Back Door Summer, Chapter 3


The middle partition had been removed from the two adjoining stalls, leaving just one large enclosed area and two toilets. Standing before the toilet on the right was a figure ripped straight out of the upper class mans nightmares. He was six foot six and over three hundred pounds of bulging muscle. His dark black hair was cut short in a conservative fashion, but that was about the only thing conservative about him. His clothing consisted of an open flannel shirt with the sleeves ripped off, and he wore nothing underneath, revealing a thick black “treasure trail” of body hair snaking down the length of his rock hard chest. For pants, he sported a dirty pair of cut off jeans, with a length of rope snaked through his belt loops. As far as Bruce could tell, the man seemed to be intent on reading the crude scribbling on the wall and wasn’t engaged in any sort of bodily functions at all. The giant turned to great him and the esteemed Mr. Jenkins received yet another surprise to see a beer can clutched in his oversized paw. “How the hell ya doing, stranger?!” the man bellowed, “My name’s Pig Bone, and that’s my truck out yonder! Ya here for business or pleasure?”Bruce was on the verge of trembling with fear and revulsion, but he kept in mind that he was a wealthy, important man. Whatever this barbarian was getting at, he would see to it that he was promptly put in his place. “Sir,” he hissed sarcastically, “If you don’t mind, I need to use these dreadful facilities, so if you’re. . . ”“Business then, I see!” Pig Bone cut him off, then spit out a large wad of chewing tobacco. “Well go right ahead and relieve whatever it is that needs attending to.

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  ”He then proceeded to take a long pull off his beer and returned to reading the wall. Bruce, somewhat shaken by this encounter thus far, mustered his courage and made an attempt at reason. “I’ll attend to my business just as soon as you leave this stall!”Mr. Bone drew a toothpick from behind his ear and placed it between his teeth. “Well, it’s two stalls, really, and I’m within my right to use this side and you can use the other. I don’t mean to scare ya. . . ”Bruce snorted defensively. “I can assure you, you don’t!”“Well that’s real good then!” he replied, then waited a few moments while Bruce stood frozen and unsure what to do. He was afraid to walk over to the urinals, not so much by reason of personal conviction, but was loathe to let this cretin get the better of him. Seeing as the man had his gaze planted firmly on the wall, the up-tight millionaire moved towards the toilet and unzipped his pants. Pig Bone heard his visitors zipper go down, followed by a lengthy silence. The large man began to whistle a little tune to help break the tension, and when that didn’t work tried a bit of conversation once again. “Heheh, check this out.

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   ‘Look up’, it says, then ‘look up’ again, a bit higher up ya understand, and it just keeps going til ya git to ‘Look Down! You’re Pissing On Your Shoes!’”He laughed long and hard at this bit of rest-stop comedics, but he still didn’t hear the sound of released pee from the frightened stranger. It looked to be the time for drastic measures. Draining the beer, Pig Bone untied his rope and yanked the zipped down his shorts. He turned to the toilet and began to blast a geyser of dark yellow urine into the bowel. Looking over, he realized that not only was the yuppie fella not yet over his pee-shyness, he also seemed to be silently reciting a prayer. The trucker smiled to himself and figured it was time to get down to business. He could already feel his mammoth cock rising as he emptied off his equally massive bladder. “Hey buddy, ya seem a little up tight. How about I loosen ya up a bit?”Bruce felt his uneasy fear turn to sudden horror. It washed over him in a icy wave and his subconscious mind switched instantly from Fight to Flight. He turned to leave the filthy stall, not bothering to zip his pants, when a sudden jerk on his Gucci belt dragged him back. Back in the parking lot, the three kids had made their somewhat awkward introductions while Peter and Traci pulled their pants up and wiped the semen off their faces. Traci then used a dirty Camp Olive t-shirt to mop her girl cum off the back of the front seat. “I got to watch the whole thing, ya know,” Tawny pointed out, “it was really hot, especially since you’re, ya know, brother and sister. ”Traci’s faced flushed red and she stuffed the old shirt back in her backpack.

