Boarding School Adventures Chapter 3


This is Chapter 3 of Boarding School Adventures.
Chapter 2 can be found here http://sexstoriespost. com/stories/story/133265/
Chapter 1 can be found here http://www. sexstoriespost. com/stories/story/132488/

Chapter 3- A night under the stars.

It had been a week since Mary had lost her virginity and had her first orgasm. Since then, she and Branden had been going at it nonstop. Mary was an expert at shaving now too, but she preferred to let Branden do it, to let him shave her underarms and then move down her legs then back up again to her pussy. Once it was freshly shaven he would eat her out. She had even taken to shaving her arms, just to elongate the process. Mary used to hate shaving, but now it was a regular part of her sex life.

It was Friday night and Mary was lying on Branden's bed, with her hand up her schoolgirl skirt and no underwear on. Over the past two weeks the new freshmen girls had discovered the joys of going commando. As Mary fingered herself she tossed a can of shaving cream up and down in her hand. Branden walked in.
"Branden" she said in a cute, casual while, "I'm feeling stubbly"
"Well let me take care of that" he said.

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   He lay down on top of her and started making out with her, then began the shaving ritual, starting with her arms, then her underarms, then down the backs of her legs, back up the fronts of her legs, and finally to her pussy. Mary giggled and took off her skirt and her top. She wore a small leopard print bra, which she quickly took off.
"Hey Mary" Branden said
"Yeah?" she said
"How'd you like to go on top. I know you wanna start slow, but I get a bit bored of just straight missionary position"
"I don't know what to do" she said.
"Well try it"
"But what we're doing now feels so good"
"Trust me, trying new positions makes sex much better"
Mary swung up to the top and inserted Brandon's rock hard cock into her pussy. Shakily at first she began to thrust, and then kept thrusting and thrusting till she got into a rhythm. Soon she was moaning and rubbing her clit, and Branden was ghasping beneath her while enjoying the view of her tight pussy and perky breasts immensely. Just as Branden was about to cum, Mary lifted herself off his dick and thrust her pussy into his face.
"I'm not done yet" she said. "I wanna cum too"
Branden licked her and licked her to the brink of orgasm, and then she got back on his cock and finished up, and they both came together.

They were woken up at 5:00 the next evening by Mary's friend Summer.
"Hey lovebirds" she said, you guys sure slept well.
"It wasn't all sleeping" Branden said wryly.
"I'd like to get in on some of that action" Summer flirted back
"I'm up for a threesome" Branden replied.

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"You're kidding, right" Mary said.
"What?" said Branden. "Look Mary, you're special, you really are, and you make me feel special, but when you go to Holley Fields School, you have to fuck as many girls as you can. And Mary, you should take as much dick as you can too. You have your whole life to be with just one guy, but rightnow it's open season, and you should take advantage of it. After this is over, I'll have long given up on other girls and we'll still be together, I know it, but right now we've got to get it while the going's good"
"Something about it just doesn't seem right" said Mary.
"You didn't think going on top would feel right either"
"This is all very sweet and all, but I kinda want to get going" Summer said impatiently.
"Going where?" Mary asked.
"Me and a bunch of other freshmen are going camping in the woods behind the school. They have a campground there, so we figured we'd have a little camping trip tonight. You wanna come?"
Mary and Branden both decided to come on the camping trip. Branden drove them up to the campgrounds in his truck. They decided not to bother with a tent, they were going to sleep under the stars. It was already dark out and there was no sign of rain.
Mary and Branden introduced themselves to the rest of Summer's friends.

