Cynthia Stevens Pt II - credit for P.E.


"Faster, like before," she calls out.   "Fuck me hard again. "  I thrust my member deep into her ass until my body slaps her ass and my balls slap her pussy.   I keep a fast rythm like before.   'Slap, slap, slap' against her ass.   The truck rocks and shakes with each forceful thrust deep inside her.   'Slap, slap, slap' go my balls against her pussy until she shutters in another orasm and again I pause.   She pulls off of me and turns over sitting up and pushes me down on my back.   She bends over, her hair falling all over my belly and brushing against my sack.   She takes me all the way into her mouth again and begins to suck and lick and massage with her tongue like before.   "I want to eat your cum," she says.   As she bobs her head up and down on my cock her hair dances playfully on my balls and legs and belly.   Once again I let loose a gusher into her mouth and she laps it up milking me for every last drop sucking my head and caressing my balls.
She lays her head on my stomach while I ran my fingers through her hair and we talked for a while.   By now it is getting pretty late.   "Are you sure you don't need to be somewhere; you don't have a curfew?"
"I told you; I do what I want," she smiled.

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    "No, mom will be working late probably and when she does come home she will go straight to bed.   If she notices me gone she will assume I am at Katie's house for a sleep over. "
"Do you need to be anywhere tomorrow?  This is a school night; isn't it?"
She explained that as a senior she only had two classes left to graduate, P. E. and an English class.   English was in the afternoon so she could stay out late on nights when there was no Gym class.   "Gym class is only a pass/fail grade.   I don't even need it to graduate but if I don't show up I can get credit for the day with a written note that I participated in some sport if it witnessed by an adult, particularly if I can describe the health benefits of it.   Last week I got credit for playing vollyball at the community picnic. "
"That sounds like a good deal. "
"Yeah, so sometimes if I don't feel like going to gym class I will just blow it off.   I could get credit for more classes but when I go skinny dipping in the river there are no adults that can sign my note. "
"Do you want me to sign it?"
"You didn't witness it, silly!"
"Oh, Yeah, we'll have to do something about that sometime," I tease.   She smiles.   Eventually we fall asleep playing with each other as we talk - caressing, fondling, tickling, teasing, running fingers up and down and around erogenous and non-erogenous body parts and through hair until passing out in one glob of flesh that feels so comfortable like this is what it is supposed to be like.

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When we awoke we were still laying three naked next to each other all meshed together like the night before.   I felt at home with her naked body pressed up against mine and I didn't ever want to move away from it.   The feeling seemed mutual.   "What time is it?" she asked.
"It's late," I replied, "eight-thirty. "
"I have gym class in an hour. . . unless," she added, "you want to go again.   One for the road. . . "
"I'm good," I said feeling contented, "unless you want. . .

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"That's okay; I'm cool. " 
We slowly get up forcing ourselves apart with extended kissing.   "I'll leave you to get ready then," I said putting on my shorts, skipping the underwear and leaving the truck to do a walk around.
"That water is good and you can pee in the weeds," she called out.   I looked over to behind the building right beside the cab to see a nice mowed patch of grass next to a garden hose and faucet comming from the building.   This surounded by a field less kept and woods beyond that.   I relieved myself and took a drink of water splashing some on my face and walked back to inspect the trailer for a pre trip wearing nothing but my shorts.   When I came around the truck again Cindy was standing in the grass totally nude washing herself with the garden hose, her top and skirt hanging on the hose real hook.
Again I was awestruck not being able to tear my eyes from her beautiful shape as it moved gracefully, sexy.   I got excited again and unseen by her dropped my shorts and as if compelled to do so walked up to her.   As she turned to see me I stopped her and in one motion turned her back away from me making her face the wall and bend over and lean against it while I penetrated her doggy style.   For the next few minutes we were thumping together at a dogs pace.   I moved my hand from her ass to her waist and up to her breasts fondling them and playing with her swollen nipples.   She stood up and I withdrew from her pussy.   She turned, picked up a beach towel removing it from a bag and spread it in the grass and led me to it making me lie down on my back as she faced me and strattled me.

