Breeding Slave


things started to change for me when i truned eighteen that was when my life as i knew it would change. let me start by telling you a lilbit about me i am 6'3 blue eyes blonde hair curves in all the right place and long legs that don't  quit and 40d mom died when i was 18 so it's just me and my dad was on this day  that i truned eighteen that i was told by my dad that i would be trained to live as a breeding slave i knew by the look on his face that he was serious he started out by telling me that i was to keep my pussy shaved at all times and was not allowed to wear clothes in the house in front of him and i was to call him Master he then placed a slave collar around my neck. he then had me kneel in front of himandsaid this is the position you will assume when ever you are in my presences then he proceded to place my arms behind my neck and making me interlace my fingers and stick my tits out.he then said tomorrow we will continue with your training.
to be continued