Caught in the Act


'A Risky Encounter'
Hi. This is true a story of me and my boyfriend Sam. It happened just over a year ago.
My name is Rachel and I am 16, about 5ft'8", slim with C cup breasts, blue eyes and brown
hair. Sam is 16, about 5ft'8. 5", slim build with green eyes and brown hair. He is against
me writing this story but I am going to anyway :D.
So, to the story. It was a Friday and I was to spend it baby sitting my three young
cousins: Jack, Elizabeth, and George. I love them to bits but on a Friday
night!? I was less than pleased and so I called Sam. He was more than happy to come over
and spend time with his girlfriend. . . NOT! Sam at first refused but I am the kind of person
who doesn't take no for an answer and so eventually he agreed. At about 6 o'clock that
evening, Sam arrived.
I was so glad to see him! he was visibly startled when I hugged him the instant he came in
the front door.

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   "I'm so glad your here!" Sam now amused at my giddyness, "I'm glad your
here too. . . " After almost squeezing the life out of him I let go and led him through to the
living room where my cousins were watching tv with their blankets clutched in their little
hands. Anyway, Sam said hi to them and then sat down on the sofa. I decided to have some
fun and laid down on the sofa with my head resting on Sam's chest with one of my hands just
above his already semi-hard cock.
Before I knew it Sam was fidgeting like crazy and it was plainly obvious he had an erection
which I was very happy about. I decided to go get changed into my night wear and go to the
little girls room so I got up as seductively as I could looking Sam straight in the eye as
I left the room. After getting changed I went into the bathroom. Just as I was going to
leave Sam burst in! "Sam what are you doing in here!?" I said knowing full well why.
"Tease" was all he said before he kissed me, pushing his tongue into my mouth. I kissed
back with equal passion before he pushed me down onto the toilet seat.
"Sam, not with my cousins downstairs" I whispered. "Don't worry, they won't know a thing"
he said just as he entered me. I gasped as he violently pushed his way into my, by now,
dripping wet pussy.

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   "mmmmm. . . " I moaned as he steadily began pumping me. I could hear the
cousins laughing at the tv downstairs as I struggled to contain my moans. "mmm. . . Sam. . did
you. . remember to lock the door?. . .

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  ah" I asked him as he pounded into me.
    "Of course I
    did. . . god you are good. . . "
    We had been going at it now for about ten minutes when he picked me up and put me against
    the wall. With my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist he began slamming into
    my burning hot pussy against the wall. "OH MY GOD SAM! ITS So GOOD, HARDER!" I knew he
    liked this and I wasn't lying. I love feeling helpless especially when he fucks me against
    a wall like that. "Oh Rachel! You're so hot!" He whispered into my ear fucking me harder
    than he ever had before.
    He started to pound into me so hard it hurt and his breathing became wild. I pulled his
    waist as close as I could with my legs forcing him even deeper into my hot teenage pussy.

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      . . " I could feel his cock
    pumping his cum deep into my soaking wet pussy. Sam still held me up against the wall still
    inside me and I held him close as he looked me in the eyes, "I love you" he said as he
    kissed me again.
    The moment was perfect when I looked over to the now open door and froze as I saw Jack
    giggling, "What are you two doin?" Boy did I have some explaining to do!



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