Byron and Angie


Authors note: This is the first of a series of stories based on events during the 1970’s. Though these stories can not be properly called historical, nor can they be called fiction. Rather they are distilled memories of my life and the life of friends and family during those heady days between the sexual revolution and the backlash of the 80’s. So they fall into the Hollywood category“based on a true story”. A factual framework has been filled with details that are fuzzy memories at best, hopefully making an entertaining story.

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Byron and Angie

The high school freshman was flustered but trilled. She was clearly talking to him. Why? He hadn’t a clue, girls never even noticed him, let alone talked to him. With a combination of a spark of his own self worth and a flame of adolescent hormones was surging over Byron and he just let it take him for a ride.

The Commodores “Brick House was wrapping up in the high school cafeteria, now acting as disco hall. It was the spring of 1978, disco was king, but Byron, a self-proclaimed nerd, didn’t listen to disco, he much preferred what he and his friends called ‘real’ rock: Cream, the Stones, the Beatles and such. Through the heavy bass she tried to communicate with him. He aggressively rejected all things disco and wore his hippy clothes with pride, if to the derision of the ‘in’ crowd, but now a girl said she wanted to know if he wanted to dance. He only knew her from an Algebra class they shared. He name was Angie, and she was a sophomore and sat in the second row on the left.


  The only time he’d spoken to her was on two occasions when Mrs. Wilcox had put them in the same review group for the two days at the end of first semester. She had been nice, but as always he was shy and tried to just blend into the background.

Angie on the other had was bubbly and friendly, but not too good at Algebra, at which Byron was a whiz, so she drew him into the study group despite his reluctance. Though he tried to not let it show, her kindness to him on those two occasions had hit a nerve in the shy but studious boy. A girl noticed him and was nice to him. That was a first. For a good month after that she filled his mind during his marathon masturbation sessions that took him late into the night.

It was not that Angie was a knock out, because she wasn’t. Perhaps her plainness is what gave him the courage to fantasize about her. Her plainness and the fact she, like him, favored the oversized, out of fashion clothes of the pre-disco era. She was about 5’ 2” and, though not fat or even big, but in the old army jacket she usually wore, she was more round shaped, or was she normal sized but being short it just appeared that way. Byron had absolute no experiences on which to base any conclusions. The only naked girls he’d seen came from his stash of his dad’s Playboy’s and Penthouse’s he’d absconded from a box in his parents’ closet.

It was the late 70’s, the sexual revolution was at it’s height.

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   His sex-ed course at Jim Bowie High, in suburban Dallas, taught all the good things about sex but hardly even mentioned the option of abstinence (that would one day become the only option in that kind of course). His favorite female teacher, the debate coach, wore skintight jumpers to school that showed off her hot body, and AIDS, would not appear for several more years. On the other hand, it was long before cable, the internet and before over the air TV even touched nudity or sex. So sex was seen as positive and open, but at the same time access to sexual material for 18 year old boys was as difficult as it had been a generation before. As such, Byron longed to try out his newly acquired sexual equipment but, given his age, shyness and lack of macho, it seemed like a remote dream.

Angie looked better than he ever remembered her in class. Her hip-hugger jeans and cable knit sweater indicated that rather than being shaped like a potato as she usually did in class, she had massive tits and just wore baggy clothes that hit that fact.

All these thoughts raced through his mind in the second after she made her way though the crowded school cafeteria after she had asked Byron if he wanted to dance. Hiding both his surprise and his excitement, Byron just said “Sure” and she lead him out to the dace floor, which of course was just he middle of the cafeteria. Her take charge attitude toward their dancing as the opening bars of “Staying Alive” blared, was a relief to him. . He and Angie lined up with the others and began to go through the steps of “The Hustle” which he had learned last year in gym class. This was one of the two disco songs to which he had learned the steps. He tried to swagger and strut, but he just felt silly. He relived when the next song was “Three Times a Lady”, a slow song.

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  This wasn’t the first time he’d slow danced with a girl, but it was the second. The other time had been in 7th grade, and back then he didn’t have a 6 and 1/2 inch penis rock hard filling the front of his pants (and yes, he had measured it more than a few times). How could he help getting a boner, she pulled him close, so her breasts pressed against his chest. He was aroused but mostly scared, what was he to do now? Songs came and went, Some fast songs, but the slow songs were the best. The longer they danced the more she rubbed up on him, even holding his butt in hands, to which he reciprocated and ran his hands over the taunt denim. He explored looking for panty lines, but found none. Was she panty-less? H knew he’d felt her bra strap under the sweater, but … no panties? WOW!

On the fourth slow song he got up the courage to cup her right breast over the sweater. He tensed waiting for rejection, but instead she looked into his eyes and, for the first time in his life, he got the “kiss me” look from a girl. He responded and he tried to follow her lead with lips and lounge, though he knew he must be the worst kisser ever. They kissed off and on (when the chaperones were on the other side of the room) for an hour. He even managed to slip his hand down the back of her pants, and sure enough there were no panties and he touched her bare buns.

The dance ended and her father picked her up in front of the school, but not before she had put her hand full on the front of his pants to feel the stone shaft beneath his denim. “Can I call you when I get home?”

“Sure, and he quickly gave her the number to the ‘kids” phone at his house. Bryon had a sister and brother; they both used the phone so much his parents had installed a second line upstairs just for the kids. Byron rarely used it.

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   But tonight…. ”

His mom picked him up a few minutes later. Despite her persistent inquires about his night, he only would cop to “I danced with a friend from my Algebra class”

He still had not lost his erection when the phone rang in the upstairs hallway. They talked for three hours, he was amazed. First he never talked to anyone for more than five minutes and he’d never talked a potential girlfriend like that. They talked again on Saturday and on Sunday and then … for the first time ever, he and a girl sat at lunch together. Well, he and Angie and her girlfriends- her sophomore girl friends. Did he have a girlfriend?He had arrived.

Each day at lunch they sat together and in the afternoon, as soon as he got home each day, they began talking on the phone and talked till his sister demanded the phone, which was at 5:00 every day. The first few days it was just mundane talk, but evidently she wanted to say more and on Thursday said “You kiss good. You really turned me on. ” Byron was taken aback, but not unpleased to hear what she was saying. He had wanted to ask what she had thought but was not going to bring it up. “Me too” he lamely replied.

“I know” she said in her normal perky voice “I could feel your hard-on every time we slow danced.

