Dad's New Girlfriend


That is why they have been fighting so much! Oh Mom, No!? Yes sweetie she replied I have the pictures to prove it . . . This was Unbelievable! I couldn't believe it my parents were actually getting a divorce! A few months later the divorce was settled my brother went to live with dad and his new girlfriend who I must admit was really nice. But, I would never tell mom that! I stayed with mom. I had a room at dad's he even let me decorate it how I wanted it to be done. This is where things start to get interesting . . . I never in my life thought my self to be ugly but I know I am no J. Lo! I am 18 and have long brown hair that's to the middle of my back. For a 18-year-old I have fairly large breasts 36D ( I don?t know where I got them because everyone in my family belongs to the ittie bittie tittie club) I am thin but have sort of a ghetto booty not too big tho. I have the curves in the right places. Anyway, I was at dad's for the weekend and I had been to the pool with Sandra ( Dad's Girlfriend) I had a very good tan going before I got to dad's so I thought I could work on it while I was there. The sun however had a mind of it's own! I wore a skimpy black two-piece bathing suit. The kind that you can still tan-thru.

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   Sandra and I had been there for about two hours when she looked at my shoulders Ooh Honey your shoulders are bright red! She said with deep concern in her voice. We better get you out of the sun! I looked over and agreed so we got up and gathered our things and headed back to the house on our way past the snack bar I heard two guys talking about us. One was saying how hot we were while the other gave us wolf whistles. Sandra noticed that my cheeks had begun to redden and asked me if their comments had embarrassed me. I just shook my head No not really and that was the end of it. When we got home Sandra suggested, I take a cool shower to take part of the sting out of my burn. I did and when I got out I wrapped my self in my favorite purple silky robe and headed down the stairs I could smell something but I wasn't sure what it was until I rounded the corner and heard the sizzle of bacon frying in a pan. Sandra turned around and smiled at me and said to have a seat. She must have noticed the look of confusion on my face when she said I thought I would make BLT's for lunch. That sounds Great! I replied. We ate our lunch in silence I got up and put my plate in the dishwasher and said I was going to take a nap. Sandra looked up at me and said "Okay but before you lay down let me rub some aloe vera on you so you won't blister" I said okay and went on up the stairs to my room. I loved my room it was painted a light lavender and had butterflies stenciled n the wall I had sheets and a comforter that matched my walls. I took off my robe and lay down on the soft bed a chill came across my body because of the burn and the air conditioner running I got goose bumps. I covered my self with the duvet I have on my bed when I heard a light knocking on my door.

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   Knowing it was Sandra "come in" I saidShe had changed clothes too, she was in a pair of shortii denim shorts with a half top on that barely even covered her boobs she had big ones too if I had to guess I would say she had DD's"You ok hon. "? She asked "Yeah I am great!" I answered "except my shoulders are feeling tight and are stinging a little" She walked over to the bed and asked me to pull the covers down to my waist. She gasped out loud when she realized I wasn't wearing anything but continued on like it was no big deal. She began to rub the col gel on my shoulders. I could smell the aloe in it and could feel it start to take effect. She moved down my back and was rubbing my lower back when I became suddenly aroused! I couldn't understand! I have never even thought of being with a girl intimately let alone my soon to be step mother! I thought well if I ignore it maybe it will go away. So I began to concentrate on other things but my mind always slipped back to Sandra's cool hands rubbing my back. My pussy began to get wet and I hoped that she would not be able to smell my sex. I turned and asked her if she would do the front of my shoulders and my belly and she said she would. She began rubbing the tops of my shoulders and this really got my juices flowing I began to wiggle and squirm. Sandra looked at me and said "are you all right?" I said "Sure are you"? she kind of giggled and said " well yes!"That is when I looked down at her legs and noticed a huge wet spot in her shorts. I thought "well if she is as turned on by this as I am I might as well make the best of it. " So I asked her "Sandra have ever been with another woman?" She kind of looked at me funny when I asked her that. But slowly shook her head in the negative and whispered "But can you keep a secret?" I nodded and looked at her waiting for her to tell me this secret. She looked me straight in the eye and said" I have always wanted to be with one tho.

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  " At that same moment she said those words her fingers moved from my shoulders to my nipples and began rolling them between her thumbs and fore fingers. I let a low moan escape my lips and leaned in to kiss her we sat like that for what seemed like a lifetime just kissing and feeling each others breasts she finally took her shirt and shorts off and looked at me as if to say "what do we do now?" So I took the lead and laid her back on the bed I kissed her on the neck and down her chest stopping to suck n each nipple and play with each one she was moaning and squeezing my arms. I moved down her flat tummy and got to her hairless pussy I took my middle finger and run it up her slit she moaned aloud and said "I want it Oh GOD GIVE IT TO ME" So, I slid my middle finger inside and started pumping it in and out I then leaned down and began to kiss her pussy I licked her clit and this drove her crazy she was crying out for more I slipped another finger in her soaking box and began to fuck her harder she was screaming " OH GOD YES! FUCK ME FUCK ME HARD!!" this was really turning me on so I took my fingers out of her fuck hole and slid them into my own and my god I almost came instant ly she said "OH NO YOU DON'T MISSY! YOU GET THOSE FINGERS BACK IN MOMMA'S CUNT!" For some reason this really turned me on so I said "Momma, I need you to lick baby's wee wee.
    " Sandra came at that moment and said "Oh this is going to be so much fun!" she sat up on the bed and said "come here to momma" I smiled and crawled up the bed to her she hugged me close and said " now you lie down on the bed and let momma take care her wittle baby" I cooed at her and said "Okay! Momma knows best!" she began by rubbing my cunny and bumping my clit with her thumb this was driving me crazy she then stuck two fingers in my cunt and began to move them in and out I thrust my hips to meet her fingers. Cooing the whole time. I said "Momma lick Momma" As she began to lick my cunt I had the biggest orgasm in my life! I was screaming "OOOOOOHHHH GOD YES THAT'S IT LICK MY PUSSY LICK IT GOOD TONGUE FUCK YOUR BABY GIRL"Sandra moved over me so I could eat her while she was going to town on me she lowered her hairless cunt over my face and I could smell th musky scent of woman juice it smelled sweet as flowers to me. I began licking her clit and finger fucking her and we both climaxed and kept right on licking, we carried this on for another good 45 min screaming for each other to lick the others pussy harder and faster. Then the doorbell rang and we both froze . . . It rang again an then some knocking I could hear Cassie from next door say "I know your home I can hear you screaming from my back yard . . . "THE END.



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