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   Peter patted his sisters back comfortingly and replied to this curious teenage spectator. “Uh, thanks, I guess. It’s nice to meet you, but our Dad is going to be back pretty soon, so. . . ”Tawny let out a high pitched giggle, then opened the car door from the outside. The siblings looked over and noticed she was dressed in a white summer dress with red polka dots all over it. It was amazingly too small for her petite frame and her nice sized boobs bulged out of the top, nipples prominently on display. The bottom ended just above her pussy mound, which was held snuggly within a pair of tight white cotton panties. But the thing that mostly caught their attention was an old Polaroid camera held in her left hand. “You didn’t. . . !” Traci blurted out, fearing the worst. “Calm down, uh.

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   . . Traci, right? I didn’t take any pictures of you two. ”“Then what’s the camera for?” Peter demanded, placing his sisters hand in his own, which she gripped back reassuringly. “Come with me and I’ll show ya. And trust me, you aint gotta worry about your Dad!”The three kids made their way through the unmowed grass and bramble bushes until they reached the back of the restroom building. Along the way the two Jenkin’s discovered that Tawny was fourteen years old, wasn’t sure what grade she would be in (since she hadn’t been to school for years) and was traveling with her Daddy in his semi truck. “He hasn’t been working for a year now,” she explained, “he says the economy went real bad but it wasn’t his fault. My Mom didn’t listen to him and she left us a few months ago with a gambler from Bullhead City. Daddy tried hard to find some way to make money, and I told him I’d help out if I could. ”“How were you gonna do that?” Traci asked. This older girl was beginning to fascinate her, she just seemed so tough and self assured. The little blonde also couldn’t help staring at her cute little ass stretching out the seat of her underpants as she walked in front of them, a full half of it exposed below her dress. Traci bit her lip, wondering if she was turning into some sex crazed slut, then she glanced over and noticed her brother was staring at same sight as she had been. “Oh, I had some ideas, but Daddy didn’t like ‘em” she replied cryptically.

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  Traci, still holding his hand, gave it a tight squeeze. Peter yelped and looked over at his kid sister, her face looked like thunder. He shrugged dumbly, then as if unable to control himself, looked back at the fourteen year olds hot little butt leading them into the brush. Tawny stopped at the back wall of the building and turned around. “Ok, here we. . . ” she stopped as the two kids snapped their attention back upwards to her face. Tawny laughed and turned away from them again. She hiked her dress up, hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her undies, and tugged them down to just above her knees. The Jenkin’s kids mouths dropped open as the little trailer camp tramp then bent over at the waist and pushed her ass way out, wiggling it back and forth. Her tangled red bush was close enough to touch and tiny beads of moisture could be seen clinging to her short curly hairs. Right above that wondrous spectacle, her tight little asshole rested between her cheeks. It was a light brown in color and seemed to pucker open slightly as she continued her lewd display. “Go ahead, take a look! I aint shy!”Peter’s cock became instantly hard, so hard in fact that one of the buttons actually popped off his Levi’s.

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   Traci heard it fall into the grass but she couldn’t take her eyes off this erotic little show. Instinctively, her right hand went to her crotch and squeezed it tight. Her left was still clutched by Peter, and two became aware that they were building up a good sweat. Tawny laughed again, then stood up and pushed her underwear down the rest of the way, stepping her bare feet out of them and setting them on the ground. “I’m sure nobody comes back here much, least not to cut the grass! We should be pretty safe, if you two wanna get comfortable, too. ”She smiled broadly, not in a threatening way but more with innocent enthusiasm. She stood with one hand on her hip, the other still holding the camera. Neither Traci nor Peter could muster up the courage to speak or move. “Aw, shucks, it’s up to you. Now, I’ll show ya what the camera’s for. ”The two kids watched as Tawny squatted down and placed the lens up to a hole in the cracked concrete. As she looked through the lens she gasped, then snapped off a few shots. She then stood back up, waving the little stack of photos in her hand as the pictures developed. The other hand, holding her camera, began to shake. “Now, you-all are probably gonna hate me for this, but it’s my Daddy’s only option right now.