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“Really?” he was genuinely incredulous

“Yea- how could I miss it, it’s not like you’re a shrimp. ” Again Byron was at a loss for words so he said nothing. After a few minutes of silence Angie asked “Did I say something wrong?”

“No” Byron quickly retorted “It’s just, I…. . I …. Just don’t know what to say. I’ve never talked to anyone like this before. ”

“You mean you didn’t tell your friends you felt me up?”

“No, of course not. And it’s not like I went very far. ” He said defensively

“You didn’t have to tell them that part. But you didn’t tell them anything? I told my friends what we did. ” She said,then added “And what I hope we will do”

Once again, Byron felt he was out of his depth and once again the more experienced Angie took up the slack. “Didn’t you like me? I know we didn’t do much, but I thought you liked touching me?”

Byron, ready or not had to respond now, as he was sitting in the upstairs hallway, he talked very quietly and said “I mean, like, you have great tits, but I didn’t know if that was polite to say?”

“You like them? Really?” she asked

“Hell ya, how could I not, they are amazing. It was so cool for you to let me touch them, it was the most exciting thing I’ve ever done” he babbled on.

“If you liked that, next time though, you need to get a little more aggressive and I can promise I would have let you go further” she said gently

“Really?” He asked “You would, like how far?”

“I don’t know, it’s not like we could have gone all the way right there, but there will always be next time.

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  ” She said

Byron tried to sound mature, and besides now he was turned on. “Yea, next time, I’ll be ready. ”

“To do what?” she shot back

His bluff was called. The truth was he hadn’t the slightest idea of what he would do. His hoped his saving grace would be the fact that he had read a lot of the stories in his dad’s magazines, he’d try to act like he’d thought them up. He didn’t know if they would be what she wanted but he didn’t have any other idea of what to do. After moving as far down the hallway, away from his siter’s room, as he could, he began quietly and tentitivly “I’d kiss you neck and unbutton your shirt. Then I’d undo your bra…”

“I guess I should tell you, the only time I ever wear a bra is at school and stuff like that” she interrupted.

“Really? Your mom doesn’t make you or something?”

“Na, she doesn’t believe in them; women’s lib and all that. She didn’t buy me one until she got a call from school telling her that I needed to start wearing one. She was going to make a big fuss about it, but my step-dad talked her out of it. ”

“Wow, my mom is liberal but not that much. I’m sure she wouldn’t let my sister go around braless if she was built like you”

Angie laughed but continued her line ofthought “oh, and she’d had me on the pill since last spring”

“Have you needed it?” Byron asked, he had been curious how experienced she was.

She didn’t hesitate “Yea, right off I wanted to try out the sex thing, so I told this guy, Sam, who lived up the street that I was on the pill and wanted to try out sex. He was a senior and we went into his garage and he did me there, it was over in like three minutes”

“Did you like it?” he asked

“It was over so fast, I didn’t even get to begin to warm up.

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   The he was such a jerk about it, the next week he invites me in while his parents were out and we do it on the living room floor, but just like before it was over before it had even begun. And what was worse he changed the way he talked to me. I’d know him since I was like in 3rd grade and he’d always been nice, but after we did it the first time, he was just mean, like I was dirt. I let him do me one more time, but after that I told him no more. I don’t think he talked to me once in the six months before he went off to college. That kinda left me gun shy, or should I say dick shy. ”

Byron laughed.

“I decided that although my mom didn’t care if I had sex…”

“She knew?”

“Oh, yea, she and I are open about that kind of stuff. But, she leaves those decisions up to me, and I decided I’d wait for a guy I really liked before I did it again. ”

“So did you find a guy?” Byron asked, hoping he knew the answer.

“Yea, he’s kinda a geek, but he’s my kind of guy. We are in the same algebra class”

“A geek?” he asked playfully

“Well, yea, but a cute geek, that has really grown up this school year”

That he knew was true, not only had he outgrown two pairs of pants since the school year began, not to mention the fact he now was shaving once a week and that 6 1/2 inch thing had added something like the last inch and a half since school began. He decided to push his boundaries “I guess your last grab Friday night showed you how grown I’ve become. ”

“Oh, I had noticed long before that, we had been dancing pretty close. ” She cooed “I look forward to getting a closer inspection soon.

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Their conversation that day and the next few days become more explicit. Byron knew he had to find some privacy, and had found a way to thread the phone cord around the corner so he could hole up in the storage room while he talked to his new, first, girlfriend. Starting that very first time in the storage room, his right had jacked off his dick while he held the phone with his left, though he was careful not to climax while she was on the phone, nor did he tell her what he was doing until on Tuesday night (almost 2 weeks after the dance) she said “Do you know I played with myself the last two nights while we talk about sex?”

By now his reticence had fallen to his excitement “I’ve been doing it too! Are you doing it now?”

“Yea” she said

“So am I, tell me what your doing?” he asked

“We’ll take turns” she replied


“Well” she said taking a breath “I’m laying on my bed. I’ve taken off my panties and I’m rubbing my clit. ”Byron got a 100% on the test that covered the female body parts, and knew that the clitoris was important to a girls arousal, but wasn’t sure what that exactly meant, but he knew from his reading his dad’s magazines that it was good. “My night shirt is pulled up to my waist. If you were here you would see my pussy is right out in the open. What about you?”

“Like I told you, there is no phone jack in my room, I’m in the storage room at the end of our upstairs hallway. It’s a pretty big room, filled with boxes and a couple of old dressers just used to store things. I’m just sitting on the floor, with my jeans open and my dick pulled out. ”

“What are you doing with it?” she asked

“Moving my hand up and down it. ”

“Like you were fucking me?”

“Yea, but it would be so much better doing it in you” He even surprised himself when those words rolled from his lips.

“For me too” she said earnestly, he thought he heard her breathing hard.

“Are you going to cum?” he asked. He knew the vocabulary far better than the real thing.

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“Not yet, but soon” she said “I think I’ll get naked, and imagine you are watching me. ”

“I wish I were. ”

There was a brief shuffling noise as she put down the phone. Muffed by distance he heard her say. “I’m taking off my night shirt” Then she evidently picked up the phone again. “I’m lying on my bed, completely naked, and my legs are spread for you. ”

He could only gurgled an incoherent reply

“Would you fuck me?” she asked “If you were here?”

“Oh yea”

“for a long time?” her breaths were louder.

