Cindy's Truck Stop - Cynthia Stevens Pt I


Topic: 1     After being on the road for several weeks I was facing another night alone.   I'd been driving all day and was going to have to find a place to park the truck for the night.   I was in an unfamiliar place and far from the intersate so I got on the radio to ask if there was a truck stop nearby.
     I had to try many times for a responce but finally a sweet sexy young voice said she would show me where I could park if I would take her dancing.   "Dancing?" I said.   "Where?"
     "I know just the place," said the sexy voice, "right by a spot where Uncle Charlie parks his truck.
     "Are you sure I can park there - I won't get in trouble?"  I was causious because big trucks need lots of room to park and some landowners can be unfriendly to overnight truck parking.
     "Oh, no, Uncle Charlie won't be in for a few days.   He's on his way to California. "  Then she hurriedly added, "I'll meet you at the traffic light.   You can call me Cindy. "  And that was the last I heard on the radio.
     "I don't know what to make of that," I told myself but with or without Cindy's help I would have to find a place to park soon.   As I came into town the sun had already set and it would be dark soon and harder to find a good place to park.
     This backwater town had a few shops - all closed now, a library, market, post office but no room for a big truck.   As I pulled up to the traffic light there was no one to be seen - Cindy must have been just fooling around flirting with me.

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    You could tell in her voice that she was very fun-loving but also that she was hiding something - she would make a terrible liar.   But the light was red so I had to wait for it anyways.
     While I waited for the light I got out a map and tried to figure the best way to a rest spot.   As I was fighting with the map a person came into view from across the intersection - I didn't see where she came from.   She was about five foot four and about 110 lbs. ; she looked like a little girl with her long brown hair tied back with pink and white ribbons that were cut long and flowed into her pony tail.   She wore a short, white summer top with pink straps that matched the color of her hair ribbons and exposed her midriff and a matching pink, low-rise flutter skirt with a white waistband and a pink drawstring tied in a bow in front.
     When she saw me she smiled and ran to cross the intersection to my side but dropped something in the street.   Her ultra-short skirt fluttered when she ran and exposed her matching pink panties.   When she turned to retrieve what she had dropped you could see the white string of her g-string panties above the waistband of her skirt.   Matching pink ribbon lacing criss-crossed a small triangle just above her crack which also rose completely above her low-rise skirt.   At rest her skirt fell short of covering her buttocks completely as a glimps of her bare ass was plainly seen below the cut of it.   The youthful bounce in her step made the view better as well as the periodic light breeze.   She bent over to pick up her things in the street fully exposing a beautiful, smooth, tight, bare ass.
     "You shouldn't be looking at this," I told myself.


    "Why are these little girls dressing so sexy these days? - I guess it's because they have bodies like that!"
     When she had gathered it all together she ran over - skirt flying to full display of pink panties -she opened the passenger side climbing into the truck before I could say a word.   "Hi, I'm Cindy.   It's just right up here. "
     "How old are you?" I asked.
     "I'm sixteen. "  I am dumbfounded, not believing what I see, just staring at her.   "Ah, . . . it's green," she says.
     "Where are your Parents?  Do they know where you are?"
     "Daddy's away on business and Mom is working at the diner late tonight.   They basically let me do what I want.   And tonight I wanna dance. "  But I could tell there was still something she wasn't telling me.   Not far from there was an old warehouse that looked abandoned.

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    There was lots of room for my rig but seemed to be far from any bar or club or the like.
     "So where's this 'dance hall' ?" I asked.
     "I don't really want to dance," she confessed.   "Well, not actually anyways.   You kinda - you just parked it. "  Her big eyes stared into mine searching my face for a responce.
     "Now, now, little girl - I could get into a lot of trouble," I started.
     "No," she insisted.   "I'm old enough to consent.   I consent!  Please!  My boyfriend went off fishing again. "
     "How do I know you are really 16?"  She showed me a drivers liscense.   "'Cynthia Stevens' - this isn't a phoney liscense?  How do I know it's real?"
     "If it were a fake wouldn't it make me 18 or 21?" - she had me there.   She reached down and started to feel me up.   "I don't know.   If I am going to have sex with someone else I want a bigger cock for a change.