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   When I said I was willing to help out, I meant I was gonna have sex, uh, for money, be a hooker, ya know. Daddy said no-way, that his little girls ass was not for sale. It made me feel real proud when he said that, but I was worried we’d loose the trailer house and end up on the street. Well, Daddy had an idea of his own. Aint no-one gonna get hurt and from the look of things your Daddy’s got plenty of money to spare, but I sure could see ya getting mad. If ya want, after I give my Dad these pictures you two can kick my butt, I won’t fight back or nothing. But sometimes folks just gotta do some kinda bad things, just to get by. ”She held out the now developed pictures and Pete and Traci looked down in shocked disbelief. Each one contained a scene neither had ever imagined seeing in their wildest dreams. Their father was bent over the toilet with the stall door wide open, pants around his ankles, with a huge hairy man plowing his dick into his ass. There were four photos in all, and in the last one the massive trucker had Bruce’s right leg lifted up in the air. With a sense of utter confusion, they could all plainly see that the supposed victim in this ruse was sporting an impressive hard-on of his own. “Holy. . .

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  ” Pete whispered, and shook his head. Traci pulled herself out of her daze, shot a glance at Tawny and put her hands on her slim pre-teen hips. “Blackmail! Your Dad. . . rapes my Dad, then you blackmail him for money! That’s your plan!?”The little truckers daughter felt her lip begin to quiver. It had seemed harmless enough when it was being planned, but now that it was happening, and these two kids were drawn into it, she suddenly felt about two inches tall. It didn’t take her long to make up her mind. With a tear beginning to roll down her cheek, she thrust the pictures towards Traci. “I’m sorry!” she nearly sobbed, her voice breaking with emotion, “It was wrong! Take em, I’ll tell my Daddy I just couldn’t do it! I’m so sorry, I’m. . . ”It was Peter who broke the tension, and in a very unanticipated way. He pushed Tawny’s hand back, looking at the final picture once more, then burst out laughing. Traci, shocked once again in a very short period of time, spun her head to the side and looked at her brother as if had gone insane.

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  “Peter Jenkins, what’s wrong with you!?”“Come on, Trace,” he soothed her, pointing at the final snapshot, “It sure don’t look like rape to me. Dad’s got some major wood there, maybe there’s more going on at those construction sites of his then we know about. ”Traci looked at the picture again, and for the first time noticed her fathers face. It had a look of concern, but he sure didn’t seem to be putting up much of a struggle to get free. Of course, the stiff swollen sausage between his hips could not be easily ignored, either. The little girl noted it size, probably over eight inches long, and despite her better judgment felt her pussy start to leak again. The mood shifted faster then the passing of a tropical storm. All three kids looked at the photos once more and began to laugh. Tawny offered them to Traci once more, but her offer was declined, then she came up with a wild idea. “They aint finished yet. My Daddy takes a long time to cum. Wanna watch?”The siblings looked at each other, both registering the strong implication of incest amongst the Bone family, and smiled. It was if they had suddenly left the old world of pent-up frustration and self denial behind and set sail for a fairyland of infinite possibilities. The tension evaporated into thin air. It seemed at that moment that had they chosen to, the three kids could hold each others hands and, by sure force of will, leap right off the face of the earth and fly off to where ever their hearts desired.

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  There was a moment of silence, the wind blowly softly through the brush. The world dissapeared briefly and a state of limbo engulfed them all. The three shifted uneasily in the grass. Tawny dropped the pictures and camera to the ground, then tore her dress over her head, leaving her tight teen body on display. The all giggled and felt their body temperatures start to rise. “You guys wanna fool around?”Without saying a word, Traci and Peter silently gave their consent and began stumbling out of their clothes. Peter ripped open his fly and dropped his pants and boxer shorts to the ground. Traci pulled her shirt off, then nearly jumped out her shorts. In her haste she stumbled a bit, but Tawny caught her by the arm. The girls looked at each other, the redhead nude, the little blonde still in her teddy bear panties and trainer bra. Tawny rub her new friends cotton encased pussy mound, then looked deep into her eyes. “You ever do it with a girl?”Traci shook her head. The girls just smiled at each other, their moment suddenly disrupted by a very aroused Peter. “I have!” He nearly shouted, “Done it with a girl, I mean. Tell her, Traci!” he was standing right along side them, slowly stroking his dripping cock.