“Yes, for hours”

“Yes, for hours” she repeated “Fucking me for hours” as her breathing became louder. “Hang on, I need both hands” she said.
He could still hear her but not as clearly, her words became more disjointed and and higher pitched “Yes. In me! Yes! Deep! ……. Yes ……. Cumming! ……. ahhhh…. ahhh….

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  . ’ then the words were unintelligible for a bit fore she evidently picked up the phone. She was breathing very hard “I put two fingers all the way in ……. pretending it was you……. . damn it was good…… came had”

He was furiously working his penis with his hand.

She spoke again after a minute or two, much more in control. “That was hot. Did you hear me cum?”

Now it was his turn to be breathless “Yea, it was the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard. ”

“Now, I want to hear you cum for me. ” She said “imagine you are standing over me watching me cum. You can see my titties and my pussy as you jack off. ”

His orgasm exploded. He almost dropped the phone as the first convulsion spewed a long stream of milky fluid half way across the room.

“You came?” her voice came from the phone “You did.


   Didn’t you?”

That was the first of many sessions of what would, a decade later, be called phone sex, and as it turned out it was be weeks before they would get a chance to be alone long enough to put any of their words into action. .

They were students at Jim Bowie High School, a new suburban school outside Dallas. The trouble was that she lived just a mile or so south of the school and he lived almost ten miles south east, and neither of them could drive. Almost four weeks after the dance, Byron rode is bicycle to school and before heading home after school he stopped by Angie’s. It was now or wait until she returned from New Jersey after spring break, which started after school the next day.

Riding his bike down a quite street he took little notice of the neighborhood, focused only on the house numbers. As a teenager, he didn’t take any notice of the type or strata in the world of suburban middle class her family inhabited. Had he noticed he would have known that, although he lived in nice middle class neighborhood, this neighborhood was decidedly more wealthy. What he did notice when he found the right house, was that her father was home, that was unusual for Byron’s world in which fathers worked executive jobs and were rarely home before six of seven. He was riding mower, across the large lawn. It was early spring, and in the Dallas area that meant it was hitting the high 70’s and even 80’s during the day and the grass had been growing for some time.

Angie answered the door, and right off he knew she had told the truth that she did not wear bra’s at home. She stood in the door with a crop top and cut-offs. The hem of the crop top stood off from her bare midriff a good 3-4 inches, competing for his attention were two very obvious nipple budges in the light fabric of the top.


  With her stomach bare, it was, for the first time clear to Byron that she, other than her tits, was very small. Contrary to how she appeared at school, her waist was very small, and had he been more experienced, he would have been able to articulate that her hips were also slim. What he did see, what he was drawn to was the fact that her bust dominated her figure. He did not realize he was staring at her tits until she said “I guess you like how I look”.

Embarrassed, he looked up and forced himself to look her in the eyes. “I’m sorry…” he stumbled.

“Why? If you hadn’t noticed, then you should have apologized. ” And she moved in for a hard, deep kiss. He could feel the soft flesh of her chest compress across his chest. He so wanted to just reach under her shirt and grab them, but he did not.

Several minutes and a good grab of her ass that was not quite contained by the nearly legless cut-offs. “Is this how you always dress at home?” he asked as she ushered him in.

“Well, not exactly. The shirt is really too small for me and I usually just wear it to bed, but I thought you would like it. ”

“I do, lots” He said smiling broadly.

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“I can tell” she replied as he made an exaggerated look at the fly of his jeans which were stretched out as for as the denim would allow. Once again he was embarrassed, but this time he did not say anything.

Outside, the mover cut off. With out waiting to explain, Angie grabbed a plaid sleeveless button up that was laying on the back ofthe easy chair, and pulled on over the crop top.
“Just a second” she said hurriedly and rushed to the back door of the living room in which she had led him. “Wait here” she said and rushed out grabbing a can of Pepsi as she went.

When she returned a few minutes later she apologized for the abrupt departure “I didn’t want my step-dad to come in and catch us doing something he’d go crazy about. ”

Byron was confused “But I thought your mom was cool with all that. You said she didn’t care what you wear and even got you on the pill. ”

The mower started back up, and Angie crossed the room unbuttoning the over shirt as she went. “That’s my mom, and if she were the one here I’d be naked inviting you to join me skinny dipping in the pool by now, but that’s my step-dad, Herb. ” She motioned him to follower her to the back door. “He’s not a bad guy, but he is pretty square. ”

She took his hand and showed him the back yard with it’s pool then back in the house she took him down the hallway to her bedroom. She stood at the open door on her left.

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   “This is my room. ” It was done up with Pink Floyd posters and love beads over the closet door. The bed, unmade, was incongruously, an antique looking full sized canopy bed, with stuffed animals strewn about its rumpled surface. On the floor were some clothes and a couple of books. She pulled him tight as they stood by the door, “That’s were I lay naked when we talk. I’d show you now but in my room I might not hear if Herb turns off the mower. ”

They went back to the large living room. She invited him to sit, before she removed the over-shirt and tossed it down. Sanding in front of Bryon who sat on the couch, he could easily see under the short crop top at the bottom of two fleshy globes. He made to reach up under the hem of the short shirt to grab them, but stopped short and laughed before taking his hands away.

Fifteen year old boys talk about sex, a lot; think about sex, a lot, and fantasize about sex, a lot; however, when it comes to doing those things, they are scared to death. So when Byron was presented with Angie’s breasts, there for the taking; he balked.

Angie looked down at him, her face showed disappointment and confusion. “Go, ahead and do it” she cajoled.

He wanted to.

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   He really did want to, but why did he hesitate? He looked up at her breasts and then to her eyes. Angie’s eyes were even more inviting than her breasts, he slowly moved his hands to her waist, and up her torso.

The mover outside stopped again. His hands jerked back down again. She, with an anguished face, grabbed the shirt again and put it on hurriedly. Not a moment too soon she jumped into the easy chair across from Byron.

Her step dad came in, looked the room over and eyed Byron.

“This is Byron” she offered before he spoke, or didn’t speak rather. The rather heavy man just nodded to Byron and went past them into the kitchen door on the far side of the living room. From the kitchen, he called for Angie. She got a pained look on her face.

Byron sat again while Angie went to talk to her step-father. He somehow knew he’d blown his chance today. Sure enough, she came back into the living room and plopped down in the same easy chair. “He said its time for me to start supper.

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   You have to go now. ”

Byron was crestfallen, and began to rise.

“But,” she stopped him, he said “We have five more minutes. ”Byron settle led back into the chair.

