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This is how I meat the girlfriend with which I fuck every week in the last 3 years. When I was doing my last year of college I wanted desperately to fuck someone cause I my girlfriend broke up with me 2 years before(she moved to another city) and I didn't want to get into relationships cause it's just bunch a bullshit talk anyway. Besides I was going to gym for 4 years while running 5 km every day and wanted to put my training to good use. Also it was hard to find chick who is fun to talk to cause they usually chat about bullshit stuff like shopping etc. So there was one girl who I found hot so I started to hang out with her. She was alone just like me so she didn't have the annoying friends who would interrupt us all the time and so on.

So when I was at her house and watching movie I saw a schoolgirl uniform in her closet(closet was open) I didn't know what she had it for cause our college didn't have any uniforms. So I decided to take a radical step. I wrote note which says “Let's fall in love and fuck” and left it beside her computer on my way out. The next day we started to talk again and she was giving me hints about my note. I knew what was going on so I asked her “When?” she said on day off.

I asked her “Where?” she said “Whatever you choose. But it has to be hot”. I told her that I will plan everything. I decided that our first sex will be at the college because its there we met. Also it had rest room with couch, tv and table.

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   A perfect place to make up. So I sent her message to meet up beside collage in Saturday night and bring school uniform with her. She did. Then I took the copy of the janitors key I made and opened the door. We went to different bathrooms to dress up. I took sailor uniform on me(my friends gave it to me as souvenir after he done the military) and we went to rest room. We wanted to fuck with no condom so she took the pill. We also both checked with a doctor to be sure no STD and shit. Everything was ready for good pounding.

We sat beside each other on the couch and having hot conversation about how horny we are until I couldn't wait any more and grabbed her hair with my left hand and her chest with my right hand and starter to kiss her passionately. We were kissing and flirting for about 18 mins. I was addicted and couldn't stop. Then I took down her panties and started to lick her pussy. It was wet already. She started to moan with pleasure.

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   I was working with my tongue like a pro even though it was my first time. Then I took down my pants and lay on the couch and moved her pussy to my mouth again. She started to suck my cock which was hard as rock. I licked her pussy and she sucked my cock for some time I haven't felt so good for whole 2 years. I stood up with her liquids on my mouth and my cum on her mouth and be both swallowed those juices. Then I kissed her deep. Then she went on her knees sucking my cock again. I felt so good I could barely stand up it was pure heaven. Then she said in a horny manner “Spit in my fucking mouth I want you to threat me as a dirty whore” I did. Then she kept sucking my cock. Then I told her I was about to cum but she kept on sucking. I cum right in her mouth and she asked me if she should swallow. I said yes. She swallowed everything and showed me that had nothing left in her mouth.
    I grabbed her head and started to throatfuck her.

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       She did good job stopping herself from gagging. When I was about to cum I wanted to be fair so I told her to hold it. She collected my load of white liquid in her mouth. I told her to spit it all in my mouth and opened em. She spit the whole white bulb of cum and spit in my mouth and then spit few times to give all. I swallowed the whole thing. Then I sat on the couch and put her on top of me and she started to riding my cock. Oh I wanted to fuck her so bad. She was moaning and I grabbed her thighs and started to thrust her against my cock. She was jumping up and down and almost screaming.

    When I was about to cum I tried to take her off to cum on her face but she stopped me and kept jumping while moaning very loud. I cum right inside her. Then she got off and stood on all 4 on the couch. I understood what she meant and started to ram her pussy from behind. I took her thighs with my hands and was fucking her like no tomorrow.

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       She started to rub her clitoris and moaned very loud. Then she cum. I took out my dick and liquid was coming out of her pussy. I told her to lay on her back face up and then started to throatfuck her again. I told her to save all my cum once again. I throatfucked her a bit then spit in her mouth and then throatfucked her again. Then she got up and spit my cum in my mouth and then spit some more(she likes it eh) I swallowed whole thing with pleasure. Then we took a little break. Then we did the 69 again. This time she swallowed my stuff and I swallowed hers. Then I sat on couch and she started to jump on my cock face the other way this time. She cum 2 times while riding my cock. When I was about to cum I cum in her mouth and told her to save it for our final kiss. She did and I kissed her and we exchanged the cum during kiss. When we were done exchanging our liquids we swallowed it.

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       Then we engaged in our final fuck in missionary position and she cum again. When I was about to cum I just cum in her mouth and told her to just spit half of it in my mouth. Then we just spit the whole thing on each other faces and smear it on our faces. We were dirty and tired. We both went to school shower and washed ourselves clean. Packed our things. Took our clothes on and went home. I'm so glad I meet that chick.




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