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This is a re post from a story i wrote under an anonymous name a while back and wanted to put it onto an actual account.

My sophomore year in college I decided to transfer schools. The school I was at was terrible and I just couldn't take it any longer. Since school had not started yet and I had not made any friends, I mostly hung out with a girl that I knew from high school and her roommates. For the end of summer I had been there almost every day and had starting taking a notice to her roommate Keri. Keri was a beautiful red head, with legs that seemed like they were never going to end, but when they did formed the most perfect ass I had ever seen and breasts no bigger than A cups. She was the perfect girl for me. There was only one problem. In the month or so I had been in town, I never once saw her with a guy, I never once saw her with an alcoholic drink in her hand and I never once heard her make a sexual reference of any kind. I had to ask my friend and she confirmed my suspicions. Keri was a good girl. She had never messed around with anyone and hardly ever partied.

The next few days I contemplated whether or not I would try to make a run at Keri or not. This girl was beautiful, but would it really be worth not getting any action for God knows how long? I landed on the conclusion that it was worth the wait and that I could try to change her and if nothing happened out of it at least I might make some friends out of the whole ordeal. Little did I know that I wouldn't have to wait too long.

The next night I was at their house again just sitting around watching some TV.

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   I figured I would bide my time and before the night was over i was going to ask Keri on a date and see where things went from there. The night was kind of dragging but the perfect opportunity came about an hour after I got there when I heard this sexy voice come from her bedroom, "Hey Ryan, could you give me a hand in here?" I got up and headed into her room to see what she needed. "Could you help me hang this poster, I just cant reach to get the top corners?" she sad. I smiled and took the hammer as Keri closed the door behind me. "I don't want to disturb my roommates. " She said.

I positioned the poster and asked her what she thought about it. She walked over to the mini ladder I was standing on and looked. She nodded her head and went to rest her hand on the ladder. When she did she completely missed the pole and got a full on grasp of my junk. I looked down in shock wondering what the hell was going on. She just looked at me and giggled. My dick quickly began to harden. She pulled me down from the ladder and pushed me onto the bed. She leaned in and our lips locked in an epic kiss.

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   Our tongues found each other and each of our hands roamed each others bodies. My left hand went up her shirt and my right hand slid down the front of her pants. Our kissing grew harder and so did my dick. She lowered her head and licked the outside of my jeans, just teasing me, looking up at me with her sexy green eyes. She slowly undid my button and unzipped my pants. Just as she was going in for the kill there was a knock at the door.

"Keri, we need to go to the store, we are completely out of everything. " said her roommate from the other side of the door. She rolled off of me and muttered "Fuck (the first cuss word I had ever heard her say)" and got up. "Hide in the closet and don't come out, I'll text you when we're gone and then you can leave" she whispered as she walked to the door. I jumped in the closet to hear her roommate ask "Where's Ryan?" I heard her respond with "He left I cant believe he didn't tell you bye. "

20 minutes later i got a text message that read:

Coast Is Clear. You and I, Tomorrow Night 10:00 The Station.

As I left the house my head was spinning. Partly from the near sex I had almost had and partly because i was confused as hell.

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   What had just happened. This sweet and innocent girl, had just completely taken advantage of me in her own bedroom. I hadn't seen this one coming. And another thing. Why the hell did she want me to meet her at the gay bar in town? This was getting weird.

The next day I couldn't sit still. I thought about texting her but didn't want to seem like i was too interested. Time was going by so slow, I played some video games and got some food and finally it was 9:45 and time for me to leave to go to the station. As i pulled into a parking spot at the Station I got another message.

"Running Late, Be there in 15. "

At this point I started to become skeptical. Maybe something was wrong with her last night and she just wasn't in the right state of mind. Maybe now she's going to stand me up because she doesn't want me to think there is anything there. Maybe she is just playing games with my head. About 20 minutes went by and relief came over me as I saw her car pull into the parking lot.


   She stepped out of her car and WOW. Her skin tight black dress ended just past the curve of her ass. I wanted to take her right there, and probably could have, but I thought i would play it cool.

I smile and hugged her tightly and she playfully squeezed my ass. "I have to ask you," I said "What are we doing at a gay bar. "

"Ryan I hope you don't mind but I have this image as a good girl, the gay bar is the only place I can come and actually be myself because nobody else I know will be here. Plus, the girls in here are kinda sexy. But what would my church friends say if they knew i was into girls and wanted to fuck a guy like you. "

The word fuck immediately caught my attention. What made it even more unbelievable was when she leaned in, licked my ear and whispered, "And I really want to fuck you. "

I smiled as we made our way into the club and out onto the dance floor. All I could think about was sticking my dick in this beautiful girl all night long. It was hard not to think about it. The way she was grinding her ass on my dick had me hard almost instantly. She was almost more turned on than I was.