She then started to talk about, of all things, their algebra home work. Byron was slow on the uptake. She had positioned herself so that the high back of the easy chair would completely block the view of her from the kitchen door. As she began to speak she pointed to her eyes and then to the door to the kitchen. Byron got the message and nodded that he would let her know if her step-dad appeared in the doorway.

“…. And Bonnie said she would accept just the answers on page 359…” she said as she unbuttoned the over shirt. “…. . but I gotta say I just didn’t get problems 18-23…. .

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  ” she winked at Byron, unbuttoned the over shirt, and lifted the hem of the crop top over the mass of her breasts. It was a sight he would never forget. Her entire torso was dominated by the huge teardrop shaped mounds of flesh. His eyes traced the slope that began just below her collar bone and moved down the expanding mass until half way to her navel it made a final ascent up areola’s that seemed the size of drink coasters and terminated at a small pencil eraser shaped nipple that pointed straight out at him. The most amazing thing was that her tits were so round, the main mass spread out each side from the center of the ribs, across her body and extended several inches beyond her torso in each direction. He tits were bigger than her ribcage, he didn’t know that was possible. He had fantasized about those breasts, but the reality was far better than he had imagined.

After the initial shock he took in the sight. As Angie continued on with the banal talk about algebraic formulas she cupped her two large mammaries under her forearms, and lifted them up and out, as if to offer them to him.

A shadow in the doorway drew his attention. His eyes cut that way and Angie was ready for with an instant reaction and before the door filled with her step-father’s shape the bosom was again under wraps and two buttons of the over shirt were done up as she rose from her seat.

Walking toward the door she whispered “Well?’

“Wow!” was all he could utter.

She gave him a peck on the cheek and said “I’m so sorry your riding all that way for nothing. Next time I’ll plan better”

“It was more than worth the ride” Byron smiled, but he was more than a little unhappy with himself for missing the opportunity to touch her amazing boobs. It was hard to ride with a straining hard-on.

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   It that lasted all the way home until he made it to his room to relieve his desire; he was stopped by his mother with chores. It was nearly two hours before he could extricate himself from her. First chores then dinner, homework but eventually he was hidden in the store room. He used his signal for Angie to call him:calling her, letting the phone ring once then hanging up. By the time she called he had his penis out and stroking with abandon.

“I’m so sorry my step-dad was being a jerk. When I told you to come over after school I didn’t know he’d be home so early. ”

“That’s OK” Byron tried to calm his very angry girlfriend.

“NO! It’s not. If it had been my mom and not that self-righteous bastard, we would have had some privacy” she continued, then corrected “No, if it had been mom we wouldn’t have needed privacy, she wouldn’t care if I showed you my tits. ”

“I know you’ve said that, but are your sure?” he continued to work to calm her down.

“Yea” she said sarcastically. “When she got home I told her all about what happened. ”

“Even the part about lifting your shirt up?” He asked.

“Yea” she said “and the fact you were about to feel me up when he barged in.

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“What did she say?” He asked

“She said she’d talk to Herb and that you were very sweet to make sure it was OK with me before you started up my shirt. ”

“It’s still hard to believe she wouldn’t mind me doing that. ”

“I told you, she knew when I did it before, and as long as your nice to me she wont give either of us a hard time if…. when… we go all the way. ”

Byron wanted to sound more in control than he felt. He said “Then if she’d been there not him I’d gone a lot farther than just feeling your tits. ”

“So what would you have done?”

From that first time she had guided him into the fantasy sex nearly a month before she had told him how she was masturbating on her bed until he had cum. But this time she wanted him to turn her on. Fortunately, this time he was ready. For the past week he’d been giving himself a crash course on sex talk from the pages of Penthouse magazine. In particular, the letters section had proven helpful as was sections from the book “The Happy Hooker” which he had found some months ago in the same storeroom in which he was sitting. He collected his thoughts and said “I would have continued up your stomach and put my hands on your tits. I would have rubbed your nipples and then sucked on them” he said, then added “One by one” .

“I would have liked that. A lot.

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   Mike did that for like ten seconds each time we fucked, but I would like you to do it for like, half an hour. ”

“I can do that” Byron assured her.

“OK, I’ll remember your promised. Half an hour tit sucking before you get further. So, then after sucking my tits, what would you do?”

“Oh, I’d take off your clothes real slow, and kiss you everywhere I expose. ”


“Yep, from your head to your toes, and spend special time on the place in between?”

“And what place would that be. ” She asked teasingly.

Now feeling confident he said “I would kiss your pussy lips just like I kiss your other lips. ”Now Byron said this, but really didn’t have a very good idea of what he was saying, but he was pretty sure it was the right thing.

He was sure when she said “Yea, just like that. Byron, I have my fingers on my pussy lips right now. They are soft and very sensitive. What would you do then?”

“I’d kiss your pussy for another half an hour. Soft kisses, and deep hard French kisses. ”

“You’d put your tongue inside me?”

Byron tensed.

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   Was this the wrong thing to say? The stories talked about doing that, and he’d imagined doing it many a night jacking off. But he put on a brave front and elaborated “Yea, I’d lick deep into your cunt and fuck you with my tongue. ”

“Wouldn’t that be gross?” She said. He wasn’t sure if she thought it was gross or she was just testing him.

The reader must understand, that prior to the Bill and Monika incident, oral sex was, while not taboo, not the normal precursor to teen sex that it became in the 1990’s. Byron was a bit surprised by her surprise, but he loved imagining French kissing her down there, and with his dick not fully erect, it seemed more desirable than usual.

He said “It would be so sexy. I would have done it today if we’d had time; done it as long as you could stand it. ”

In a voice betraying true appreciation and surprise, she said “You are the best boyfriend!” then she added “and I would have given you a blow job. ”

His penis jumped in his hand with the thought of her giving him a blow job, but he wasn’t sure if a blow job meant sucking or blowing, but he wasn’t about to ask. With false confidence he said “If we do it together it’s called doing sixty-nine. ”

She encourage him by saying “Then we’ll be miner sixty-ninerers. ” She laughed and then said “Then what would you have done?”

“I would have taken off my pants, and then laid you down on the floor, then spread your legs and fucked you hard and long; for at least an hour. ”

“An hour? Wow, another promise to hold over you”

“Go ahead, when you get back from New Jersey, I’ll make good on that promise”

She evidently thought it was time to ‘get busy’ so she took over the conversation and told him in detail how “I am laying on my bed naked. The phone is being held up to my head with my Mrs.