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    "This is where I do my sun bathing," she said moving her body up my chest closer to my head.
"You don't have any tan lines," I noted.
"I bathe in the nude.   Now shut up and eat," she said as she put her cunt in my face.   I poked her with my nose, kissed her, then started licking her cheeks, then again, as before, penetrated her deep with my tongue, slashing about all around, licking the sweet lube from her vaginal walls.   With my mouth against her pussy I retracted and reincerted my tongue imitating sexual intercourse.   "I like it," she encouraged.   "Do me more. "  I continued the tongue dance in and out then up to her clit, down, around her hole, licking all around, tickling her clit then back in her hole and all around as deep as I could reach.
After some time she moved back down and bending over incerted her tongue into my throat where our tongues danced with each other.   Then she raised up and finding my dick with her muff plopped down on it taking it all the way up inside her.   She thrashed about for a few moments taking care to keep me fully incerted then pulled out completely and repenetrated herself on my tool all the way down.   Next she raised up and down and up and down slowly then starts bouncing on my pole more and more vigorously her hand raised behind her head fingering her hair.   Her breasts fly on the downward stroke flopping as she lands her pelvis on mine and rises again and down with a rhythm of inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm.   I reach up and cradle her boobs in my hands as they bounce up and down with her body, my fingers doing a little dance with her nipples.

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I lower my hands and bring them behind my head and she brings hers down to lean on my chest while she continues to hump my meat unwaveringly.   I let loose a load inside her but she doesn't seem to notice and keeps bouncing vigorously as ever panting and sweating.   My cum oozes out of her hole as she pounds away.   Sweat glistens off her body giving her a glow.   Her panting excits me and I restiffen my erection before even losing it.   She doesn't miss a stride.   She fucks me until she cums again and then pulls me up and leans back with me still inside her.   "Now, fuck me hard like I know you can," she ordered.   With her on her back with her legs wrapped aroundme I get on my knees and begin to thrust into her plump, ripe love fruit dripping with our combined juices.   "Harder!" she bosses, "Come on, fuck me. "  her lustful desire feeding my own.
I gave her the jackhammer deep in her, working her with the rhythm of a washing machine on spin cycle.   We just could not quench our lust to have sex with the other.   To see her naked body compelled me, I had to fuck her over and over.   She too could not get enough of my cock in her pussy.

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    "Don't stop. . . yeah," she panted, "ah! ah! ah! don't stop. "  I continued humping her as sweat ran down my face, chest and back.   Cindy reached up and wiped it away from my eyes and eyebrows.   I fucked her some more until she quivered and spasmed.   Unrelenting I never broke stride as her cum oozed out and down her ass.   "Go, go; fuck me," she encouraged as I began to hear my heart pounding loudly.   "Fuck me hard.   Don't stop. "  Then we both gushed together and moaned as I colapsed and lay on top of her our hearts pounding together both out of breath.   She wrapped her legs and arms around me tight and kissed my neck.   I burried my head in her hair and we wrythed together a few moments and then relaxed lying in a pile of twisted flesh catching our breath.
Now it was after twelve o' clock.

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    "I've missed P. E. " she said.   "It's probably lunch by now.   Guess I'll have to find someone to sign another note for me. "  Once again neither of us wanted to move having found a place of perfect comfort in the nudity of the other.   We lay with each other, caressing, stroking, kissing each others bodies while we talked.
      After more extended kissing we once again forced ourselves apart and I go back to the truck to get ready to leave as she gets ready for school.   After dressing I look at some maps to plan my route then I make an entry in my log book.
    Next I find a piece of paper and begin to write:  "Witnessed one Cynthia Stevens went dancing.   While dancing her rigorous excersize increased her heart rate to her recomended target rate for more than twenty minutes.   In my judgement she has demonstrated personally to me that she is a superb athlete in excellent physical condition and exhibits good form and flexibility as well as prolonged stamina.   Please credit and excuse Miss Stevens for two classes as I have witnessed two distinct sessions, one this date and once yesterday. "  And I signed my name and dated it.   I chose my words carefully so that I did not say anything that was not really true.