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    "I love my boyfriend and he is cute but, you know. . . "
     I wondered if she was using someone else's I. D.   I studied it carefully and her face.   No, she had the same split eyebrow as the picture and she was not wearing any make up.   I gave her back her I. D.   "Forget it. "
     "Come on!  You owe me a dance. "
     "What about your boyfriend?  Won't he be mad?"
     "We haven't had sex in two months.   Well, six weeks if you count that blowjob at homecoming.   We haven't even gone out in over a month and now he's gone fishing with his friends.   See, he's rather catch fish than fuck me.

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    When your boyfriend won't meet your needs you need to take matters into your own hands. "  As she said these words she took my hand in her one hand and lifts her skirt with the other once again exposing her pink g-string panties and revealing a little pink heart embroidered near the top left corner.   Then she slips my hand inside her panties and I feel her swollen lips and cum that had dripped and saturated her underwear.   "I have been playing with this all day and cuming into my panties over and over. "  She opens her hand and shows me a small, slender vibrator.   I remember seeing her drop it in the street.   "I couldn't leave it behind but it is too small to satisfy me.   I need a big, strong, hard cock in me. "
     Feeling her wet pussy and seeing her hard body was wearing on me and my penis started to bulge.   She noticed it through the sweatpance, cut-off shorts I was wearing.   She grabbed it again.   "Oh, yeah!" she said excitedly.   "That's more like it.   Your cock is much bigger than Tommy's. "
     "No, it's a set up," I say unconvincingly.

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    "You will just change your story later. "
     "Do you want it in writing?  Here. . . "  She diggs into her purse for a pen and finds a scrap of paper.   "I, Cynthia Stevens, being of legal age of consent do consent to sexual intercourse with . . . on this date. . . sign. . . date.

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    Just put your name right there. "
     "How do you know I am not some dangerous guy.   I could kidnap you or. . . "
     "I don't think so.   But I took a picture of your truck with my cameraphone and sent it to my girlfriend.   C'mon fuck me.   You know you want to. "  She knew she had my number.   I was running out of excuses and she had all the answers.   And even though I was almost twice her age she was making me horney.   I was way overdue for a good lay and she was so horney that she was going to find someone to have sex with tonight - it might as well be me and not some wierdo or serial killer so I finally relented.   "Boy, you look tired," she said.   "Leave it to me and relax for a while.

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  "  Then she lead me to the sleeper compartment of my truck and layed me down and undressed me.   Then she kissed my chest over and over moving right to left to right slowly working down to my belly.   We need to get this bigger she said taking hold of my penis again.   Then she kissed the top of the head and then licked the shaft and then around the base of the head in circles.   Again she kissed the head this time slowly moving over the head with her lips and sucking it into her mouth.   Now my cock was harder than ever.   I sighe and gasped as she bobbed her head up and down on me taking me deep into her throat and massaging me with her tongue.
     I braced agains the walls and blurted "Oh, God!" so she sucked the head some more and then took her tongue around the head again tickling under the rim.   Realizing the impending juices she took me in her mouth again sucking hard and massaging until I exploded into her mouth.   She ferociously sucked the head.
     "Mmmmm. . . " she whined as she milked my dick as if trying to suck every drop.   Then swallowing added, "Oh, I love your cum.

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     Laying there in release I say, "Wow, you were great!"
     When I go to get up she rebukes me, "Stay there; I'm not done - not by a long shot. "  She pushes me back climbing on top of me and strattles me sitting on my pelvis rocking her clitoris against my member getting it ready for action again.   She reaches up with both hands above her head and unties the long ribbons tying back her hair laying them on the bunk beside me.   Then she pulls off her top exposing a beautiful set of B-cups - round and firm and excited as she continues to rock.   I reach up to fondle them with my hands.   As my cock continues to swell she rubs her swollen sheeks against my hardening shaft, cum from her panties dripping on my cock and balls.   "Oh!" she exclaims.   "I almost forgot my studds!"
     She hurriedly climbs off of me to dig through her purse.   "You don't want a condom; do you?  No, of course you don't-you want to feel it good.   I got you covered. "  We assured each other that we were free of diseases and she was on the pill or taking precausions.   I was easily assured because she is such a lousy liar.   "Tommy is the only guy I've ever slept with and he is such a prude- he's clean.   When I'm really horney and can't have Tommy I have a big rubber cock mom gave me but I can't find it and. .