   Beasley. With my left hand I am spreading my little lips open. ” Byron listened intently “With my right hand I am starting to touch my clit. ”After that she did not speak for some time. He could hear her breath moving to that regular state he knew would soon lead to an orgasm. He stroked his penis and tried to imagine what it looked like. He didn’t have to wait very long. Faster and louder than it had happed the previous nights she said “I’m cumming now. ” Then let out a rather loud groaning scream.

He was working to his own climax as the sounds of her excitement died out to just very labored breathing when, over the phone, he heard another female voice. An adult voice.

“You OK…. . Oppps…. .


   I’m sorry”then he heard a door close rather hard.

He heard Angie moving around, then began to laugh hysterically. Between her laughter she yelled “That’s OK Mom!I’m done, you can come in now. ”
He heard rustling, like sheets, then the other voice again, obviously her mother’s. It sounded like her mother was laughing too “I didn’t mean to disturb you, I heard you scream” and as she said the last word it was evident to Byron that her mother only got the full picture as she was speaking: she’d walked in on her daughter’s climax. “Ooo, yea,” her mom continued, evidently flustered, “Yea, I get it now. ”

Angie’s laughter rekindled. Through it she said “My mom, the old hippy, embarrassed by sex… I didn’t think it was possible. ”

Her mom retorted “No, I was just startled”

“Lie” Angie shot back

“OK, a little of both. ” And she again laughed. “But I guess I shouldn’t be shocked or embarrassed. ” She paused “ and I guess I’ve raised you so that your not either. I must have done good as a mom. ”

“Too bad your Herb doesn’t think so. ” Angie said snidely

He mother’s voice to a negative turn.

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   Not angry, more sad. She said “It’s hard for him. His is a traditionalist and he’s not going to change. You’ll just have to have Byron over when he’s not home. ”

Byron heard the phone being picked up “He’s on the phone if you want to tell him yourself”

Again the tone of the voice changed “You mean he’s… you were on the phone with him while you…. Oh,Angie, …I’m really sorry I interrupted…. . I’ll talk to you later. ” And he heard the door close again.

Angie’s voice now came loud and clear over the phone “See I told you she was cool with us. ”

“OK, you were telling the truth” He said rather incredulously.

“Now” she said “Where were we?. . . .

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  . Oh, yea, I think it’s time for me to go for a second one. ”

And she did, it was well past Byron’s bedtime when he washed the sticky goo from his hands and crawled in bed. But the twitching in his penis said it he was not done, and for the first time he jacked off and sprayed a second time before he drifted to sleep. That was a first, twice in an hour, but it had been a day to remember.


When Byron made it across the cavernous school cafeteria to the lunch table that had been ‘his’ for the last month, as usual, Angie and her crew already were there, eating and talking. He slid into the seat next to Angie, giving a quick peck on the cheek as he sat (which of course violated the school no public displays of affection rule). She was in mid-sentence “…. . and I’ve got my top up over my boobs, and he’s like taking it all in” then leaning over on his shoulder said “weren’t you?”

Though he really did know what she had said, he pretended he had not and asked“Weren’t I what?”

“Loving looking at my tits yesterday” she said with a broad smile.

The delay the pretending he hadn’t’ heard gave him time to come up with a good response. Using his best Cheech & Chong voice he said “Oh man, they were like better than a full bong man!”

He got the laugh he’d been hoping for and she went on. “So, I start playing with them, but like less than a minute later, his eyes get big, I knew that was my cue to cover up and sure enough in comes my step dad just as I button my shirt. ”
Tina, sitting across from her said “Damn, what would have happened if he’d caught you?”

Angie said “Since my mom is cool with it nothing would have happened to me, but it would have caused my mom problems with Herb. Later we talked and I promised to wait for Herb to be on one of his out of town trips before Byron comes over again.

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Sharon, who sat on the other side of Byron said, “I sure wish my mom were so cool. I could never let her know what Tommy and I have done. ” Sharon was Angie’s prettiest friend, with her Farah Fawset hair and bronze skin.

Angie leaned over to Byron and said “They’ve done every thing but go all the way. ” Then she looked over to Sharon and said “Byron’s promised to do to me what Tommy does to you. ”

“What a guy” She said “It took me threatening not to blow him anymore to get him to go down on me. ”

“Well at least Tommy will if you push it. ” Tina, the tall red head, said caustically “How long have Barry and I been doing it the deed? But all I get is a little kiss down there. ”

Byron’s penis hardened. He thought his friends talked dirty, but they only made things ups they wanted to do some day, Angie’s friends were actually doing it and then talking about it.

“I’m not finished my story yet” Angie said.

OK” her friends said returning their attention to her.

“Well, about 10:30, Byron and I are on the phone getting ourselves off while we talk. ”

“I’ve been there” Rachel said from directly across from Byron “I think that’s the only kind of sex I’m ever going to have if my parents don’t lighten up. ”

Angie continued “So, I’m stretched out, butt naked on my bed.

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   And I have the biggest orgasm in the world and I guess I got a little loud. ”

Byron thought he’d get a word in “a little? She screamed so loud I had to take the phone away from my ear. If I didn’t know better I would have thought she was dying. ”

Angie bushed, a little, “OK, I had a REALLY big orgasm, and I guess my mom heard and did think I was hurt. So just as I’m finishing in comes my mom in full rescue mode. But of course all she finds is me getting myself off. ”

“NO!” Tina said breathlessly.

“Shit, I would have been sent to get an exorcism if my mom did that” Rachael said

“Why didn’t you lock your door?” Tina asked

“I don’t know. ” Angie said “Herb never comes into my room unless he knocks and I tell him to come in, and since Mom has all but caught me before it was not something I’d thought about. ”

“But this time she caught you in the act?” Tina said

“Couldn’t have been more ‘in the act’ unless Byron had been there” she leaned over and for the first time lowered her voice "I mean although I had had already cum, I was on top of the covers, legs spread with two fingers still up in myself as far as I could get them. ”

Several groans from her friends later Tina asked “So what did she do?”

Angie continued “Well, I didn’t see her face when she came in, I wish I had it must have been priceless. But, she is like moving really fast and by the time she realizes what she has walked in on, she’s almost to my bed. So she just says sorry and walks backward out toward the door. ”

General laughter ensued.

“So, I, after I pull my fingers out of me” she grins at her friends “I sit up and pull the throw blanket over my lap and tell her to come back.

