Dave fucks the hottest girl in the school: Emily the Gymnast


I was 18 at the time when I first had sex, and it was with the hottest girl in school. Her name was Emily. She was Italian with sun-kissed skin, hair a gorgeous shade of light brown and big brown eyes. Her boobs were about a 38C, not to bad for a 18 year old (we were both in the same grade, as well as the same age. ) Her body was curvaceous with extremely sexy legs with a tight little ass. She was captain of the gymnastics team, which resulted in her delectable body. I thought about her very often and would often daydream in the classes I had with her about what I would do to her. I thought about her ass and how I wanted to spank her. I wanted to fuck her mouth and hear her gag on my 6 inch cock. I wanted to suck on her tits and cover her face with my cum. My most coveted desire was to hear her scream as I fucked her. I wanted her so bad, but she only knew me as a friend and nothing more.

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The story really begins one Friday after 9th period. We were coming from English class and were headed to our lockers to pack up for the weekend (her locker was right next to mine). Our school had very small lockers so when we got there, there was only room for one of us to get to our lockers (Everyone else was at their lockers too as it was the end of the day. Being the gentleman that I am, I offered her to go first.
“Thank you Dave! You’re such a nice guy” She complimented.
“Always a pleasure Emily” I replied.
She proceeded to squeeze past me to reach her lock, and in doing so brushed against me with her tits. I got a perfect view of her cleavage (at least our uniforms were good for something!). And of course, being the teenager I was, I started to get hard. She bent over to put some books on her backpack and I got an absolutely wonderful view of her ass. Seeing it so close up got me rock-hard. Just then she backed up in order to stand up and her but brushed right against my hard cock. Her head immediately perked up and I knew she felt it. My mind was racing. How would she react? What do I do? Am I going to get in trouble? She slowly turned around and looked right at me with those big brown eyes.

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   They were wide and she had a look of shock on her beautiful face. My face grew pale and I started to sweat a little.
“Dave, um. . , could you follow me. . ” she stammered. I silently agreed and we stepped away from the lockers and over to a corner by the nearby stairwell. Again she looked at me with that same stunned wide-eyed face. I tried to apologize.
“Look, Emily, I’m really sorry about what just happened-“ but she cut me off.
“Did you like what you saw?”she asked. Her eyes looked at me mischievously. It took a second for me to process the question.

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  . yeah Emily I did. A lot. I think you’re the hottest girl in the whole school. ”
“Great, cause I think you’re really cute……and I liked what I felt. ” At this my heart rate skyrocketed. Emily moved in closer and held my hands. She pulled herself in against my chest, pressing her tits against me. Slowly she moved her hand to my still hard cock. “Follow me. ”
She led me around the hall and into the Girls bathroom that was supposed to be out of order. As soon as the door closed behind us she leant in and kissed me passionately. I grabbed her ass and began kneading it. ”You like my ass Dave?”she said after breaking the first kiss.
“You have no idea!” I panted.

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We kissed again and I began to tug at her shirt and began to unbutton it. Soon it was on the floor along with mine. I grabbed her tits and she threw her head back in approval moaning loudly. They felt soft and I craved her bare breasts and quickly tore off her laced bra, sexy as it was. They were amazing; just as tan as the rest of her body, and quite perky. We kissed more passionately. I ran my hands through her hair. Those big brown innocent eyes were now full of lust.
“Suck my titties Dave! I want my big titties in your mouth!” How could I argue with that? I sucked long and hard on her nipples, licking them with my tongue, savoring the taste of them every second.
“OOOOOhhhhh my God Dave! OOOOOOoooooo don’t stop!” she screamed. I almost came right there. However, she pushed me away and bent down to unbuckle my pants. They fell to the ground and she reached into my underwear and pulled out my fully erect cock and began to stroke it. It was suchan amazing feeling, and a glorious sight to see as I looked down.
“Yeah, don’t stop baby” I grunted in pleasure.

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   She looked up and smiled at me.
“I’m just getting started. I’m gonna give you the best blowjob you ever had!” Emily then proceed to take my cock, put it into her mouth, and began to suck. This was the best feeling I had ever had in my life and I begged her to go faster. As she increased in speed, she began to gag and choke and I began to hear slurping noises. I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed the back of her head and began to face fuck her. The slurping became faster, and she gagged more often. Her big brown eyes began to tear, but she never resisted. Faster and faster I thrusted, spit began drooling out of her mouth. Emily was chocking on my dick, and I loved it. In and out, in and out my cock went and I could hold on no longer. I pulled her face right against my crotch and blew my load right down her throat.
*gag* *slurp* *choke* was all she could say.

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“Oh my God, that was amazing Emily!” She finally breathed after I pulled out, and after a few seconds of recovery, pulled down her skirt.
“Fuck me now Dave. I want you inside my pussy. ” I bent her over one of the sinks in the bathroom and slid off her panties. Her ass was all that I imagined it would be. All those times I thought about doing this to her, all the time wasted in class thinking about Emily’s luscious ass, all the times I jacked off to the thought of fucking her would now be fulfilled. I was instantly hard again, and horny as hell. I lined my cock up with her pussy and gently entered her. She closed her eyes and moaned softly. She felt so tight and warm, it was great. I squeezed her ass cheeks as I began to thrust.
“mmmhmmmm, don’t stop it baby. Faster Dave, it feels so good!” I picked up the pace and started to spank her, leaving red hand marks on her tight little tan ass. I looked in the mirror above the sink, and her face showed that she was loving every minute of me fucking her. I went faster and harder, pounding her tight teen pussy.

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“SHIT DAVE!OH GOD YESSSS!!!!!!! FUCK ME HARDER!!!!!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOO SHIT!” My balls were slapping against her and her ass was rippling from every thrust. She began to thrust back, screaming in ecstasy. She clawed at the sink.
“MOTHERFUCKER DAVE!!! “she screamed through gritted teeth. “I THINK I’M COMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! She threw her head back and I pulled her hair giving me more leverage to drill into the sexy bitch’s pussy. I felt her pussy juices flowing around my dick. I saw her big titties bouncing madly in the mirror. ”AHahAHahAHahAHahAHahAHahAHah!!!!!!!!!! SHHHHHIIIIIITTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!” Her voice vibrated from the speed and force of my cock. “DON’T FUCKIN STOP FUCKING MY TIGHT PUUUSSSYYYYY!!!!!!!!! Emily’s ass was beet red and the sound of my balls slapping against her pussy echoed around the bathroom, being eclipsed only by the sounds of her intense orgasm.
“OOOOOooohhhhh fuck Dave! That was intense!” she said after her orgasm began to subside. Now it was my turn.
“Get on your knees Emily, and open your mouth. ” I told her. She complied. I then stuck my dick between her two tits and began to fuck them.

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“Yeah Dave, fuck my big ass titties! Cum for me!”I watched my dick disappear and then reappear over and over in her massive cleavage.
“Shit Emily, I’m coming!” I pulled my cock away from her tits and then blew a massive load all over her slutty little face. Cum covered her cheeks and tits-some covered her eyes, and still more got in her hair.
“I like it when you cum all over my face like that, I think it’s sexy!”She licked me clean, and then washed her face. We redressed and kissed one more time.
“Do this again sometime?” I asked eagerly
“Of course silly! That was too good not to do again!” I watched her walk out of the bathroom, eyeing her ass. I couldn’t wait to fuck Emily again.
~The End