  “Oh big deal, Peter! It was just once. ”Tawny couldn’t contain herself any longer. She got down on all fours and suggested a plan of action. “How’s this: Traci, you can watch our daddy’s fuck, I’ll get behind ya, and Pete can get behind me. ”This sounded great to everyone, even though no-one was completely sure what exactly was going to happen next. Traci got down in the grass just like Tawny, on her hands and knees, and pressed her eye to the hole. Tawny got behind her and took a second to massage the tight globes of her tiny butt before starting to slowly pull her now damp underwear down her thighs. Peter looked down at Tawny’s naked ass and fought very hard not to shoot his load. Her red fringed cunt was yawning open a little bit, juice dripping out steadily, and her light brown shit hole was looking like the bull's-eye on a target. He got down behind her and, while simply holding his stiff cock, he used his other hand to begin fingering the girls puss. Inside the restroom, Traci watched as Tawny’s rugged father continued to stretch the tight ass ring of her own Dad. Both men’s balls were pulled up tight. She watched in a lusty haze as her Daddy’s stiff cock begin to pour forth a steady stream of pre-cum. Pig Bone saw it as well and slapped the yuppie on the ass. “I knowed ya get into it! Truth be told, I kinda like the fact yer so god damn uptight.

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   Feels damn good on my dick!”Traci watched, then let out a moan as she felt Tawny settle in and start licking her tiny pink asshole. She had figured the girl would go for her puss, but this felt pretty damn good on it’s own. The naughty sensations caused her little clit to bulge out and made her wonder how good it would feel to have a tongue on that, as well. Tawny lapped at her new friends puckered hole, relishing the sweaty taste. She had sex with her cousins, and some of the kids back at the trailer park, but she hadn’t eaten anything quite like this kids butt. It was sweet, and despite the perspiration, so damn clean. Both girls moaned as Tawny sank her tongue deep in the young blondes twitching ass pucker. Peter watched and could barely contain himself any longer. He gripped Tawny’s hips and sawed his cock back and forth between her pussy lips, his dick head occasionally running across her throbbing clit. Tawny didn’t look back, but gave him permission to continue further. As she continued to ream out Traci’s asshole with her hot little tongue, she moved a hand up and started to frig the twelve year olds puss. “Go ahead Pete,” she managed to gasp out, “Fuck me, ass or cunt! I’m on the pill!”It was like hearing the recitation of a magic spell. Right then and there, all the teen boy had to do was move forward a few inches, aim his dick right, and he’d be a virgin no longer. Of course, yesterdays ass fucking in the woods was certainly close to the real deal, but this would be it. No question about it, he would be a man.

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  He weighed the decision in his mind, then took a deep breath and presented his drippy cock head at her back door. Tawny groaned into Traci’s butt and humped back like a horny dog. Peter’s sister continued to squirm and moan, her eye on the peep hole, her shitter in heaven, and her cum starting to build to epic proportions. Pete nudged Tawny’s brown eye with his wet cock, watching as it sunk in slightly from the pressure. A squirt of pre-cum shot out, covering his target with shiny spunk. He gripped her hip with one hand, squeezed her clit with the other, and started to burry his rod once again in some hot teenage ass. “Oh, fuck! Oh ya! Fuckin stick it in me! Fuck my fucking asshole!” The red head muttered, slobbering and kissing the hole in front of her. Pete did as he was told, marveling at the slick little ring of her butthole as it streched out on the back stoke, and sunk in on the return. His cock glistened with ass juice and shimmered in the mid-day sun. He could do this all day, every day, he though to himself, then got back to the work of pumping this little slut for all she was worth. Traci could feel her climax was near, it was just all too much for her previously inexperienced body and mind. All the sensations were lighting up her pleasure centers like a telephone switchboard on Christmas day. She watched intently as the men in the bathroom reached their own climaxes together. Pig Bone roared like a bear and lifted Bruce off his feet. The virtual river of sperm being blasted up his rear end, something he had never thought he’d experience, sent the conservative Mr.

