Comforting E


I’m home alone for once and I am happy. I hear a knock on the door but it isn’t the usual hard knocking of my friends comin to bother me it is soft. I get up and open the door and I see E standing on the other side in a top that fits her perfectly, it is low cut but not so low as to show herself off needlessly and in a pair of blue jeans hug her nicely. Just looking at her you can’t mistake her Latina heritage. She has shoulder length black hair about 5’ 2”; Her lips are full and luscious, her face perfect for kissing. Her breasts are a large B cup. Saying she is skinny would be a lie but saying she is fat would be a bigger lie. I would say she is the perfect size for snuggling. She has a nice figure those curves every man wants in a woman. She is real nice most of the time but when she is mad you better move.
I sit her on the couch and go into the kitchen and get her a drink and wet a small hand cloth with warm water. I return and set the glass on the table and wipe the tears from her face. When done I chance a light kiss on her cheek and reach for her glass. I hand it to her and she takes a few sips after some gentle urging. I take it from her and set it on the table.
I put my arm around her and pull her into me for a gentle hug.

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   She puts her face into my shoulder and begins to sob. I rock her gently and put my other arm around her. Her perfume and scentgently fill my nostrils and I breathe in deeply enjoying her sweet smell. She stops sobbing after about five minutes and she lifts her head and I feel my shoulder is really wet and her face is slightly red and puffy from crying. I wipe her face with the wet towel again and am rewarded with a shy smile.
“Do you want to talk about it?”
“No,” she replies but her voice is slightly rough from her crying, “I just want to be with someone who won’t make demands on me. ”
“Ahhh…Man that’s just what I wanted to do. ”  I said while snapping my fingers with a grin on my face.
She punches me on the shoulder playfully, then looks at the tabel and grabs the remote. I go to kiss her on the cheek but she looks at me and I accidentally kiss her on the lips. I retreat hastily and apologize but she just stares at me in shock. A small smile appears on her lips and she leans forward and kisses me on the lips. I am shcoked at first but quickly recover and start kissing her back.
I lick her lips softly asking for entrance and she slowly complies as I slip my tongue in and rub hers with mine. I then take my right hand and begin massaging her left breast; focusing on the nipple area, and she moans lightly into my mouth.

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   We separate and I go directly for her nck kissing and nibbling, she giggles at this attention, taking that as a sign to continue I gently push her onto her back and begin massaging both breasts and she moans softly. I trail my hands down her sides and when thy get to the bottom of her top, I look at her face and her eyes are closed and her mouth is slightly open. I lean forward and lock lips hith her slipping my tongue into he mouth as I lift her shirt up I break the kiss so that I may completely remove the shirt; leaving only her bra between me and her breasts. I suck where her tit is alternating between them. I slip my arms under her, while gently nibbling her lip, and fumble with the clasp. She archs her chest into me, allowing me to get her bra off. I toss it into the corner to be forgtten till later.
I watch her breasts as they gently rise and fall with her breathing and latch onto her left breast like a suckling babe. I nibble on her breasts gently as she begins squirming underneath me. I slide my hand down her stomach over her pants and down over her crotch and begin rubbing. I then slide back to the button and zipper and undo them. I look down and she is wearing white cotton panties with a pink floral design. I slide down and kiss her on her mound. I then slide my hand down the front of her panties and down across her slit. I can feel the heat and her juices.

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   Her lips are swollen and soft begging attention. I look up and her eyes are closed and she is biting her lower lip. I crawl up and begin suckling on her right breast. I start rubbing a single finger between her labia, through her panties. She archs her back as I rub her panties against her clit elicting a deep moan from her.
I have been ignoring myself and been just focusing on her but my cock is beginning to ache from being so hard. I grab the waist of her pants and slide them down and off tossing them into the corner with her bra leaving her in just her panties. I sit up and look at her. Her eyes are open and I see al ittle fear.
I lean forward and kiss her forehead. I whisper, “ don’t worry, its me. ”
She then looks down my body and her eyes widen at the bulge in my pants.
“Its all because how beautiful you are. ”
This elicts a blush from her and I kiss her lightly on the lips. I then kiss her on both sides of her neck then move to her nipples I suckle, nibble and lick each one then plant small kisses down her body sucking on her navel as I go by.

