Cassie Fucks the Camp Counseler


Cassie finished packing up for a fun filled week at camp and headed out the door. she had been going to this camp for five years since she was 18 and couldn't wait to get there. This was mainly do to the fact that Scott was going to be her counselor this year. she had had a crush on him for a few years now and often got herself off thinking about him. After her mom dropped her off she got all of her stuff into her cabin and went off to the cafeteria to grab some food. When she walked in she saw Scott sitting down next to some of the other counselor. As she passed buy he smiled at her and she blushed she sat down a few tables away with her food and imagined what it would be like to be with him she was a virgin and had never gone farther than kissing a guy. Later that night as she was laying in bed and decided that she was going to be with Scott. The next morning she slipped on her sexiest little outfit and went out to start her plan. She wore a hot pink spaghetti strap tank top that clinged tightly to her small A Cup breasts and a blue cotton skit that came up to just below her tight little ass.

She found Scott in the Counselors Cabin all alone. She walked in and Scott saw her and said " Hey Cassie what are you doing here shouldn't you be with the other campers"She chuckled " I had a better idea i wanted to get to know you better. "" What do you mean" Scott Replied. " I think you know what i mean" she said she then straddled his lap and Scott startled pushed her off "what are you thinking Cassie im your counselor. " I know but i cant help myself i have liked you for a long time""I like you too but i cant im much too old for you its wrong"Cassie replied" I dont care i cant helped it i finger myself at night thinking about youand wanting you to do things to me" at this Scott perked up "and what do you want me to do to you"cassie laughed"i dont know ive never done anything with a guy""well maybe i can show you some pointers if you want but you have to promise not to tell anyone i could get into a lot of trouble"Cassie earnestly replied "i promise i wont tell anyone and you can do whatever you want to me""im planning on it" Scott replied his cock throbbing at the thought. He walked over to Cassie and told her to get on her knees.

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  she gladly complied and Scott took off his belt and pulled out his 9 inch cock. "its huge" cassie exclaimed. "and its all for you" scott chuckled. he told her to suck on it and as her lips wrapped around his shaft he knew it was going to be an awesome night she bobbed her her head up and down trying to get the whole cock in her mouth. He ran his hands through her long blonde hair and pushed her head down further trying to impale her on his shaft. after a few minutes she finally succeeded in deepthroating the whole nine inches. He picked her up and layed her down on the couchhe slid down the strapped to her tanktop to reveal her small breasts.
    "what do you think" cassie asked. "absolutely perfect"he groped her tiny little titties and sucked on them making them hard and pointy. he slid his hand down to her tight pussy and slid his fingers over her virgin slit. Cassie started to moan as her pussy got wet. Scott slid her cotton panties off and licked her perfectly shaven cunt. he lapped up her virgin pussy juices. after a wile he got up and placed his swollen cock at the opening of her precious little treasure. he started to press into her cunt and felt the tightest pussy he had ever felt he got to the wall of her virginity and impaled her on his cock.

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      he started thrusting himself in and out of her. Cassie started to have an orgasm as Scott's cock impaled her. Scott started to thrust harder with the added lubrication of Cassie's juices. he made one final thrust into her and blew his load deep into her womb. "had fun"Scott said exhausted"you can fuck me whenever you want maybe next time you can fuck my ass"Cassie said "well then i guess this is going to be the besty week of camp ever"

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