Dave and Emily: Spirit Rocks!!


The final exams were all said and done. The working part of my high school career was now finally over. Still, we had a couple of more days, mostly for the underclassmen, in which we seniors got a sendoff pep rally. Up untill recently, I hadn't planned on going to it, as I thought It would be lame. However, I now had a girlfriend, Emily, who was both a cheerleader and a gymnast. Aside from this giving her a killer body, it also meant she participated in the rally, and as a result, I had to go. I remember her 'asking' me to go;

"But Dave, you have to go!" pleaded Emily.

"Look, I'm not going to a stupid rally just because you're in it. I still think the whole thing's gay. " I retorted.

"C'mon! For me?" She said with an innocent tone as she gave me puppy-dog eyes. I loved her eyes immensly. Those big, brown, gorgeous eyes that always seemed to sparkle with a slightly mischevious glint. She didn't know it, but she had me right then and there. I could never say no to my beautiful gal. However, I decided to keep the semblance of stubborn resolve.

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"Not gonna work Emily, nice try. " I picked up her chin with a smiile and brushed her brown hair away from her tan face.  

"Well then, jerk. I see chivalry has overstayed it's welcome with you. If not for you're buxom beauty's feelings, then consider this. You'll get to see me and the rest of the cheerleading squad do our routine up close, and I promise you that if you go, I'll convince them to make it extra racey, just for you. "  I pondered this, liking where it was going. "Think about it Dave. All those girls with such toned bodies and large busts throwing themselves around for your pleasure, just because I told them too. "

"Alright, fine babe. You get your teammates on board, and I'll come to the rally. " Her face lit up and she smiled, giggled with excitement, and kissed me.

"Thank you thank you thank you thank you Dave!"

Now the day had finally come for the rally. I sat in homeroom, talking to my friends about hockey, waiting for us to go down to the gym for the rally. Finally, our teacher gave us the word that we were going down,and so we did, following him downstairs to the gym.

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   As I entered, I was bombarded with the sights of banners, balloons, posters, streamers, and lots of girls in cheerleading uniforms, gymnastic uniforms, and other athletes who chose to sport very short shorts. Music played loudly over the speakers that had been set up. We climbed the bleachers and took our seats. The rally began with various activities to watch, like the golf team and the lacrosse team playing a game of mini soccer. There was a quiz show where teacher's competed against students. I liked that one, particularly because Miss. Moore was the host. She was hot, and all the guys around me kept making comments on how they would fuck her 'big ass titties' and destroy her. I couldn't help but agree. She was a little on the short side, but not by much. Her dirty blond, almost brown hair was tied back in a bun with a loose curl in the front. She wasn't skinny, but she wasn't fat by a long shot. However, she had 'more' of her in all the right places, just making her look extremly fuckable. This was only accentuated by her Irish skin and light freckles on her face. She was wearing high heeled shoes with a gray skirt and a maroon sweater which accentuated her most coveted feature; humongous 38DD tits that were ridicuously packed in a bra that looked way too tight.

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   This made her simply irresitable to stare at. Her titties looked like they were gonna pop out any moment, although one almost didn't want them too due to how they looked now. Adding to her sexual aura was the fact that she was a strict teacher, in fact I felt some people got into trouble on purpose just so she'd order them.  

 Anyway, the Cheerleading routine was finally up, and this got everyone excited.

I couldn't wait to see what they had in store. The cheerleaders lined up and I spotted Emily, looking absoulutely sexy in her tight, white uniform with a blue and gold trim. The skirt was short showing off her smoking legs, and the uniform had visible stress marks from where her boobs were being encased, stretching out the school's logo. Her brown hair was back in a ponytail with a yellow bow in it, and she had eyeliner and eyeshadow on, just like the other girls.  She seemed to lookup into the crowd and wink right at me. Music started playing and the routine began. It started out simple enough, bpout then took a racy turn. The girls popped out their asses, bent down, and arched back up. Thy started to shake their asses and then their chests. They arched their backs again and pretended to spank themselves before bending over facing the crowd giving everyone a massive view of cleavage. They did some normal cheerleading maneuvers and ended with their heads thrown back and their chests popped out, proudly displaying their racks.

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   The crowd erupted into enormous applause, although some faculty members looked flustered. I had watched Emiliy intently the entire routine and now wanted her so bad, it was almost unbearable. I excused myself from the bleachers and went down to where the cheerleaders were, the other boyfriends doing the same to sit next to their girls. I found Emily and hugged her tightly, loving the feeling of her boobs pressing against my chest. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and panted "Dave, I'm so horny right now! I need you to fuck me!" 

"I'm horny too babe, but where can we go?" I answered She paused for a moment.

