Class Project


I am 37, and work at a local high school.   In my thirteen years on the staff, I have rarely called in sick, but once in a while I need a mental health day.   I am to well to go to school.   Ussually that means I lie around the house watch tv, and do nothing.   I rent a section of a house from a family who's daughter attends my school, my section of the house is pretty well seperated from the main house, but on "Mental Health Days" I often take advantage of the big screen and nicer couch.   So enough set up, here is the tale. I was lying on the couch, watching porn on the big screen, when I hear the door open.   No one should be home now! I pulled up my shorts, and turned on Perry Mason, before any one came in. I pulled a blanket over me to help hide my erection, and back up my "I'm sick" cover story.   Seconds later a group of several students from school walked in, Lisa leading the way.   Surprised to find me here she asked why I was home.   I explained that I wasn't feeling so good, and needed some extra rest.   Then I asked why she was here, with friends.   She smiled and said, "we have a school project due for Mr. Peterson, and we thought it would be more fun to work on. "  I told her I wouldn't tell if she didn't.

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    She asked if they could work in here, I said I didn't mind, I was just watching tv. The group consisted of Lisa, Julie, Kim, Andrew and Amy. When Lisa asked if they could work in there the entire group shot her evil looks. They all sat in a circle, and began to talk.   I wasn't really listening, but the outfits on these girls were doing nothing to relieve my aching erection.   Lisa had on a pair of low rise jeans, the kind that always let the thong straps slip out, hers was red.   Julie looked like a goth school girl, short pleated plaid skirt, t shirt,  thick leather belt, knee socks, and saddle shoes.   Kim had on a denim skirt and a tank top that really made her C cups really stand out. And Amy, Amy wore a pair of wool slacks, and a white blouse.   Amy had an internship at a local bank, and often had to dress businesslike.   Andrew, had on jeans and a Polo, pretty typical high school jock. More than once after they started talking, I would notice glances over at me.   I asked the group if my presence was making it hard for themn to work, and surprisingly the all shook their heads, no we're fine.   I did my best to focus on the tv, but when I heard the word orgy, my attention was lost on Perry Mason.   I began to sneak glances ove at the group.

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    Kim sat on the floor, facing me, her white panties plainly visible while she sat indian style, meanwhile Lisa had her back to me revealing the crack of her ass.   I was intranced by the smooth skin peaking out.   I looked closer as I saw that Andrew was filming their little pow wow, as I heard Julie say, "Now if I slowly open them, you can see my clitoris. "  I rubbed my eyes, and looked back, Julie had her legs spread wide, and was holding open her labia to show her clit to the camera.   I looked closer to see that Lisa and Amy were kissing, and Kim was massaging her tits.   I was torn, I really liked watching this show, and they knew I was there. But I should really either leave, or put a stop to it.   I ussually don't take chances, so I got up to go back to my section of the house.   Unfortunately I had a massive erection, and had to pass the group to get out.   I draped the blanket around me and started to walk out when Lisa jumped up and said Bill don't go.   I looked at her and said, I have to go.   You guys are making me think terrible evil thoughts. i won't say anything, but I am a little uncomfortable.   Lisa took my hand and said, "That's cause you were way over there, and watching the group, you could be comfortable if you joined the group. "  No I don't think I should.

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   Lisa reached up and gave me a quick kiss, meanwhile she grabbed my crotch and said," your mind says no, but someone says yes. " I looked at the rest of the group, and they were eager to resume, and seemed to be Ok if I stayed, the clincher was when Lisa said that she knew I was here, thats why they didn't go to Andrews house.   So I sat down and asked what exactly is this project for Mr. Peterson.   They just laughed and said no project just fun.   Lisa took her shirt off and revealed her sweet breasts, packaged in a cute lace bra. She turned her back to me and asked if I would undo it for her.   "I am going to hell," I muttered as I unhooked her, then the others in the group followed suit.   It was a wonderful array of breasts. Amy revealed small, A cups.   While Julie pulled off her shirt to reveal large D's under a sports bra. While I admired the scenery I noticed that Lisa's hands were tugging at my shirt, I raised my arms to let the shirt free, and reaveled my toned and hairy chest.   The girls asked if they could feel my chest, the guys at school didnt have hairy chests.   I said fine, and they started rubbing my chest and abdomen, my hands found their way finally to get up the nerve to fondle a nice young breast. It was Amy's.