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   The first one out of the truck was Lisa. She was the picture of Latina beauty- with a mature body but a girlish yet sexual charm. She had a tan body and shoulder length curly brown hair. She wore her school uniform without a bra or panties, and Mary could see her small brown nipples through her shirt. Lisa had brought two boys, whom she introduced as Ray and Joe. Ray was the blonde, athletic captain of the football team. Joe was thinner and lazier, he was tan and wore a baseball cap. Felicia was a Chinese girl, dressed also in her schoolgirl uniform. It seemed that the dress code for the school was quire popular. She had shoulder length straight brown hair and blue eyes, and her breasts were the largest of the group.
The only girl not wearing her schoolgirl uniform was Nicole. Nicole was a rebelious girl with smoky gray-blue eyes, wavy black hair and a proud but naughty face. Her lips were painted red, and she wore a black leather jacket with nothing under it, that was half unzipped. Instead of a skirt she wore a bikini bottom that was a size too small so that it hugged her pussy tightly. Although the school dresscode called for skirts so that it was possible to look up them, Nicole's outfit was revealing enough that she didn't get into trouble.

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   The boys lit the fire, and Summer brought a cooler of beer out of the truck. Nicole lit a cigarette and offered it to Mary, who recoiled.

Once the fire was lit, they broke out some hot dogs to roast over it.
"Mmm, nothing like hot roasted dick" Summer joked.
The others laughed.
"If that's a dick where's the dickhead?" Felicia asked.
"Maybe it's uncircumcised" Lisa said.
There was a cry of "ewwwww" from the other girls.
"OK, hands up, who here has seen an uncircumcised dick" Summer said.
Lisa, Mary and Branden raised their hands.
"In Latin America, no one gets circumcised" Lisa said. "I was surprised when I first came here and saw the boys dicks. But you know, I like it better this way"
"I saw Skylar's cock" Mary said "It was ugly as hell"
"Well, I used to be uncircumcised until I was 11" said Branden "but I got cut to please my girlfriend"
"You had a girlfriend when you were 11?" Mary said, surprised.
"Yeah, we lost our virginities to each other. "
"Go on" Summer encouraged.

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"It's a really personal story" said Branden. "So I'll only tell it if you tell me one of your most intimate memories"
"I won't just tell" Nicole said, "I'll show"
She pulled off her bottoms to reveal that she had a pierced clit.
Mary winced "that must have hurt"
"It hurt like hell" Nicole said, "but it was totally worth it. The first week I had it, I was literally having an orgasm every step I took. The ring turns inside the clit and stimulates it. Plus, since they had to cut part of my clitoral hood to do the piercing, my clit is extra sensitive"
"I want to take a closer look" said Summer. She moved over to Nicole and stared in fascination at her clit. In order to fit the ring in, Nicole had lost a considerable portion of her clitoral hood. Her large clit was now dry like a boy's cockhead, and a large ring went right through the middle of it. It was nestled between her outer labia, with her small inner labia tucked beneath it.
"May I?" asked Summer
"Be my guest" said Nicole.
To Mary's surprise, Summer started eating Nicole out. Nicole moved and moaned and began to thrust into Summer's face. Then she came, and she moaned louder than ever- it was clear that her clit worked exceptionally well.
"OK, who's next" Branden asked.

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"I'll go" said Lisa. "A few weeks before I left for this school, my mother tried to give me a sex lesson. We never talked about sex before, but my mom knew what school I was going to, and thought I should be prepared. So she taught me how to shave my pubic hair, and she told me about sucking dick, and about all the boys she had fucked, it was so awkward. The worst part was that I had already been sucking and fucking for the past year, and she didn't even know. But the worst part was when she took off her clothes. She looked surprisingly good. And that was when she said 'Lisa, I've heard lesbian experimentation happens there, so you need to know how to pleasure a girl" can you imagine?"
Everyone laughed. Ray went next. "I once accidentally got my dick stuck in a bottle" There was an uproar of laughter from the girls, while the guys winced. "It was during bio class, and we had tis really hot sub, she was a redhead who gave us all sodas. I think she set me up. She wouldn't let me go to the bathroom, so I tried to pee in the bottle and I got stuck. They were extra narrow bottles too, the ones she gave us. She got my dick out of the bottle alright, and then she said that she owed me something to make it right.