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    When I looked up I found her dressed in her ultra miniskirt and top again brushing her hair.   The towel is hanging on a short clothes line tied from the building to a nearby tree.   As she finishes brushing and puts away her brush in her purse I walk up behind her unseen and seize her by the waist pulling her into me burrying my face in her hair.   I take note that she has re-applied her body spray.   Again I am excited and my stiff package presses up hard and flat against her ass.   She wiggles her ass against my pole wantingly but says, "I can't; I have to go.   I have English class.   I can't blow off English like I did P. E. "
    "Yeah, me too," I confess continuing to rock up against her.   "Here, I wrote a note for you. "  Taking the note we separate and she turns to face me as she reads smiling bigger and bigger as she reads.
    "That is so sweet.   Thank You!" she says with a big, long, tight, heartfelt embrace indicative more of friendship than erroticism.   "I left something for you too.

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        I mean, I wrote something for you as well.   It's in the truck. "  I couldn't help but feel like she was hiding something.   She had that look like she had last night.
    "Do you need a ride," I asked.
    "No, the school is about 200 yards through the woods on that path," she pointed.
    "You're wearing that to school?!" I exclaimed.
    "Stop it!" she protested, "Don't make fun of the way I dress.   Don't you like my outfit?"
    "No, I love your clothes but won't you get in trouble?"
    "I already told you, I do what I want.   Some teachers don't like it but when I go to the principal's office she can't do anything because there is no dress code, officially. " she explained.
    "Why do you like to dress like that in such a public place?"
    "I dress for fun.   Pants are no fun, shorts are fun, but skirts are more fun.   The shorter the skirt the more fun.   I just like having fun.

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        I am a fun junky. "  Just then a big truck pulled in right behind mine.   "Uncle Charlie!  You are back early. "  she ran to embrace him as he stepped from his truck.
    "This wasn't here when I left," he mused looking at my truck.
    "I was just leaving; have to be in Birmingham. "  I introduced myself extending my hand.
    "Chuck Stevens," he said gripping my hand.   "You can stay as long as you like.   You're not hurting anything. "  Then he nodded towards Cindy, "Let me tell you, this girl has more energy than a nuclear power plant. "
    "Don't I know it. "
    "You off to school now?" he asked her.   She nodded as he walked off to see he truck and I mine.   "I'll see you around.


      "  Cindy followed him askig him about his trip.
    "Yes, I think I will be back around here again very soon," I muttered to myself.
    "No, I got diverted to St Louis, so I came home," his voice echoed across the parking lot.
    I wandered back to my truck and climbed up into the cab.   Putting the map back in the glove box I found the consent letter she has written the night before.   The date was scratched out and overwritten were the words, "any day, any time, always - and at his sole discretion.   Thank you for dancing with me. "  I look up to see Chuck pulling away in his pickup leaving Cindy standing alone.   The wake of his burnout blows her hair back and and lifts her skirt to reveal her beautiful, bushless pussy bare as ever.   I was very pleased at the sight but equally surprised to see it.   I look behind her consent letter to find her pink and white hair ribbons along with the pink g-string thong panties still smelling of her cum with the embroidered heart and woven pink ribbon backing and a sewn in tag that read, "designed, and sewn by and for Cynthia Stevens. "
    I looked up to see her watching me holding the panties.   I give them a good smell and hold them up to motion to her a thank you.   She blows me a kiss smiles and waves then turns to walk to school.   I watch her gracefully move from side to side- skirt fluttering as she walks into the woods until she is gone.

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        And then I was on my way to Birmingham.