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   "That's the best you can do," Lisa said, and she shoved her breast into my mouth.   Her nipple was hard as a rock and was wonderful.   My eyes now blocked, all I heard were voices saying my turn,  my turn.   Lisa back away and in came another set.   This time it was Kim's my hands went to massage my new treat.   Her breasts were so firm, her nipples were dark brown and lovely.   Finally she backed away, and Amy said, "their nipples are so big, mine are flat like my boobs. "  I took Amy and began to caress her chest, I put my mouth to her nipples and began to gently suckle and nip at them with my teeth, her nipple grew in my mouth, and the other followed along.   I told Amy that her breasts were wonderful, and that they just like a little extra attention.  I looked back to the group and saw that Lisa had her head buried in Julies crotch, and Amy and Kim watched with cuiousity.   I suggested that they take off their pants and skirt and try it.   They looked at each other and giggled, and said,"we like to watch, but its not our thing. "  I noticed that our intrepid camera man was very capable.   He filmed with one had and was jacking off with the other.   I suggested that one of the girls may want to assist him, and Kim went over, but instead of taking the camera, she took his dick in her mouth and began sucking him off.

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   "Thanks Teach"  Andrew called over as he continued to film often panning down to his own little adventure.  Amy looked at me and said," That looks like fun. "  "Well, go join in,"  I suggested, enjoying directing my first prono.   She said I don't like to share.   With that she stood and dropped her black wool slacks to reveal beautiful tanned legs, and a pretty pink thong.   She walked over to me and straddled my legs, put her hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me to my back.   Her lips tasted like cinnamon as she kissed me deeply.   My hands worked to her butt, firm and soft, it was a tasty young ass.   I slid my hands under her thong and lowered it slowly around the curve of her ass to her knees.   She obediantly raised each leg to allow me to remove them completely.   She now sat up to reveal a dark black mound, trimmed only enough to hide behind a swimsuit.   She slid herself down my body and took hold of my gym shorts.   Tugging on them to get them past my swollen member.
      Once freed, my cock sprang up to its entire 8 inches.   Amy crawled back up my legs, and found her way to my dick.

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       She took it in her mouth and started to work it slowly, each stroke included a liberal swipe with her tongue.   I felt and watched as her crotch began to use my toes as a scratching post, and I could feel her juices coat my foot.   I suggested that she turn around and I could take over for my foot.   She eagerly turned and put her hairball on my chin.   My fingers worked as the guide through this jungle, leading my tongue to her cavern of delight.   I pulled apart her lips, and my tongue dove in to find its mark.   I started caressing and massaging, while she was devouring my unit with every stroke.   I decided I need t catch up and went on full speed, darting and dashing my tongue, fingers crawling up her hole in and out, I felt her lips tighten around me , and she had stopped work on my pole.   Her muscles clenched, and she exploded.   She had a massive orgasm, blowing juice all down my face.   Her moans of exatacy got the attention of the group, and they all applauded her.   Amy collapsed on me for a minute and caught her breath, meanwhile Lisa came over and dropped herself on my face.   She had a beautiful ass, and her pussy was shaved to a nice clear runway.   Amy had found a new conquest in Andrews pants, and my cock was attended to by Kim.   Her wet pussy slid down my cock, before I even knew she was there.

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        She was very wet and very hot.   Her slow gyrations were incredible.   Lisa tasted salty/sweet and was full of energy, she was working on Kims tits, while I went to work with my tongue and fingers.   She ground her hips into my face, I have to admit it was wierd, but damn it felt good.   My nose split her pussy lips and was cover with her juice.   It was amazing.   But then Kim really went to work, she was driving down on me with reckless abandon.   She pounded my cock, and I could feel myself starting to tighten up, but my face was smothered by Lisa so I had no way to warn Kim when I blew my load on an amazingly deep stroke.   Kims body tensed around my dick as she had her own orgasm on one of the subsequent strokes. "Damn, you came hard,"  was all she said.   The other girls hearing this literally dove at Kims pussy, trying to lap up some of our juices.   Lisa was cleaning off my dick, I however felt some concern, until Kim said she was on the pill, and should be fine.   A little reassured, I turned Lisa to her back and began to go back to work on her pussy.   This time I began to stroke her butt hole as well.   My fingers were covered with her natural lube, as I inserted them into her tight ass.

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        Almost immediately her muscular thighs clamped onto my head.   Her hands reached out and pulled my head in tight to her pussy.   She began to buck like crazy, she was insane with pleasure.   When she exploded she let the whole neighborhood know about it. I was spent, the party started to break-up when they realized that school would be out in an hour, and most of them had to go to jobs or practice.   They all moved to the bathroom to shower, and clean up. I was just going backto bed, so I cleaned myself off, enjoyed the show, and went back to the couch.   I must have crashed hard, because I don't remember hearing them leave, and I didnt wake up until Lisa's parents came home.   They asked if I was ok, and I explained I was just not 100% this morning so I decided I nedded some rest.   I grabbed my blanket and headed towards my place when I found a gift lying on my bed. Four pairs of soaked panties, and a video tape.   I need to call in sick more often. .


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