David's first time, and Amy's first taste of cum


  ÂFriday, and as usual David is sitting in English class watching that last five minutes tick away on the clock. He leaned over to his best friend Amy, who sat right next to him, and asked if they were still on for tonight. Without any hesatation, Amy replied "Of course, why wouldn't we be?" David replied with a simple "I figured we were. " followed by a sly smile.
  ÂFor the past week all of the eleventh grade, which David and Amy are in, have been taking long exams. At the beginning of the week the two friends decided that they were going to meet up at Davids house for a hot tub party with movies. Little did Amy know, David was very nervous about the night to come. David's parents were out for the past week and wouldn't be home until the following Monday, and David has been getting very strange feelings towards Amy, feelings he has felt for other girls, girlfriends perhaps, but never Amy.
  ÂAmy was a very beautiful girl. She was popular with every group of people and head of the cheerleading squad and dance team at the local dance studio. Not only talented with people and sports, but Amy was a straight A student, and a beautiful one at that. She had shoulder blade length brown hair, a flawless, silky, smooth face, and the most mesmorizing green eyes David had ever seen. She also was gifted with very large breast and a tight ass, an ass that David dreamed about for the past couple months.
  ÂDavid, on the same note was a huge jock, and popular with everone, especially the ladies. Captain of the football team, track, and wrestling team took David very far. David had dirty blonde hair and what the ladies thought to be beautiful blue eyes.

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   The ladies also seemed to love David's six-pack abs, ripped arm muscles, and pouty smooth lips. Little did everyone know, David had a secret that nobody knows about. David was a well hung young man. For being 18 David was very satisfied with his 8 1/2 inch cock, a cock that nobody has been in contact with, except for David's hand and the eyes of about every porn star available on the internet.
  ÂThe bell finally rang and David and Amy sprang from their seats. Amy with a sweet, half smile said "See you around 6. Be ready with the movies and the bubbles. " David peplied with "I'll be ready, you just be ready to get scared out of your mind with all my horror movies. " They both laughed and went their different ways.
  ÂAfter David cleaned up and got the tv set up at the large glass door by the hot tub balcony, he noticed that it was 5:50. He ran to his room to brush his teeth and make sure everything was tidy. He raced, almost falling, down the stairs when he heard the bell. He opened the door with a casual smile, which changed to a surprised, eyes wide open smile, when he saw his friend in the skimpiest bikini he had ever seen. Nothing but short shorts on, David saw nothing but enough cloth to cover Amy's nipples. He quickly looked away to meet Amy's warm, yet sensual smile as she said "You like?" Not willing to lie at a sight as sexy as that David replied "Yes, of course!" She smiled and walked in, while David, who was trying to hide his semi-hard cock running down his leg, ran to the kitchen.

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   He yelled into the living room and said "You can get rid of those shorts and turn on the hot tub. My parents aren't home, hope that is okay. " Amy didn't reply. David came back in with two mixed drink for the two to have while watching their movies. David didn't see Amy, so he put the drink on the coffee table. As he turned around he saw something he only saw in his dreams. Through the glass doors, David saw Amy bending over the hot tub. The bottom half of her bikini was better than the top. The thin piece of cloth that ran up her ass was almost not there, and Amy rubbing herself with water wasn't helping David. Of course just after he got rid of his boner he was getting another. Before he could do anything aobut it Amy turned around and motioned for him to join her. David, casually walked outside, being already in his swimming trunks got in the hot tub to hide his growing steel rod.
  ÂDavid had never seen Amy like this before, but all he knew was he liked it. Amy kept rubbing herself with warm water and when the cool air hit her body, her nipples instantly became hard. David, seeing this, couldn't help but lick his lips.

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   He couldn't deny how great it would be to lick those beautiful tits. It wasn't long until Amy surprised David again. Soon after she slipped into the tub, Amy said I'm really hot, even though David knew she wasn't, and she asked if David minded if she took off her bikini. Without being able to say a word, David cleared his throat, and said "No, umm. . no problem at all. In fact if it makes you feel better I'll take my shorts off. "ÂWithout a moment hesataion, Amy replied "Get those fuckers off!" followed by a little giggle. David slipped out of his shorts and his, now rock hard cock sprung from his pants. He hoped that Amy didn't notice. She didn't and slid under water and came up holding her bikini.
  ÂRight then, as Amy went under water, the night changed. When she went under she went a little too far over and her foot rubbed against David's third leg. Her eyes instantly god wide, while David didn't seem to notice, or care. David asked her what she was looking at.

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   Amy reached over and hushed David as she floated over and sat on David's knee.
    David tried to talk but right then Amy leaned in and kissed him so passionately. David gave up trying to hide anything and returned the tongue. After a minute or two, that felt like and hour, David broke the kiss and said "Amy, I love you" and Amy replied with "I love you too, now shut up and take me!"
    Â Â ÂThey both leaned in and continued to make out while Amy's wandering hand reached down and grabbed a hold of David's dick. She broke their kissing just long enough to scream "It's huge!" and continued to make out iwth David. After about 20 minutes in the tub David picked Amy up in his arms and took her to his room. He layed her on the edge of his bed, and Amy layed back and spreaded her legs. She said "You know what I want" and David dropped to his knees. He slowly leaned in and came face to face with Amy's shaved pussy. It didn't take David long to find her clit, and he went strait for it. Slowly fondling it with his tongue and the gently sucking on it. The soft moans coming from Amy made David so horny, and he couldn't deny he wanted to fuck her. After a few minutes David really wanted to taste Amy. He lowered his mouth and rammed his tongue strait into her seaping pussy. Amy moaned so load and scream "Oh yes eat my pussy!" as she reached down and rubbed her clit.

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       David also started to finger her and after about 18 minutes of this Amy reached down and said "I'm sick of your fingers, give me the real thing" David did what he was told and rose up. He slid his cock from the top to the bottom of her craving hole, teasing Amy and making her beg. David poked at Amy's ass, and she was fed up. She grabbed his dick leaned forward and shoved her tongue down his throat and said "Fuck me, now!" Before her back touched the bed again David had rammed all 8 1/2 of his steel prick inside Amy's tight, wet pussy. Her back never did reach the bed becasue she flew back up screaming on the top of her lungs. "Ohhhh YESSSS! It feels sooo GOOD!" "Fuck me David!" He didn't want to hurt her so he slowly pulled all the way out, and she moaned with ever move. Once he was out he slowly put it back in, while she moved her hips around his cock. After that David started to move faster and faster, making Amy moan harder and louder. The warm, wet pussy was like heaven to David, and the sound of her juices was music to his ears. Within five minutes Amy was screaming so loud "I'm gonna cum! Fuck that pussy!" David moved faster and rammed all his dick inside. David felt Amy tense up and her pussy grab his dick. Her entire body began to shake. She moaned and scream as David continued to pump.
    Â Â ÂRight as Amy's ear-shattering orgasm ended David felt that familiar feeling in his balls, and he knew he was going to cum soon. He asked Amy if she wanted to give him head.

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       Without a word she pulled off his dick and started to suck David's pulsating cock. She knew what was coming but didn't care. She took that cock down her throat four time before David screamed grabbed her hair and shot a load to the back of her throat. She couldn't swallow it all and let what was left drain form her mouth, tasting every bit of it.
    Â Â ÂAfter this they both took a shower and agreed that they left Amy's ass get lonely tonight. They decided that they would get together next weekend at Amy's house. And fill that sweet ass up.


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