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   Jenkins over the edge of the abyss and he gave himself over to his most primal impulses. Grabbing his erection, he pounded it with wild abandon, all concerns for God and family dissolved in the rush of an earth shattering orgasm. Traci’s eyes nearly bulged out as her Daddy’s poor, stiff cock let loose and sent a torrent of hot cum flying nearly three feet in front of him. Pig Bone pulled his own cock out his bitches ass and sprayed a thick load all over the mans back, then plunged it back home and finished unloading in the nice, hot rectum. Bruce continued to spray the bathroom floor with multiple jets of thick cream, and reached back to place a hand over the rough, calloused fingers gripping his thigh. He didn’t know what had come over him, but this backwoods rogue had unlocked something deep inside him. Sin or not, something had definitely changed. Her ass getting a serious tongue lashing and her pussy filled with her new friends stiff little fingers, Traci watched the cum blasting in the restroom stall and felt her trigger trip. She yelped out twice, her ass jerking up and down, and gave into the pleasures of the flesh. Tawny’s tongue nearly got stuck in the pink shit hole as it clamped shut in climax. Her own ass getting humped madly by Pete, Tawny pulled back and watched as Traci’s lightly furred little clam began to squirt. “Oh, that’s it, Trace! Shoot that cum! Oh, god, I wish I did that!”After the first two jets of clear jizz had fired out and splashed loudly in the grass, Tawny clamped her mouth onto the tight, sweet slit and let her mouth fill up. She gulped down the juice greedily as her own cunt went over the edge. Peter was ramming madly into Tawny’s ass pipe, his balls filled to maximum capacity. He felt the girl let rip with a massive orgasm, her hole milking tightly on his dick.

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   He couldn’t take any more, and rubbing madly on her clit he felt his balls fire. Tawny nearly collapsed when the first jet entered her ass. It had such force she was surprised it didn’t continue forward and fly straight out of her mouth and into his sisters squirting puss. She shook uncontrollably, being filled at both ends by the eruptions of the two horny siblings. She pulled back from Trace and let her last watery spurts drench her face and hair. Peter fired a total of six ropes of cum into the girls butt, then pulled out and took his dick in his hand. He aimed upwards and let the final shot blast out. It traveled over Tawny’s back and made it all the way to his sisters wide spread ass cheeks. The thick trail of white sperm landed squarely on Traci’s pink, wet asshole, while a great deal wound up across the length of Tawny’s back. Peter was breathing like a locomotive, his shirt (which he never did manage to get off in all the excitement) was soaked with sweat. He slumped back into the grass and watched as his hot load began to trickle out of the would-be teenage blackmailers sweet asshole. Tawny, arms and legs shaking with excitement, looked up and stuck her tongue out, licking Pete’s cum off his sisters little pink dimple. She swallowed it down, letting it mingle in her tummy with the huge helping of girl jizz she had milked out of his siblings twat, then collapsed flat on her stomach, gasping for air. Traci, seeing things had come to an end in the bathroom, finally tore her gaze from the hole in the wall. She slumped, turned around, and sat down with her back against the wall.

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   With a trembling hand she reached up and undid the clasp on her training bra, finally freeing her little budding boobs from confinement, and allowing her to breath. All three remained silent for several seconds, unable to speak or move. Then, as if on cue, they all began to laugh. “Jesus,” remarked Tawny, “That was fucking awesome. You guys gotta come visit me sometime, my friends gotta meet you two!”“I think the first thing we need to do,” remarked Traci, “is see how our Dad is feeling right now. ”.



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