Cindys slippery slope


Cindy was 18 with long brown hair and brown eyes. She was very thin and short, so most of the time guys thought she looked more like she was 18 Her breasts were just barely A cups. She tried several times to talk to guys, but she would just freeze and they would laugh or walk away embarrassed. Little did she know that her entire life was about to change.

It was a hot April Saturday and Cindy decided to go out by the pool to read the new Stephen King novel. She put sunblock on her pasty skin and a 2 piece that was just small enough to fit her. As she reached for her sunglasses she glanced at herself in the mirror. She saw a short girl with a pasty complexion and no real curves to speak of.

She sighed and decided maybe she would have a little tequila from her dads liquor cabinet in her lemonade. It would sure help her feel just a little better. Her parents were not going to be back until Monday. It made her feel grown up to chance taking her first drink.

She sat by the pool drinking from the glass of lemonade and reading. It was very hot and pretty soon she had finished the entire glass. She thought about it for a moment and then decided it was okay to have just one more. She got out of her chair just a little tipsy and went into the house to refill her glass.

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She came back with an even larger glass. After another chapter in her book she decided maybe she would take a swim to cool off. She stumbled towards the pool and waded in. She kept sipping her drink and soon she had finished it. She decided to lounge on one of the floats at the deep end of the pool and she knew that she wasn't the best swimmer when she was sober, so she stumbled out of the pool and walked around to get the float.

As she reached over to get the float she lost her balance and fell into the deep end. She held her breath as she hit the water and sank all the way to the bottom. She pushed off the bottom with all her might and managed to just break the surface of the water to call for help and then she sank back into the water.

After what seemed like an eternity she blacked out.

The next thing she remembered was looking up at a ceiling fan. She tried to move but she felt weak. She heard a man's voice talking in the next room and then she realized that she wasn't in her parents house.

The man entered the room and looked at her smiling. “My name is John I live next door. ” She tried to speak, but she couldn't.

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   He was very handsome and in his mid thirties. He was tall and just well tanned. His hair was brown with just the slightest hint of gray coming in. He sat down on the bed beside her and placed his hand over her breast. “I fished you out of the pool and gave you CPR. Your lucky I am a doctor. Your pulse is stronger now and your heartbeat seems fine. ”

She blushed when she realized that he wasn't groping her. She had felt afraid at first then excited by his touch. It was at this point that she realized she was only wearing a white bathrobe and nothing else. He noticed her looking at the robe and commented “I had to change you out of that bathing suit to keep my bed from getting wet. ”

His hand was still on her breast. He looked down as if he was just noticing that his hand hadn't moved. His expression changed to embarrassment and he went to take his hand away. Out of nowhere Cindy reached out and put her hand over his.

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   It felt warm and her breast started to tingle like electricity. She felt sticky juices starting to seep from her virgin pussy.

He slowly rubbed his hand across her breasts and brushed her nipples. She felt him slowly undoing the robe to expose her flesh. He stopped for a moment and removed his shirt.

Then he leaned in as the robe fell open and kissed her. He smashed his lips against hers and ran his hand down her stomach just barely touching her virgin sex.

She tensed as a flood of ecstasy went through her body. His fingers were now starting to enter her. He stopped when he came to her hymen and broke their kiss. He stood up and took off his shorts. He wasn't wearing any underwear and he lay down next to her kissing and sucking her tiny breasts. Slowly he worked his way down to her nearly bare pussy.

When his tongue touched her a waive of orgasms washed over her. She began to moan loudly.

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   He continued to lick and suck on her harder and faster as her body shuddered at her first sexual experience. She bucked her hips trying to keep his mouth in the places that felt the best. At last she screamed as juices sprang from between her legs.

He licked and lapped at the sweet virgin nectar. His mouth hungry for her juices. At last he positioned himself between her legs and then with a sudden speed he flipped her onto her back. Her pussy ached to feel his mouth, but her body was tired from the stream of orgasms. She had never considered anal before, but she wasn't afraid.

Slowly he entered her. Her anus adjusting slowly to its first intruder. He was gently as his 6 inch cock went into her a half inch at a time. Soon all of him was in and she felt herself building to another orgasm. She never imagined that anal sex could feel so good. She reached down and began to rub her pussy as he slowly began moving in and out of her.

She began to sweat as her orgasm began to build.

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   He hips began meeting his thrusts as he pounded himself into her. Before she knew it she felt him swell about to cum inside of her ass. The thought of having his cum leaking out of her sent her over the edge and she screamed then collapsed still shaking from the orgasm.

She fell asleep with him holding her. When she awoke she was still in his bed but now she was back in her swimsuit. He came in with a glass of juice which she accepted and gulped down. He then didn't say a word he helped her up and lead her to the door. She felt hurt and wanted him to say something anything. He smiled down at her and said a single word “Tomorrow. ”




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