Caught sneaking into their locker room


Let me start off by describing my self. I am a 18 year old male that runs cross country. I'm about 6'2, 156 pounds, blond hair, with a nice 6 pack. I have a 7 inch dick that is 3 1/2 inches thick. A lot of girls hit on me, but I’m usually too busy with tennis or cross country. It doesn’t help that I am also the star runner on my team.
My story begins when I realized that my high school has some pretty hot girls that run cross country. Their locker room was straight across the hallway from ours. I realized that usually the locker rooms would usually empty out about 20 minutes after practice ended. So I thought to my self, "Why not go take a peak and see what I could find in the girl's locker room?"
So one morning, I waited to get to practice so that I would have to stay after a little. I waited about 5 minutes till practice began, then started the 18 minute drive up to school. When I got there, I quickly checked the guy's locker room to make sure it was empty (and to check if it indeed emptied out after about 20 minutes). Once it was clear, I peaked out into the hallway, saw no one was in the hallway, and sprinted across, opened the door, and snuck in. I went down the hallway, and entered a second door. What I saw amazed me. There were clothes everywhere (not to mention the thongs and panties).

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   The clothes were on the floor, the tables, stuffed in bags, in the showers (everywhere except the lockers it seemed. ) I resisted the urge to start my pillaging, and realized that if I could figure out whose locker was whose, I could pick the hottest girl's panties (or thongs) to take. So I started by entering the coaches office to try to find out who had which locker, and luckily I found a book with the locker number, combo, and name of the girl it belonged to. I quickly took a picture off each page with my phone, and then returned to the main part of the locker room.
Armed with my discovery, I went back to the locker room and started off with the third hottest girl on the team. In her bag, I quickly found her change of clothes, and more importantly, her panties. They were blue with peace signs around the crouch area. I quickly pocketed them and resumed searching her bag till I found her bra (which was a 36 C), and moved on to the fifth hottest girl's locker. She had a nice thong with hearts, and a heart shaped button in the front, along with a bra to match (she was a 22B). I pocketed them also, and was moving on the second hottest girl on the team when I heard the first door opening. Not knowing where to hide, I jumped in a locker (we have huge lockers) and dug down into the piled up clothes right as the third hottest girl (I'll call her Becca) walked in, followed by the fifth hottest girl (she'll be Lauren).
For a moment they kept talking (they were talking about how Becca had just fucked her boyfriend the night before), then they got to their bags. They undressed and grabbed their towels, then headed to the showers. I quickly got up once they were out of sight, and was heading to the door when Kaitlyn (the hottest on the team), walked in. There was nowhere to hide, and I knew that I had been caught.

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The look on her face told me I was in big trouble looked at me for a moment, then said "What the fuck are you doing in here?" I tried coming up with an excuse, but I couldn't think of anything, so I ended up just standing there. She said “If you don’t answer, I’m going to have to make you pay. ” Once she said that my mind started racing with thoughts like “That doesn’t sound like I’d be paying with money”. So I continued to stand there.
Kaitlyn told me to go back to the center of the room. I obeyed, and she told me that we were going to have some fun now that the other girls were gone. By now Lauren and Becca were done showering, and they came walking back in with out even covering up (after all, why would they need to if there wasn’t a guy in the locker). They were shocked to see the normally submissive Kaitlyn giving orders to me, of all people. Kaitlyn told them “Look who I found sneaking around in our locker room. ” Becca and Lauren were shocked at first, but then Becca said “You know what that means. ” With that, they came over started taking my clothes off. Kaitlyn started to undress, and I saw her glorious 36D breasts (I know because my friend had dated her and told me). She had a mostly shaved crouch, except for a little patch. Lauren and Becca were both completely shaved. By now there was the four of us standing naked in the locker room, and I was thinking two things.

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   The first was “What’s going on”, with the second being, “What if someone else walks in?”
Lauren and Becca each grabbed one of my hands and lead me to a table. They told me to get on it and lay down. Figuring this could end well for me, I obeyed immediately. They both brought my hand to their pussies, with were glistening by now. They each grabbed one of my fingers, and inserted them into their wet cunts. I could tell which was Lauren because I could feel her cherry (I was thinking “I’m going to pop her cherry. ”) and Becca had fucked her boyfriend, so she wouldn’t have one. I looked over at Kaitlyn to see her have two fingers stroking her clit. After a few minutes of this, Kaitlyn got up and stood over me, slowly lowering her dripping cunt over my face. I started sticking my tongue into her warm fuck hole, and then attacked her clit. She started to cum all over my face (she was a squinter) just as Lauren and Becca orgasm-ed all over my fingers.
Not wanting this to end without me fucking Lauren, I said “How about we move into the showers so no one interrupts us. ” We all got up, and Becca turned the water on as we approached the shower. We have pretty nice showers, which are pretty big, complete with benches and the removable shower head (only in the girl’s locker room), with a little alcove to put soap and shampoo. As we got in and I sat down on one of the benches, I said “How about we find out who has the most experience sucking some cock?”
Becca took this as a queue, and bent down and began to lick the head of my dick as she started to jack me off.