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   Now all this time Byron is on the other end of the phone, but she hasn’t figured that out. So she comes back in to apologize for barging in telling me she thought I’d hurt myself. Then I tell her I’m on the phone with Byron and I did get to see that surprise on her face. She tried to make it look like she wasn’t shocked, but I know she was. So she left me to finish ‘talking’ to Byron. ”

“Oh, that’s what you call getting yourself off; talking?” Sharon chided

Byron knew he was blushing.

Angie nudged him “yea, we both ‘talked’ for about half an hour more. I’m sure he had cream all over when we were finished. Didn’t you?”

Byron was now in full deep blush. He could feel his face redden.

Tina laughed “Oh, you got a shy one here.

Rachael continued talking to Byron, “If your going to keep dating Angie, you’ll have to get used to the play by play at lunch. Barry has gotten used to hearing me tell about every position we try, or maybe that’s why he switched to the other lunch period. ”

“Duhh!” Angie said “You probably spent more time describing each time you had sex than it took to do in the first place. ”
Rachel smiled “Yea, but it’s half the fun telling you guys….

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  . OK, not half the fun, but some of the fun. ”

The girls again giggled. Byron’s hard on hurt now.

“So, after I finished, I put on my night shirt and found mom in the living room watching TV. She tells me right off I was not as loud the second time, but I need to be more quiet when Herb is awake because he would freak out if he heard. I think she was trying to get back at me for embarising her, but it didn’t work. So, she rightout asks if I plan on having sex with Byron. So I tell her we would have today if Herb hadn’t been home then she says she’d take me lingerie shopping during our trip to Jersey next week. ”

“Far out” Tina said, “Get something for those of us who don’t have old hippy moms. ”

Angie continued “I haven’t got to the juicy part yet. After a while,I ask her why she married an old stick in the mud like Herb?” then in an aside she qualified it with “My step-dad is really a nice guy and my mom knows I really do like him (most of the time). Best of all he dotes on Mom, but he’s so conservative, and mom my is, well not, not. But back to the story, she looks at me and gets serious then tells me that good men are much harder to find than hot men, and while a great lay is heavenly, a happy home is better. Then, she whispers, and you can always have a great lay on the side, but your stuck with the husband you have.

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Rachel gasped “Is she having an affair?”

“Well, I asked that, but she didn’t really give a real answer. ”

“What did she say?” Tina asked

“She said she doesn’t like that term, and would only say that she never wants to be married to any other man but Herb. So I ask real direct like, had she done it with any other men since she’s been married, but she just smiled and told me to go to bed. ”

Rachel said “Sounds like she has. ”

Angie nodded, “I don’t doubt it, but it. Sounds like in the ten years she’s been married to Herb she must have dallied a bit. . maybe more than a bit. I’ll get her to tell me more, you can bet on it” She then cautioned. “But don’t breathe a word of this. ”

To all this Byron just listened in amazement all this was a bit much. She had just told the whole table that she and he were going to have sex. The rest was not important to him. She told them they would do it. On one hand that was so cool, on the other he wondered how much she really liked him or did she just want a play thing.

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   Then he thought what an odd train of thought.


He had a week to think on that. Angie and her family left Friday night for New Jersey. His sister took the phone all Friday night, but on his own he attempted, successfully to replicate coming twice, one right after another. He succeeded that night and then every night but two for the entire nine days Angie was gone. He discovered that if he stopped masturbating for a few minutes and just thought about having sex with Angie his penis would stay almost completely hard, but wait about five minutes and he was relaxed enough to start jacking off again. On Friday nigh the did it three times and then twice Saturday morning and twice again Saturday night. In two days he came seven times and each time he shot jizz several feet, even the last time. He was sure he was ready not to disappoint Angie.

He finally got a call from her on Sunday night, eight days after she left. They’d only been a couple for three weeks by then but it seemed like forever. Though their sex talk during that time was the most memorable, the vast majority of their talk was more routine, school, family, activities and of course gossip about people. She called about 8:00 and they talked till past eleven. They had finally gotten to the sex part. He told her about his solo exploits and assured her that he would not disappoint her.

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   He asked her “Did you have anyplace to do yourself?”
There was a pause then she said “You know what. I think I love you. ”

Byron was not prepared for that, not that it had been a big deal to him, but he had wondered if she felt about him the way he felt about her. She continued “I didn’t know how I felt about you until on the way home today”

“What brought that on?” he asked

“Byron, I really want us to be a couple for a long time, but if I don’t tell you this now, I’ll regret it later. ”

Puzzled he asked “What are you talking about?”

“I don’t know how to say this any other way but straight out. I had sex last week. Not once but three different times. ”

Byron was completely blind sided. He was not as much hurt as shocked.

“Byron?” she said “I’ll understand if you don’t want to talk to me” silence “Byron, it was just one of those things. Well, not for me, something like this has never happened to me. ” She was talking fast “I know we didn’t promise to be exclusive, but I guess since this is both of our first serious relationships we didn’t think to……. . ” She chattered inanely for some time. Byron wasn’t listening.


   He was just picturing her getting fucked, and it was turning him on. He cut her off “Angie, slow down. It’s all right. I’m not mad, just tell me about it. ”

“This is really embarrassing, and please don’t tell anyone… anyone. ”
“I did it with my cousin Tony”

“Your cousin?”

“Yea, my mom’s brother’s son. But it’s not like we grew up together, I only see him once a year or so, but still it’s really embarrassing. I don’t want you to think I’m kind of a pervert”

“I don’t think so. , I have cousins I hardly ever see. Tell me all about it, all the details. ”

“Really? You want to hear about it?

“Yea” he said, “Since the deed is done. Getting it out in the open will be the best thing. ”

“You are the best boyfriend. That kind of thing is why I love you. ”

“And I love you too.


   Now tell all” he cajoled.

She paused to collect her thoughts. “Hmmm,before I tell you what happened, Let me tell you something I’ve only told my girlfriends, no I’ll tell you more than I’ve ever told them. See my mom ran away from home when she was my age. My grandparents were very strict Catholics and when they had found out she had been having sex with her boyfriend I guess they just went bezerk. She told me once, that while her parents decided what to do with their slutty daughter she climbed out the window and never went back home. ”

“Wow. ” He said.

“Yea, and although my grandfather died a few years ago, she and her mom started talking again,there’sstill bad feelings from all that between mom and her brother and sisters and mother. ”

“What did your mom do on her own?”

