removed Dave's belt, and pulled down his pants. Alli then worked her way up Dave's body licking straight to his lips, where they passionately kissed. Dave then removed Alli's bra and massaged her breasts.

"Take me now.

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  " Alli exclaimed.

Dave pushed Allie on the the bed and removed her pants. Allie was dripping in her juices.

"Eat my pussy. " Alli said

Dave kissed Alli's legs making her plead for his lips to finally touch her pussy. When they finally did, Alli's body became stiff and made her scream in pleasure. Dave slowly moved his tongue in and out of Alli's tight pussy. Alli started to twitch and yell louder and louder.

"Fuck me now!!" Alli yelled

Dave slid off his pants revealing his 9 inch black penis.

"Wow. I don't know if I can take that. " Alli said.

"Well lets find out" Dave said.

Dave kissed his way up Alli's body. Slowly kissing her nipples he then shoved his penis in her pussy.

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"Yes, now fuck me hard, I can take it" Alli exclaimed.

Dave's penis went in and out of Alli's pussy, her juices spilling out onto the bed every time he pulled out. In and out went Dave's penis making Alli yell and plea for him to keep fucking her.

"I want it Doggie Style" Alli demanded.

Dave got behind Alli and moved so fast that it felt that the room was shaking.

"Fuck! I'm gonna cum!!" Dave exclaimed.

"Me too baby, keep going I'm on the pill. " said Alli.

A few seconds past and Alli yelled in pleasure.

"Shit baby it happen!!" yelled Alli.

"Ahhhhh!! Me too baby!" yelled Dave.

Dave and Alli both layed down on the bed. Alli's pussy dripping with Dave's cum.

"That was amazing baby!!" Alli said.

Before Dave had anything to say he heard a loud noise and woke up.

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"Shit. Another Dream. " Dave yelled.

It was the first day of his Sophomore year at Degrassi, and this year he was determined to make that dream come true.

A new scene starts with KC and Jenna.

"Well. I can see that this year is going to go well. " Jenna said watching a kid getting thrown in a trash can by some bullies.

"Well. I can see that you alot hotter then last year. " KC said slapping Jenna's ass

"Well look who it is. My bestest boyfriend. " Jenna said.

"HaHa. Your only boyfriend.

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  " KC said.

"Yes. No cheating anymore. That means you too. " Jenna said.

"How do I know you're telling the truth?" KC asked

"How bout a quicky before the start of our Sophomore year?" Jenna said taking KC's hand and leading him to the girls bathroom.
    " Maybe this will give you the answer. "

    "I've been waiting a long time for this. " KC said.

    Jenna got down on her knee's.

    "I'm going to give you something you'll never forget. " Jenna said.

    Jenna pulled down KC's pants and boxers, revealing his rock hard cock. Jenna started with a slow stroke of his cock with her hand making small amounts of pre cum drop on the floor. She then put her smooth moist lips around his cock.

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       She gave him head for a little while and then slid her lips down making KC's hand grab her head.

    "Deeper Baby!" KC exclaimed.

    KC pushed Jenna's head down his cock making her choke and gang on his penis. Jenna then started moving up and down KC's cock faster, Jenna then started massaging KC's balls with her right hand causing KC to cum almost immediately.

    "Swallow it!" KC said

    "Your cum tastes so good honey. " Jenna

    "You sucked so good. " KC said.

    "Thanks!!! Well. Hope you have a good first day. " Jenna said winking, while walking out of the stall.

    All the students are seated in their classrooms, waiting for the first bell of the 2010-2011 school year to start. The first bell rings and Principal Snake has a very special announcement.

    "No matter what year you are. New or old. Each and everyone of you knows the importance of good study skills.

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       Some of you have master these skills. While others. . . . not so much. That's why this year I will be mandating a new way to study. . . . With A Buddy! That's right each and everyone of you will be apart of the With A Buddy program. With A Buddy is designed to help each and everyone of you achieve your true potential. You each will be assigned a buddy which you will be mandated to study with at least once a week. Now it doesn't matter where, when or how you study, it matters if you study. This program will run all year and will start today, your teacher will hand you a piece of paper with your partners name on it.

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       That is all.

    Episode 2 will come. I just want to make sure that whoever reads this episode wants another one. .