Best B-day Present I Could Get


Topic: Best B-day Present I Could Get It started out like another day for me going to school getting up and getting dressed, I couldn’t believe it that tomorrow was my 17th b-day . My name is Mark 5 ft 6 brown hair im a average guy who loves telly, football and games, I went to school and sat in maths twiddling my thumbs making random drawings of girl on girl action , looking around and I saw my mate jack looking at me bored out of his mind. Jack is 5ft 8 black spiky hair medium build but with some muscle and is already 18 , after lesson he met me outside class and handed me a birthday card and he told me to open it but it is not till tomorrow but he insisted that I open it now so I did and there was about £35 it was the best present I had ever got. At the end of the day I went home and headed for bed, woke up the next day Saturday and my birthday what more could any teenager ask for opened my cards and presents got over £100 and a few games for my Xbox 360, mum and dad were at work so I thought I might as well ring Jack up and see what he was doing sadly he was watching a movie on telly so I thought I might as well go on my laptop and satisfy my self. An hour later the door rang and I went to see who it was and it was jack I let him in and we went upstairs into my room to show him the games I got and we played Gears of war 2 for about 2 hours and we stopped to go downstairs and got 2 bottles of fanta out of the fridge, Jack turned to me and said “Mark have you ever wondered what it would be like to kiss a boy” I looked at him in shocked and couldn’t believe what he just said but I stood there for a second and thought about it as well. Jack looked at me and I went into my bedroom and we sat on my bed and I stuck on a relaxing cd. I looked at him and he looked back and I don’t know what it was but in the dark alone with just music playing I felt closer to him then I ever did with any girl and I moved in and he inched closer to me and we both closed our eyes and his soft red lips brushed against mine, I couldn’t believe what was happening we kissed again, he placed his hands on face and I felt on cloud 9 like my body was floating I cared about nothing else just hoping it would last forever. He moved away from me and he opened his eyes but his hands were still on my face now I was nervous and started to shake wondering what’s going to happen next, he moved his hands down my body and slowly took off my shirt my palms got all sweaty and then he took off my vest exposing my 18 year old 6 pack, he was looking up and down at my body and now even my nipples were rock hard and he looked at me with a boyish charm this was starting to turn me on. His hands moved down my body feeling my body and pinching my nipples which made me jolt a little he just smirked I wanted to take off his shirt but I couldn’t move he must of picked up how I was feeling because he grasped my hands and placed them on his shirt, he always wore buttoned shirts like the 1s at school he got me to unbutton the bottom button and I got some confidence so I did the rest of the buttons one by one slowly and I took it off him and threw it to the side. And he gently pushed me down so I was laying on the sofa flat back down, he was on top of me face to face he pressed his body against mine and feeling his body against mine turned me on a little bit more he ran his hands all over my body again and I could hear his breathing getting heavier, he moved his hands down and he unbuttoned my jeans and undid the zip and slid them slowly threw them to one side, now my breathing was starting to get heavy too all that was left was my tight boxers which I wish I didn’t wear he placed his hand on my boxers and he started to rub my balls and my cock and now I was starting to get hard and now there was a big lump just sticking out just begging to be let out, he looked at me and said in a cheeky way “Seems like your little ….

Or big friend wants to be let out and join in on our fun” he winked at me and went to pull my boxers down but I grabbed his hands and he looked at me in a confused way and I moved my hands down and pulled down his jogging bottoms to his knees, he pulled them the rest of the way off and I thought I might as well go for it and take a risk and I shoved one hand down his boxers and I could feel his balls resting on my hand and his limp cock. I started to fondle his balls playing with them he lowered his face next to mine and he bit my neck softly and it just made me go mad I moved my hand up a couple of inches and I grasped his cock and I started to move my hand up and down slowly and gently I could hear him moaning so I knew I was doing something right. He pulled off his boxers and threw them to floor I was not sure what to do now but I just went with what my body was telling me to do so I grabbed him and made a purring nose (Thought id try something different) I flipped him round and I made my way down his body slowly kissing his body bit by bit as I made my way down licking and kissing his nipples and I carried onwards till I got down to his cock it was full grown and hard from the looks of it he was 7 inch’s max I was amazed just by the looks of his cock. “Your making me go all shy by just staring at it” Jack commented. So I moved in closer and licked and the head of his cock and I liked the feeling of it I herd a quite moan come from Jack so I placed the head of his cock into my mouth and I started to suck on his cock I moved my head up and down taking more of his cock into my mouth while pinching and playing with his nipples which were hard and stiff now he was really moaning in pleasure, he put his hands on my head and pushed down as he pumped his cock into my mouth and touching the back of my throat all 7 inches I gagged a little and he moaned loudly as he took it out , he told me he was sorry but I learnt that he liked that so I thought id try it again. I grabbed his cock and started to toss him off and took his 7 inches into my mouth and slowly took it deeper and deeper into my mouth till it was touching my throat but I wanted more so I took it all in all of it till my nose was touching his pubic hair I started to choke and gag while I was going bright red and unable to breath jack was moaning so much and he arched his back hoping to get more of his cock into my throat I grabbed the bed sheets as hard as I could trying to forget the pain while jack is moaning and moaning with his hands grabbing my hair.

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   I moved away gasping for dear breath thinking I was gonna pass out with his cock covered in my saliva I started to toss him off again for about 2 mins and he said to me while moaning “oh my god baby im gonna cum and its gonna be a big load and I cant hold it any more” I was not sure what to do till he shot a string of cum across my face so just out of instinct I shoved his cock into my throat and grabbed his ass roughly while moving my head up and down with his cock violently abusing my throat while shooting strings of cum over and over again swallowing his load again and again I felt like I was gonna pass out but it felt so good and dirty, slowly he stopped cumming and I must of swallowed at least a small cup full of cum at least I took his cock out of my abused throat and my mouth, I lay there next to him breathing really heavy with the breath of cum as his cock went limp we both just laid there catching our breathes, he looks into my eyes and says “Oh my god I cant believe that it was the best orgasm I ever had and I think im falling in love with you mark” I hold his hand and I was starting to feel the same I moved my body up so our heads lay on the pillows and we started to fall asleep under the covers as he whispers in my ear “After we’ve had a sleep il let you use my hole … my ass hole and we both feel asleep. This Story Was Made Up, I May Do Another 1 Depending On The Comments I Get. If Ud Like To Ask Anything Or Have A Question You Can Email Me At melvynmelster@hotmail. co. uk.