“At first she thought her boyfriend’s family would let her stay with them, but she was mistaken. So just short of her 16th birthday with no money and no were to go, she went to New York City. She was part of the famous Greenwich Village scene of the early 60’s, she was a beatnik. I call her a hippy, but she has always corrects me and said she was a beatnik, don’t ask me what the difference is, but to her it’s important. She’s let me read some of the book she’s writing on her Village years, I guess she slept around a whole lot. She wasn’t a prostitute, but for those first years she really just was the party girl.

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   She got food, clothes, somewhere to live and drugs, and they guys got laid, a lot. ”
“She talks like that was some sort of fantasy time in her life, that was until I came along. I guess some where along the way she had developed a reputation as an artist and made a living doing art work for the posters and books and stuff the musicians and poets that lived there. I remember as a little girl living on the fourth floor of this apartment building in the city. No elevator, just lots of stairs. ”
“She met Herb when I was about four and by the time I started 1st grade mom and I had moved in with him to a nice place in Queens, then we moved here when I was ten. I told you all that because her family still seems to think she’s wild and that led to what happened. ”
“See, her brother is kinda a jerk. He’s some big shot rich guy and they live in this huge house and her sisters are just about the same way, so not surprisingly my cousins are real stuck up around me, always rubbing their designer clothes and stuff in my face, like I’m some poor kid to be laughed at. That’s why I don’t like going up there. ”
“The only one who is ever nice to me is Tony. He’s, well, he’s a freak. He has real long greasy hair, smokes pot,and he dropped out of high school last year when he was just months from graduating. He hates all the cousins except me. Mom and I get to my grandmothers house on Saturday afternoon because we’d stayed in a motel half way, and it was soooo boring at grandma’s house.

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   Sunday we went over to Uncle Michael’s house and, granted it was nice, but I just felt out of place, but about half way through lunch Tony shows up, in his cut-offs and Pink Floydconcert shirt. His dad gets on him for being late and for his appearance, but I thought he was cool. He’s 19 and works at a record store, and he really knows a lot about music, so I finally had someone to talk to. You know I’m not afreak, but better be with a fun, hunk of a freak than with my other stuck up cousins. ”
“After we finished lunch Tony asks if I wanted to go with him to the shore to meet some friends. Mom knew how miserable I was and although she knew Herb didn’t like it, she let me go anyway. My mom’s family live in Lakehurst, so the beach isn’t too far. I knew it wouldn’t be warm enough for swimming. They seemed to think it was warm, but they’re crazy. Once we go there I realized it wasn’t warm enough for what even what I was wearing and I wore a turtle neck and jeans. I froze my ass off. What kind of lunatic goes from Texas to the Jersey shore for Spring Break?”

Byron laughed.

She continued “Of course I’d had to wear a bra over to Uncle Michael’s, they are good Catholics, but as soon as we left I pulled if off under my shirt. Tony didn’t mind, and the clingy fabric showed off my tits pretty good. It wasn’t I wanted Tony’s attention, but I was sure I’d be younger than his friends and I knew full well that my tits in that double-knit shirt would get me accepted by the guys, and sure enough it did.

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  There were like about 20 girls and guys hanging out at this one area near a parking lot. Some guy had a boom box and everyone was drinking beer and smoking pot. Now, like I told you before I’ve only smoked pot once and it made me sick, so I downed a couple of beers, and took the pot at first only pretended to inhale it, nothing like getting sick to make me look childish, but I guess it was better stuff because it didn’t make me sick, so after a while I felt…… pretty relaxed. I had a great time. I made out with a couple of guys and they felt me up, but nothing more happened that day. ”
“On the way home Tony and I talked, in the conversation I told him I wasn’t a virgin and that I was on the pill. I kinda fudged and told him you and I had been dating for six months and we had been having sex a couple of times a week all that time. ”

Byron interrupted “I wish. ”

“Yea, so do I, but I’m glad we’re together now, and six months from now maybe we can say we’ve been having sex a couple of times a week since the end of our first month together. But like I was saying, nothing except I made out with a couple of his friends and got felt up. So, he drops me off at Grandma’s house and mom rescues me by shuffling me off to the tub before anyone smells the pot on my clothes. I tell mom about the day and she tosses my clothes in the was right quick. I guess I’m lucky to have a mom who I can tell I’d had some beers and got felt up. ”

“Yea, you are” Byron agreed

“Well, Monday Mom, Herb and I go up to the city, New York, because Herb had a client to see and that gave Mom and I all day alone. I asked her to take me to the Village, and she showed me where she lived in those years between the time she left home till we moved in with Herb.

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  For the first time she began to give me some details into her life. She even named some of her lovers that might be my dad. She told me she never tried to figure which one was because that particular month she said she had been with a dozen guys in their pads or at parties, and since much of the time she was drunk or high, there could have been a dozen more she doesn’t remember. She’s never been that open with me before, like I’m becoming a friend. It’s really cool. ”

“I’m sure it’s partly because you tell her all the stuff you do, she feels it’s OK to tell you now. ” He suggested.

“I guess so. But I didn’t tell her everything about me and Tony – Well I told her what happened, but I kinda pretended it was Tony’s friend Mark I did it with. ”

Byron understood and said “That might be just too much for her. So what did happen?”
‘Well,” she began again “On Tuesday he came by Grandma’s house about six at night and asks if I want to go out with him and some of his friends. So I go and change out of the sweats and put on this orange and yellow knit jumpsuit mom got me in at this little shop in the Village on Monday. When Mom sees it when I’m brushing my teeth, she suggested I wear a jacket so Herb and Grandma don’t see I’m braless. As soon as I get out of the house I toss the jacket in the bush beside the door, and unzip the front of the jump suit almost to my belly button. ”

“Damn” Byron breathed

“That’s what I said when I realized how cold it was with out the jacket, andthat’s alsowhat Tony said when I got in his car.

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   Mom just warned me not to move side to side too fast or I’ll come right out of the top. I almost did when I got in, so I zipped it up a little, but I had Tony’s attention that was for sure. I didn’t know how much until at a red light he reached right over and cupped my boobs with both hands, not over the jump suit but pushed the part covering my tits aside then put his two hands on my boobs, like it was not big deal. Then he just says what great tits I have, then the light changes and off we go. I guess in his freak world that’s kinda normal, but to me it was a shock. Not that I minded, but it was a shock. ”
“We meet his friends at some local pizza joint, it was really good. Right out he tells his friends what a rack I have and says for me to show them. Really! Right in the restaurant! I didn’t want to seem square, so, because we were in a booth, I just turned my body toward the wall, unzipped the jumpsuit more, and lifted them out for a couple of seconds. I can’t believe I did that, but it was after I had two beers. Tony told me not to zip it back up, so we sit there with most of my tits hanging out for the guys to look at. When we left, we went over to some guy’s apartment. We drank some more. The other girl there took off her top and danced on the coffee table and Tony unzips my jumper down way past my belly button. Sure enough, my tits didn’t stay in.