   As she went down farther and farther, her hand moved faster and faster till she ran out of room to beat me off, and then deep throated my 7and a half inches of man meat. After a couple of bobs of her head, I sent 5 globs of cum down her throat. She could only handle four of the globs, and moved her head back fast enough to catch the fifth glob with her face.
After a few minutes of recovery and watching all three girls make out and feel each other up, Kaitlyn came over as soon as she saw my cock stand up. I was expecting an amazing cock sucking out of her, but the best part was probably the sight of her gorgeous body in front of me, and then my cum covering her 36D tits.
This left Lauren, and my dick didn’t need as much encouragement from them before it was ready to have another go. She started off sucking in with my head barely in her mouth, which gave me such an amazing feeling that I almost came right there. But I resisted, and she started to slowly move down. She kept up the sucking motion as she went down, until my whole member was down her throat. At this point, I don’t know what made me look, but I looked over to see Becca and Kaitlyn eating each other out on another bench. I blew my load right there, and with such volume and force that Lauren could barely swallow the first and second load, let alone the third, fourth, fifth, or six.
Not even a minute later, my dick was ready to fuck Lauren’s virgin cunt raw. I told her to get on all fours, and then moved into position so that I was behind her. I put the head (that all three girls had just blown) at the entrance to her virgin cunt. My dick looked way to big to go into that small hole, but I know that it would fit, between the suckings my cock just got, the shower water, and the juices now flowing from her cunt.

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    I decided to go easy on her, and slowly inserted the head in until I hit some resistance, then stopped to make sure she wanted this. But as soon as I stopped, she growled at me,”Just pop my cherry already. ” With that kind of encouragement, I suddenly thrust in all the way until my balls slapped against her. She gasped in pain, and I stopped to let her get used to the feeling. After a minute or two of enjoying her warm, moist, and tight (but no longer virgin) cunt, Lauren told me to start going. I pulled out all the way, thrust all the way back in, and continued going, gradually building up speed as I went. Soon I was slamming into her, almost knocking her down with each thrust as she started to say “I love feeling your cock in me. That’s right, fuck me harder. ”
    After a few minutes of this constant pounding, Lauren started moaning, just barely audible over the sound of my balls slapping against her and the shower running. Then I heard a slightly louder moan, and looked at the bench the moaning came from to see Kaitlyn sticking her entire fist into Becca’s gaping pussy as Becca was beginning to claw Kaitlyn’s prominent nipples on her tanned breasts. Hearing Becca’s moans only hastened the need to empty my balls, but I wanted to feel Lauren cum all over my cock, so I waited. Sure enough, after a few minutes (just as I thought I wouldn’t be able to wait any longer,) I felt her start to shake and moan louder, as her pussy clamped down on my invading member and a warm fluid gushed out all over my dick and her. I’m sure that hearing Becca and Kaitlyn moan and groan didn’t help her much, because it sure as hell wasn’t helping me.
    Now that I made her cum, I was ready to blow my load. I told her “My turn,” and slowed down.

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       Then I told her to get up and climb on my dick as I lay down on my back. She lowered herself onto my waiting dick, and soon she was flying up and down as her tits bounced all over. I looked over to see what Becca and Kaitlyn were doing, and to my surprise Becca had a strap-on dildo that was 18 inches long and about 4 inches wide and was fucking Kaitlyn’s brains out with it. Between the tight pussy around my manhood, the sight of two of the hottest girls on the team (with another one of the hottest on my dick), and the warm water flowing over me, even though I had cum a couple of times not that long ago, I got the familiar feeling at the bottom of my balls.
    Not wanting to ruin Lauren’s hot body with pregnancy, I decided to pull out. One problem with that plan was the fact that she had another orgasm, and her pussy was clamped so tightly that I couldn’t pull out. As I tried to warm Lauren, my cum blasted out of the head of penis (which was buried deeply in her unprotected womb). As I blew the third glob into her, her cunt clamped down even harder as she got the third or fourth orgasm of the fucking.
    Once she loosened up enough, I slide my cock out and just stood under the hot water, spent from my experience. When I regained some energy, I looked over to see Kaitlyn and Becca lying side by side as one of them would occasionally grope the other’s tit. Figuring everyone was exhausted, I told them “We’ll have to do this again. ” To which they all replied “anytime. Once we got dried off, all three girls went to get dressed (and I found out later to give me a present). They came back looking mad. I was thinking “Oh fuck.

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       They know the reason I was in here. ”
    Once they saw the guilty look on my face, Becca told me “We were going to give you our panties so you could remember our fun here. But we see that you already got them. ” But then Kaitlyn laughed and gave me a cheetah spotted thong, and I knew they weren’t really mad at me. I left with a wink before they could change their mind.