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   . "  But she got out a condom that was studded.   She puckerd her lips and sucked the reservoir wearing the rubber around her mouth.   Then she kissed my hard, erect penis on the head through the profilactic pressing the tip of my dick with her tongue to flatten the reservoir tip.   Then using her lips she unrolled the condom down my shaft talking me into her mouth again as she did.   I feel the studs all around my shaft as she unrolls the condom in her mouth.   She pulls back licking the shaft as she does vibrating against each stud as she works her tongue to the tip.   Then with her teeth ripps off the reservoir tip and spits it away.   Then with her hand works the condom down, poking the head of my cock through the hole left by the missing tip.   "I need you inside me now," she announces ans stands to remove her panties.   The embroidered g-string lowers revealing a smooth, hairless, beautiful pussy, red and swollen.
     She climbs on me again letting her hair fall down in my face.   Her perfume is intoxicating.   She quickly finds my pole and slides it into her femininity.   She slides down my shaft all the way and rests pelvis to pelvis grinding for a few second and laying down on top of me - navel to navel, breast to breast, squeezing and massaging my manhood with her vaginal muscles.


    Then raising slightly shebounces up and down on my pole a few times and pauses - "I'm gonna cum!"
     She continues to move up and down, enveloping my cock, taking me into her pussy stud by stud.   She gasps, moves again and quivers.   Her juices flow down my cock and onto my balls.   "I love your cock; it's so big!" she exclaims pulling off of me rolling over and laying down next to me on the bed.   Both of us dripping onto the bunk she says, "I gotta have my studs," and moves her hand down to start to finger herself.   She circles her lips and fingers up one cheek and down the other.   She must've been more tired than done- she clearly wanted to go again.   Then she noticed I was still erect.   "Would you like to do me now?"
     Once again thinking that we were done I exclaimed with surprise and excitement, "Yeah!"  So I got up and she tured over putting her breasts flat on the bed and her ass in the air with her knees spread apart under her pelvis.   I quickly got behind her and drove deep.
     "Oh, yeah," she moaned, "just like that. "  I started working, pumping in and out with her studded condom still on.   "Pick it up now," she urged.
      I continued thrusting harder and faster into her pussy as she screamed for more.
         I paused a moment and pulled out still bulging and said, "Turn over.

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      "  She obeyed quickly and I pulled off her one remaining item of clothing- her skirt.   Now, right before me I could see all her beauty from her long flowing hair and deep blue eyes and smooth complection to her shapely brests and beautiful thin belly and waist down to her mouthwatering muff.   I paused a second to take in the sight.   "My you look delicious.   Come here I gotta taste me some of that. "  But without waiting I grab her by the thighs and drag her ass over to my knees then lift her cunt up to my wide open mouth.
         "Oooh!" she screamed excitedly.   I vigorously lick and suck her clit and cheeks and drink in her sweet cum.   I extend my tongue deep into her hole and shake my head back and forth massaging her clit with my nose.   Her sweet smell only gets me more excited.   I continue to lick and suck and probe her with my tongue and tickle her clit until she came again and then I licked it up again not wanting any to be wasted - I wated to taste all of it.
         Then I set her ass back down at my knees and bent over to kiss her as I moved my hand in to continue working her snatch.   As I probed her with two fingers I fondled her clit with my thumb all while sliding my tongue down her throat.   I had to constantly pull away from her face because she was wrything about and gasping from extacy.   "Oh my god!"she gasped when I found her g-spot.


        "Oh my god!-don't stop!"  Her cum was now all over my hand and started to wrinkle my fingers.   "Oh, don't stop.   Oh my god," she repeated until she shook and quivered as she ejaculated.   "Oh god!  Wow!  You were great. "
         "Stay there- I'm not done," I said looking down at my bulging rod and pulling the condom off, "not by a long shot. "  With that I found her hole and thrust deep into her now laying on top of her - pelvis to pelvis, navel to navel, breast to breast, mouth to mouth.   As I slowly probed her with my pole my body slid against hers massaging her breats, belly and clitoris.   In and out I continued as she massaged the inside of my mouth with her tongue.   Staying deep inside her I got up to a verticle position and psitioned myself for more forceful thrusting and a faster pace.   Then I layed into her pounding hard her and fast so her breasts flopped.   The truck shook violently as I thrust hard and deep over and over.   'slap slap slap' went my balls against her ass hole.   Her gasping from the powerful stokes sounded like a panting dog on a hot summer day.   'Slap, slap, slap'. .