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   My hands were resting on her pussy and every time she moved her hips. She turned around and whispered to me "I'm wanna cum so bad right now. " My eyes shot open as she pulled me off the dance floor and past the bar. We went around the corner and stopped in front of a janitors closet. She looked around, pried the door open and pulled me in. She shut the door and wedged a mop and sat down, sliding her pants off as she went. Almost as if I wasn't there she wasted no time in shoving her fingers deep inside her pussy. I watched intently as she worked her fingers in and out, rubbing her clit with her thumb, trying desperately to cum. After a few minutes of watching and listening to her moan I came to my senses and realized I was missing out on a huge opportunity. I dropped to my knees and pulled her fingers away. She whimpered as if to say she wasn't finished but I quickly replaced her hand with my tongue. She was soaking wet. Her pussy tasted so good as I lapped at her pussy like a cat drinking milk. It tasted so good i never wanted it to end, She moaned wildly and pushed my face further into her pussy. I began to nibble on her clit and that's when she lost it.

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   Cum gushed all over my face and I took in as much as I could. I was in heaven it tasted so good. She laid there quietly moaning as I licked up as much of the cum as I could get in my mouth. When she came around she pushed me off and licked my face. "I love the taste of my own cum," She said. "Now its your turn.

    She pushed me back and ripped down my jeans. My cock sprang to life nearly hitting her in the face. She laughed and wasted no time shoving my dick all the way down her throat. She slowly came back up before stuffing it back down her throat. My eyes rolled back in my head and my body went numb. Slowly coming back to my senses I began to fuck her throat. Deeper and deeper I went until I was balls deep in her mouth. The gagging noises coming from her mouth made me want to cum so bad. She took her mouth off my dick just long enough to say "Give Me your cum baby, all down by throat.

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      " It didn't take long after that. Moments later I was shooting stream after stream down her throat and she took it all down like a champ. When she had swallowed it all we both lay there exhausted. Minutes had gone by and I noticed that my dick just wasn't going down. I was so turned on by this sexy girl that I had to have some more.

    Keri must have been thinking the same thing, because as I rolled over to put it in here, she was already getting up to climb on top of me. Without warning she dropped onto my dick, filling her pussy, going down all the way to my nuts. There was no easing it into her dripping pussy, she was full on riding me as hard as she could, grinding her pelvic bone into my dick as she went. She leaved forward and I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth. I gently bit down as it hardened into my mouth. Up and down she went on my dick the noise of my balls slapping against her ass growing louder than the moans escaping from her mouth. I slid my hand down to rub her clit as she bounced on my dick. Moments later she was in complete bliss again, her cum gushing all over my cock. She came to her senses and began lapping her own cum off my dick. I wasn't even close to cumming and she could tell.

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    "Fuck my ass baby. I want you deep in my ass. Shoot your cum all in my hole. " I didn't need to be told twice. I flipped her over and shoved my dick into her ass hard. My dick was so lubed from her wet pussy that it went right in. But the force still brought her to her stomach. She laid there in complete pleasure as I pumped my cock in and out of her tight asshole. I could feel her ass clenching my cock with each thrust. Her dirty talk was turning me on more and more. "Fuck my ass baby, make me your bitch, i want your cum so bad baby. " I pulled back on her hair and thrust as hard and as fast into her ass as I could. She screamed in pleasure, over and over again, begging me to fuck her harder. Minutes later I felt my dick swell up. I held on as long as I could, shoving my fingers into her pussy one final time.

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       As i felt her pussy clench and her cum spill over my hand one final time, I blew my load all in her ass. We both collapsed onto the floor and i held her for what seemed like hours. When we both felt like moving again, she sucked all of our juices off of my dick and we put out clothes back on. We opened the door just as the final song was playing in the club. We danced the slow dance and then made our way to the exit. She sent her roommate a text saying that she was staying at a friends house tonight to study and that she would be home in the morning. We went home and showered and fucked once more in the shower. We both got into bed and immediately drifted to sleep. The next morning i woke up to my dick being sucked. I loved this girl already. We fucked before I cooked her breakfast and once again after we ate.

    "I'm sorry that it has to be like this for a while, but I'm going to tell my friends we're dating when I get the right chance. " She told me right before she left and kissed me goodbye. It didn't matter to me. That was the sexiest night I had ever had and didn't mind having to find random times to fuck that beautiful ass again.

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       I saw her off and went back inside. As i sat on the couch I got a text message.

    "The Station, Friday, I want your cock. "