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It was a rainy day on March 31. I was on my way home from my classes at university. More than halfway to my house, I saw a piece of paper lying on the ground. Picking it up, I found another just several miles in front me. Looking up I saw that the papers made a trail. Letting my curiosity get the better of me, I followed the trail all the way into an abandoned factory. Soon the pieces of paper were disappearing but it was replaced by piece of clothing. First shoes then socks, a t-shirt, a pair of pants, a thong and lastly a bra. “Fuck” I said to myself lifting up the bra, the bra said EE on it. And looking by the pants that were left on the floor I could tell that the girl who left all her clothing wasn’t fat.


I was 5’8, 154 lb with a friend who is 6” when limp, who grows up to 9 1/2” when rock hard. I spent most my life playing soccer and swimming, and got accepted into university with it. And now I was in my second year studying psychology. I still play soccer but I am on borderline first string/second string, so I don’t get start all the games. I would say that my body is gifted but I never seemed to have any luck with women. I never had sex with anyone so the sight of a girl’s clothing on the floor gave me a massive boner.

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I reached into my pants to adjust my dick so it would be comfortable. Slowly I looked around to see for any more clues to lead me to this naked girl. But to my dismay all I could see was the dark walls of the abandoned factory. Then out of nowhere I heard someone say.


“Watch out!!” then… WHAM! One moment I was standing, the next, I was on my back. I was lucky that there were mattresses on the floor or else I would have broken my tail bone or something. Coming back to my sense, I looked at what fell on me. I was shocked to see a girl who looked to be in her twenties lying on top of me.


It was not until I rolled the chick off of me that I realized that she was naked. Her tits did look to be EE and they were perfect! Sagging a bit because of the weight but still the tits was plump, ripe and looked delicious. The girl seemed to be unconscious and so I decided to make her pay up for making me fall on my ass.


Lifting her up, I put her on the mattress. Then while undoing my pants to release my “inner beast” I began to suck on her nipple. She winced at first but after a while she was moaning subconsciously. After my wrestled my dick out, I went into a 69 position.

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   Opening her mouth for her, I stuffed my dick in it, and then I went on to lick her out.


It wasn’t long until I got her pussy wet. Now I got ready to fuck her. While licking her out, I noticed that the chick was still a virgin, so I made sure that my dick was well lubed with her saliva. Now was the time that I had waited for all throughout my high school year. To finally lose my virginity, it was a dream come true. I first got the girl to be on her hands and knees. Then I pushed my dick into her pussy. It was tight; it felt like the pussy was sucking my dick in, as if my dick was a straw. I pumped my dick a bit until I felt like cumming.


“Shit!” I felt my cum ready to burst into her pussy, and I couldn’t hold on long enough to take my dick out of her pussy. And then I blew my load right in her pussy.


“Eh, fuck it. ” I thought, “Because I already blew a load why don’t I continue? The bitch was gonna kill herself anyways. ” So I continued to fuck her, pushing my dick in further and further with every push.

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   Soon enough I could feel something blocking my dick from going any further. I didn’t know what it was so I decided to push on through. Not knowing what would happen, I did so and as soon as I did, the chick vomited everywhere. I was lucky to have fucked her doggy style or else the vomit could have gotten on me. I continued to fuck her brains out, and soon the chick started to moan in pleasure. I felt cum getting ready to burst once more. This time I turned around and shot my load all over her face. My semen landed everywhere.


As I was about to leave the chick, I figured that if I left her there, she would just commit suicide again, and so I cleaned off all the cum on her body, and dressed her back up and carried her back to my home.


I lived alone off campus because the housing fee to live on campus was way more expensive than living off campus. And so I didn’t have to worry about getting caught by my parents or anything. As I entered my apartment, I laid the chick on my bed and let her sleep there for the night. As for me, since I had already finished my homework at school, I went to the living room and turned on the TV to watch a rerun of Men in Black II. I fell asleep on the couch as soon as the movie had ended.


Because I am a morning person, I usually wake up at 6:00 am.

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   Today was no exception. Still a bit tired, I got up to make my breakfast. But before I went to the kitchen, I checked in my bedroom to see if the girl was still sleeping or if she had left my house while I was asleep. Luckily the girl was still sleeping like a baby. I was urged to give her a wake-up fuck but the decision was vetoed by the growl from my stomach.


I went to the kitchen and started to make myself a scrambled egg when I stopped, went back to my fridge, took out another egg and started to make breakfast for the girl.

    As I was finished making scrambled eggs, mash potatoes and bacon, I heard the door open. Because the apartment I live in is quite old, everything creaks a lot. I looked to see the girl just stick her head out of the door while hiding the rest of her body behind the door like a scared puppy.


    Trying to reassure her, I told her that she was in good hands. She seemed to believe me because she inched out bit by bit from behind the door. I beckoned her to have breakfast with me, which she did without having to be told twice. As she was stuffing down the food, I noticed that her hair was all a mess but I couldn’t stop noticing how cute she looked. Today I didn’t have any classes so I had the whole day to get to know her. I was planning to go meet some friends but getting to know a chick was way, way more important than friends.

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       Because she was eating so well, I decided to give her my share and got up to make some more food. Returning with toast and jam, I decided to start up a conversation.


    “So what’s your name?” The girl just looked up at me and said nothing. “Oh, I see, you don’t want to talk. Is that it?” The girl just nodded. I guess I would need some time for her to start talking. “Do you have anywhere to go?” The girl’s face turned red and she shook her head. “If you don’t mind, you can stay with me, I don’t mind sleeping on the couch. ” It was then that I heard a tiny sound.


    “Thank you. ” Did I hear right? Did she actually speak? I stood up and did a little dance (which consist of me shaking my butt side to side) when the girl giggled.


    “Hallelujah! She can speak and giggle!” The chick must’ve found that funny because she kept on giggling. As I finished making her laugh, the girl waved her hand at me motioning me to come closer. I did, and when our faces were about 18 inches apart, she grabbed my head and pulled towards her. I first thought that she was going to give me a hug but realized that it wasn’t it when she brought our lips together.

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       It wasn’t a wet kiss but she still managed to push her tongue into my mouth and started to wrestle with my tongue. After a while of pure bliss, the girl broke free. She then walked towards the bathroom. Before closing the doors, she looked back at me and said


    “My name is Lauren. ” And with that she closed the door to the bathroom, but didn’t lock it.


    Smiling because of the improvement I made in our relation, I took off my clothing and headed for the bathroom as I heard the shower start. Looks my luck is changing after all.




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