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       .  'pant, pant, pant'. . . 'thrust, thrust, thrust'. . . 'rock, rock, rock'. . . 'shake, shake, shake. '
         "Ah, ah, ah," she said at every thrust.   It was difficult for her to say anything more for want of a breath, her hands at her sides bracing against something- searching for something to clutch, finally clenching a handful of te bed sheets.   As I continue pounding away without a pause or break or slowing sweat started to glisten on her face and chest.   I too was breathing hard from all the excersize.

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        I continue on and on until her body wrythed again and more juices flowed out from inside her.   Then as if on cue my cock let loose inside her injecting a load deep inside.   She wrapped her legs around me tight holding me inside her as she spasmed.   We held each other close mixing our sweat together.   Finally able to catch a breath we lay caressing each other and studying each others bodies.   Once again I thought we were done but this girl loved to fuck.
         "Will you. . . ?  Nah. "
         "Forget it"
         "No, what is it?"
         "I've always wanted to take it up the ass. . . you know, just to see what it is like.   My boyfriend thinks that it's dirty.

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        He won't even touch it. "
         "Well," said, "we probably would need some lubricant.   Do you have any KY or anything?"  She nodded.   "Another condom?" - again, no.   "Let me see if I have anything. "  I looked through the truck to see what I could find and finally found some sort of burn ointment in the first aid kit.   "This ought to do it. "  So she got on her knees again bowed away from me lying on her chest with her ass in the air.   I put some ointment on my finger and spreading her cheeks apart spread the ointment around her rectum making circles and trying not to miss a spot.   She had such a beautiful, round, tight ass as smooth as a baby.   I bent over and kissed her on the cheek.   Getting more of makeshift sex lube on my finger I touched her annus and lightly applied pressure until I penetrated her.
         "Oh, that feels good. "  I twisted my finger around and around inside her ass hole spreading the lube everywhere as far as my finger could reach.   I kept probing her ass with my finger for some time after she was well lubed just for the lust of it.

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        She had such a sweet, beautiful ass I just wanted to touch it and kiss it and caress it and finger it and probe it all day.   But now I was getting horney again and she was begging to be fucked so I got some more ointment and spread it all over my penis - all the way down my shaft.   I put another glob on the rectum and then got behind her and penetrated he with my stiff pole.   "Oh," she exclaimed with excitement, "it is better than I thought it would be. "  For the next few moments I just stood there as she moved up and back - her sphynkter massaging my dick, taking it in and out, squeezing and contracting.   "Now, fuck me hard - like before," she begged.
         I was only eager to do so.   I pulled out my shaft and lubed up once again to make sure I had plenty.   I didn't want to have to stop to lube up again.   Then I got behind  her again positioning myself carelfully and grabbing her cheeks one in each hand spread them wide and sunk my shaft deep inside her ass, her buttocks against my legs and my balls against her pussy.   "Here we go," I announce as I start moving in and out modestly but picking up teh pace all the time.
         "Faster, like before," she calls out.   "Fuck me hard again. "  I thrust my member deep into her ass until my body slaps her ass and my balls slap her pussy.   I keep a fast rythm like before.

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        'Slap, slap, slap' against her ass.   The truck rocks and shakes with each forceful thrust deep inside her.   'Slap, slap, slap' go my balls against her pussy until she shutters in another orasm and again I pause.   She pulls off of me and turns over sitting up and pushes me down on my back.   She bends over, her hair falling all over my belly and brushing against my sack.   She takes me all the way into her mouth again and begins to suck and lick and massage with her tongue like before.   "I want to eat your cum," she says.   As she bobs her head up and down on my cock her hair dances playfully on my balls and legs and belly.   Once again I let loose a gusher into her mouth and she laps it up milking me for every last drop sucking my head and caressing my balls.



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