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   I finally get to the hem of her panties and lift her leg and duck under it so that her legs are spread and I am between them. I lower my head and take a huge whiff of her arousal. I then open my mouth and place it on her clit. I suck in real hard causing her to gasp loudly in ectasy. I then kiss her lower lips then open my mouth and suck softly then open my mouth and suck softlty. I then run my tongue inbetween herfolds forcing the panties to confrom to her flower.
I sit up and she looks at me in confusion.
“I am sorry it really hurts. ” As I pull my shorts down. My erection pushes my boxer-briefs into a ten. I slip them off and it springs back up. I look at her face and I see fear and a little bit of desire.
“Don’t worry E; I’m not going to deflower you. ”
“You’re not going to what me?”
“Deflower; meanst to take a woman’s virginity. ”
“So why do you have your dick out?”
“Because you’re naked it is hard, but since you’re beautiful it’s so hard it hurts.

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She blushes and giggles at that.
    She is o innocent. I’m going to murder who made her cry.
    “You don’t want me to suck on it do you?”
    “No, I know you don’t like oral sex. ”
    I slide my left leg nest to her along the back of the couch. I then put my right leg on the floor so that my cock is pointing straight at her pantied goin. I slide forwardso that the tip of my cock is sitting just on her mound. I grab my cok and rub it into her lips and she moans in delight. I push forward a little so that I am in deeper and begin rubbing up and down again. I moan softly as the pleasure runs down my spine. I reach forward and start massaging her clit drawing a deep moan from her. I feel my sac tighten so I massage her clit faster and she started bucking onto my cock and I try to hold on and wait for her, so I slow down rubbing my cock and focus on her clit. I seer her start tensing and I speed up again just asa I am about to explode she screams and tenses up and I feel her soak her panties and I add my cum to hers.
    I lie down on her belly breathing in her scent; just enjoying the moment. It’s the only time that I have felt that drained but that happy.

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       Ifeel her moving under me but I don’t care I feel weak but not that weak; ok I’ll confess I just didn’t care. She pushes me off onto my back; she stands up and pulls my legs so that I am lying down, with my slightly limp cock sticking up. She grabs it at the base and begins rubbing it. It responds and it begins hardening again.
    She stops and I look at her and she is taking off her soiled panties. I finally see her slit. There is a forest of har and her slit is really puff and red. She straddles my chest rubbing her juices on me. I reach up and massage her breasts. She lifts up a little and moves over my cock. She pust one hand on my stomach and grabs my cock with the other. She slowly lowers herself onto me and I feel my cock slide into her tight tunnel. I hit something and she looks at me. I reach down and rub her clit, pinching it lightly causing her to moan loudly, her arms start wobbling and then she lets herself drop the rest of the way. She yelps in pain as my cock busts the barrier and I grunt in surprise from her dropping on me.

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       I see tears well up in her eyes. I reach back down with both hands; I grab her ass with my left hand, and rub her mound and clit with my right and suckle on her left breast.
    She begins to fell good again and starts lightly bouncing on my cock. I hold her hips to help guider her and keep her on track. She leans forward and I grab her breast with my mouth tasting and sucking on them. She’s moaning as she continues to impaler herself on my cock. I grab her ass and begin massaging it enjoying the feel. I feel her start contracting and choking my cock; it feels good. I feel myself getting ready to cum but I hold it, barely. E stops moving and gets stiff as a bored and I feel her juices gush around my cock and her tunnel goes wild causing me to lose it and I cum hard.
    After she finishes, she falls forward onto my chest. I wrap my arms around her. I then slide my finger along her side then lift her chis so she is looking at me. I kiss her lightly on the lips and she smiles weakly at me. She then closes her eyes and lays down falling fast asleep.

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       I smile and drift off into a light sleep.



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