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   When the topless girl and her boyfriend start making out, Tony pulls me over and we start French kissing. ” She paused before asking “Are you sure you want to hear the rest?”

Byron, his penis already in his hand quickly said yes.

“OK, but it’s pretty wild. So we’re drinking, everyone is smoking pot and I look up from kissing Tony and the other girl, her name is Maria, is sucking his buddy’s penis, right in the room with everyone. I say everyone, there was only Tony and I, Maria and Tony’s friend Curt, and two guys who were so stoned by then they just sat and starred into space. I could have backed out, but these people were all way older than me and I wanted to fit in, and besides, I was more that a little stoned, and horny as hell. So I ask Tony if he wants me to do that to him. Like I told you before, other than making out and the three quickies with Sam, I have no real sex experience, so I undo his Levi’s and his penis was right there for me. I looked over to see what the other girls was doing and kinda copied it. And after I finished that to him …. . ”

Byron interrupted “and what did you do to it?”

“Your getting off on this aren’t you?” She asked.

Byron didn’t answer, but his straining penis said he was, but she couldn’t see that. Perhaps she intuitively knew “Are you playing with yourself?” she asked.

He gave a muffled “uh huh”

“You are bad, or is it your good? I don’t know, but I’m happy you’re not mad.

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   OK, well, I licked up one side and then up a little further over then licked up the bottom of it, before I put the tip in my mouth. It was a little weird; it was more spongy than I thought it would be. The first time I tried to suck it down, I gagged a little. I hadn’t, in fantasizing about doing that to you thought about being gagged, and I know you are bigger than Tony down there. So, I looked aver to see how the other girl did it, and saw her grip the dick in her hand so her fist stopped her from going to deep. I tried that and it worked. ”

“Did you like doing that?”

“Yea, it was cool. I could like feel him tense up as I kept it up. But, it will be better with you, I’m sure” she reassured Byron, then she continued “So, after like forever, out of the edge of my eye I see the other couple have moved. I look up and she’s finished completely undressing. I just stared, holding Tony’s dick in my hand as she… oh, they were sitting on the love seat… she got on her knees over the guy and held his penis with one hand, putting it up into her. I could see it going in. I watched for a couple of minutes, it was wild. I never imagined people did that any where other people could see. I’d watched for quite a while, when, I got up and did like her.

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   I pulled my jump-suit all the way off. I’ve never been completely naked with a guy before, but his big eyes told me he liked the way I looked. I felt so sexy, I even turned around for him to see all of me. That’s when I realized the other couple had stopped what they were doing to watch me. With as much grace as I could, and trying to keep from showing I was so nervous I was about to jump out of my skin, I did just what she had done. Tony sat on the couch, and I got on my knees, facing him and reached behind me to guide his penis as I lowered down on him until he was completely inside me. Now I very aware that I was not only fucking my cousin, but I was the center of attention, I tried to mimic what Maria had done, but after a wile, it seemed to come natural and I just made it up as I went. The cushion on the couch gave me some bounce and I went up and down on his penis, and kinda rocked front to back too. He sucked my tits really hard, but it felt good. Damn, it felt great. I’m sorry if your mad, but I can’t lie, I could have done that all night, but way sooner than I wanted, he stood up and bent me over the couch and did me from behind, the way Sam had, but much, much better, and way longer. His buddy and Maria, had gone back to their business and I watched them while Tony did me from behind. Maria also watched me while Curt did her, and the other two guys were mostly out if it, but one was jerking his dick watching us. One thing I learned, I really liked the idea that other people are in the room. Curt and Mira finished before Tony was done with me, and they watched us for a while until he jammed it way in and held it while he came in me.

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   And that’s what happened. ”

“What did you tell your mom?”

“Everything exactly how it happened, except that I said Tony did it with Maria and I did it with Curt. ”

“Let me guess, she was cool with it?’

“Yes and no. She kinda fussed at me when I said wanted them to think I was one of them, and that I let myself be carried away because I was high. But when I told her thatI clearly remembered the moment I offered to give the blow job, I did it because I was clear headed and I’d been wanting to try that for a long time, it she eased up. Then she asked if I’d gotten off and I told her I hadn’t and she took some time explaining how I had to tell my lover what I wanted. I assured her I had a great time and kinda asked again about her and other men since she’s been married. She tells me that she wont lie and say she hasn’t but she wouldn’t tell me more. So she did admitted she’s been getting some on the side, then she gave me a hug and I went to bed and then got off, several times. ”

“What about the other times. ?” Byron asked, jacking off hard

“Well, I didn’t see him Thursday but on Friday night he took me out with his friends to a real party. I mean like the ones you see in movies. Curt drove his van about an hour and we went to this old run down place and in what looked like an empty warehouse there were like hundreds of people. Tony had suggested I wear the same jumpsuit I’d worn the other day, so I did and from the get go I had it unzipped down past my belly. Sure, I knew my tits would come out from time to time, so did Tony, but that made it more fun.


  It wasn’t like we were the only ones doing that. More than a few girls had either see-through shirts, or shirts unbuttoned so far their tits were pretty much on right there for everyone to see. Drugs, not just pot but coke and pills I don’t know what they were called, were everywhere. We’d only been there like ten minutes when, I see up against a wall a chick giving this dude head, hundreds of people saw her, and by the end of the night she wasn’t the only one I saw doing dirty stuff right in the open. About one in the morning, Tony gets the urge and he starts to undress me right in the middle of the dance floor. Well I was high, but not that high, and I think he noticed I resisted, so we go to of a, kinda like a stairwell and we start to get it on. One thing I noticed earlier was that most of the girls wore mini-skirts and all the girls who I saw getting screwed that night in the club wore them. They just sat on the lap of their guys and did their thing. They were not hiding the fact they were doing it, but you couldn’t see them as it happed. Like I said I had on my jump-suit and not a skirt, so I had to take it completely off, so I was not able to hi.



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