"The girls's locker room! Nobody's in there now. "

"Lets go then sexy!" We hurridly cut through the crowd, who had begun to cheer on the dance team's routine. We made it to the other end of the gym and slipped into the locker room, unnoticed.  The locker room had tile floors and concrete walls painted cream lined with beige lockers with wooden benches in front of them. Emily and I kissed passionately as we stumbled over to one of the locker blocs, groping each other the whole way.

"I need your cock in me now, no time for forplay!" she demanded. Who was I to deny her? Not even bothering to undue her uniform or remove any clothing, Emily simply lifted up her skirt and moved her panties aside as she leaned against a locker, hands outstretched. I undid my belt, dropped my pant and underwear, removed my tie (but kept my shirt on) and let my hard cock spring to life. "Goddamn it Dave! Give it to me already! Stuff my pussy!" she begged. I obliged her request and stuck my cock into her wet pussy.

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"Oh shit yea!!! I thought about your huge dick in me the whole time I was doing that routine!"she revealed. "Now give it to me! HARD!!!"

"With pleasure babe!"  I grabbed her hips and began to thrust. She moaned in ecstacy with every pump my cock made. She pulled the bow out of her hair and undid the ponytail, letting her long brown hair out.

"Yeah baby, fuck that pussy!"

"Shit babe, you're so wet right now!" I increased the force of my thrusts in response to her encouragement.

"Harder baby!!! Fuck me harder!! Deeper babe, I want to take all of you in me!" Fucked her harder, her screams echoing about the locker room, meshing with the muffled sound of the cheering crowd.

"OOOoooooooo yyyyeeeaaahhhhhhh baaaabbbbyyyyyyyyyy!! Just like that! Just like that!"

"Urgh, take it bitch"

"Oh FUCK!! Shit yeah! Talk dirrty to me!"

"You fucking like taking it like a fucking slut don't you?"

"ooooooooooooo YEAH! Oh God! Yes baaaabbbbeee! I'm youuuuurrrrrr fuuuuucccckkkkiinnggg ssssllluuuttt!!!"

"Damn right you are! Fuck! Your pussy is so good!"

"OHhhhhhhyyyyyYYYYEEEEAAAHHH!!!! That's it! Right there! Right there!" Spank my ass! Spank it!" I slapped her ass, eliciting a moan from her.

"Again Dave! Slap my hot ass again!" I did again, and again. She was loving every minute of it.

"Fuck me faster! FAster!!! I need it faster!" I picked up the pace, slapping my crotch against her clothed ass. Her skirt was flying everywhere. "Yesyesyesyesyyesyesyesyes!!! OOOooooooohhhhhhh FUCK!" I grabbed her boobs through her uniform and felt the material was surprisingly thin, yet it somehow contained her massive 38C bust, which I felt moving, which meant she wasn't wearing a bra. "C'mon Dave!! Give it to me!!! HArder!!! FAAAAASSSSTTTEEERRRRRR!!!!!!!!" I gave her all that I had. I began to fuck her as fast and as hard as I could. She began to moan even louder, and the wall of lockers even started to shake from the force.

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   I let go of her titties and placed my hands back on her hips for better leverage. Her ass was rippling, even causeing the fabric to ripple with her gorgeous ass cheeks.

"OOOOOOHHHHHHH YYYYYYYYEEEEASAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! MOOOOTTHHHEERRRRFUUUCCCKKKERRRR!!!! IIIIIIIIII'MMMM GOOOONNNNAAAAA FFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKKIIIINNNNNN CUUUUUUMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! SSSSSSSHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!" I felt her juices explode around my dick as she shuddered from the first wave of her intense orgasm. Her moans drove me to go faster, harder. She tried to claw at the lockers. "YEAH! OH YEAH!!!!!" The crowd began to cheer louder and louder, turning us on even more. Then, apart from Emily's moans of pleasure, the crowd, and the sound of her ass being drilled, I heard the sound of fabric beginning to tear. It persisted as I fucked her, and then all of a sudden, I saw one of Emily's titties burst out from her uniform, and begin to bounce madly.


"Emily!! I'mm gonna cum babe!!" She moaned in acknowledgement as I quicklly pulled out of her and spun her around. I pushed her down on her knees and she opened her mouth a stuck out her tongue. I jacked off like my life depended on it, blowing my load all over her sweaty face. "UUURRRRGGGHHHHHH" I grunted just mas the door opened and Miss. Moore came walking in just as cum blew all over Emily's face, some getting in her hair, and some causing her makeup to run. I squeezed every drop of cum onto her face, which was now almost competely coverd in it.

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    We stood there frozen, Emily still on her knees covered in cum as Miss. Moore starred at us in disbelief.