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   She gave me a blowjob right there in the classroom. "
"Was she any good?" Joe asked.
"She was amazing. She had a tongue ring, and when she hit it against my dick in just the right places it was like heaven. But there's more. She got naked too. Like full on naked. She was really tight too"
"You fucked her?" Brendan said in disbelief
"Hell yeah I did, she was fucking hot, and she was only like 20 years old.
    Felicia went next. "Well Branden, you're not alone. I also got my privates snipped. I got a labiaplasty for my birthday. My mom and my sister had really tiny labia, so when mine turned out really big, they thought there was something wrong with me. So on my 14th birthday my parents took me to the doctor and he cut 'em off. "
    "Ouch" said Summer, "I was born with small lips, but there's nothing wrong with big ones, I wouldnt want to have 'em cut off"
    Joe went next.

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    "I had a threesome with my sister's two best friends. She was back from college and she went out to get pizza. Her two college friends were there, and they got bored. I joined in. "
    "I demand details" Ray said excitedly
    "They were amazing" said Joe "They could fuck like nobody's business. And when I got tired they fucked each other. That has got to be the best day of my life. They had the best tits ever too"

    "Well, I guess that leaves me and Mary, so, I'll go" said Summer. "As some of you guys know, my mom runs a waxing salon. Well, once I started high school I started learning her trade so I could make a little extra cash. It was mostly girls who came in, so it was OK, but one day I was the only waxer on the staff and a guy comes in and wants his dick waxed. The receptionist explains to him that there's only one waxer on duty and that she doesn't deal with men, and he's all ready to reschedule when he sees me. And then he HAS to get waxed right now, because yaddah yaddah yaddah. So the receptionist tells him no can do, but he offers her a thousand bucks to get him in now. Of course she takes it, and I'm stuck with this fat ugly old guy who wants me to rip hair off his balls.

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       So I get him in the waxing room and he strips completely naked. He has this ugly ass chode with a big wart on it. So I'm thinking, what can I do to get out of this. So I get the receptionist to return the bribe. How? She's a lesbian. I'd rather fuck a hot young lesbian then some old ugly guy, so I ate her out, and I got rid of the old guy. She was a loud one too, a dirty blonde, with a tuft of a blond bush right above her pussy, and the most sensitive clit I've ever seen. I had her moaning and moaning and I got her to cum fast, I thought it was over. It turns out, she also wanted to lick me. So she takes down my panties and starts licking away, and I'll be damned she was good. But weird. I'll never look at that lady the same way again, and that convinced me that the waxing business isn't for me. And that's my story. Alright Mary, that just leaves you. "

    "I don't really have any weird stories" Mary said.

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       "I lost my virginity last week, what is there to say?"

    "Alright" said Branden. "I'll tell my story now. But Mary, we've gotta get you some memories of your own. By the end of this night, you will have a weird sex story"

    "When I was a kid, I used to play doctor with this kid susie from down the street. Susie's mom and dad were actual doctors, and so Susie and I would often hang out at the hospital. We saw baby boys be born and we realized that their dicks looked different when they were born then they did when they left the hospital, and that my dick looked like them when they were born, and all my friends dicks looked like the babies when they left the hospital, with a purple tip with no skin covering it. Me and Susie started to wonder, and so we asked her parents, and they told us that it was called a circumcision and that the next time they did one we could watch. So we did, and I thought 'well shit, that looks painful' and left it at that. But Susie man, she was fascinated by it. She started going to every circumcision that they did, she became obsessed. And every time she'd play doctor with me she'd pull back my skin as hard as she could and say "you've gotta be circumcised, it's cleaner and it looks better and it feels better too" which were the reasons her parents had given us when they explained the procedure. So the years passed, and Susie and I grew up, but I found out that Susie still fantasized about circumcision, and I still fantasized about Susie. So I arranged for Susie's parents to circumcise me, and for Susie to watch. And I was right, it did hurt. But Susie's parents were also right, it looked and felt good.


       I was healed in time for my 12th birthday. And for a birthday present, I got birthday sex. Me and Susie were a couple of really loose kids, and we developed early. By the time Susie was 12 she had small boobs and was shaving. The sex wasn't that great, but it sure has an interesting story.

    and speaking of interesting stories Mary, we've gotta get you one. By the end of tonight, I promise, you will have an interesting sex story to tell"




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