Another day in bio class--1


It was just another day in Biology B in room 332. Another dull hour-and-a-half day. Fortunately I sat in the back, right next to one of the hottest girls in the school. We usually flirted to pass the time. Little did I know that it would go farther than that today. . .

So we were pretending to listen to something about meiosis or osmosis or something when suddenly, I got a note. (We also passed notes sometimes. ) The note, which I kept and am reading as I write this, read: "I have a field trip in 2 minutes. I'm skipping it. Write a pass to the nurse and meet me at the stairway over in the 340 hallway. " I did it and waited there for her. She brought 2 chairs which she jammed under the doorknobs.

At this point, I'm going to describe what both of us looked like. I was 5' 7", and at 18 years, pretty lanky and muscular to an extent.

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   120 lbs was my weight. I had tan skin and messy brown hair. I was a virgin.

Tessa was probably about 5' 3". She was a sophomore. She had legs to die for, one of the best asses in school, and 38-C tits. With an hourglass shape like hers, there was no guy in the school who hadn't thought about doing things to her at one point. She had beautiful honey skin and hazel hair pulled back in a messy bun, and blue-green eyes that could make any guy do anything for her.

She then took a pair of scissors out of her purse and clipped the wires to the CCTV cameras. Nobody was going to know about this.

She leaned forward and whispered those words that I'll never forget: "I've always wanted you. " With that, she kissed me on the mouth, with plenty of tongue. I reached down and ran my hands up
and down her amazing ass. I moved up under her shirt and unclasped her bra, and pulled it out. She unbuttoned her shirt, and I saw her beautiful breasts for the first time.

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   Her nipples hardened as she got hotter and they got cold. Mischievously, I whispered, "I'm hungry," and nibbled on her earlobe. She giggled, and moaned. I reached down and rolled one of her nipples between my thumb and index finger. I licked all around it and blew on it, and she moaned louder. I could thank all of this porno for helping me know all of these foreplay moves. . .

"Time for the main course?" she gasped, as I continued to work on her boobs. I stopped playing with her perfect nipples and reached down, gave her firm ass a good squeeze, and unbuttoned her pants. She looked down at me and smiled as I began to rub her through her panties. She moaned, and I pulled her panties down to reveal the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. She sat down on the stairs, and I sat below her and buried my face in it. It was the taste that I could've only dreamed of, only millions of times better. I continued to eat her as she gasped and moaned in ecstasy for 18 minutes.

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   "OH MY GOD, I'M CUMMING! FUCK, THAT FEELS SO GOOD! DON'T STOP!" I didn't, and I was soon lapping up her sweet juices. She came 2 more times.

She said, "Let's see what you can give me. " She paused. "You know, I'm still a virgin, but I have sucked dick before. " I was all right with that. She unzipped my pants and wrapped her lips around my virgin manhood. She swallowed my 8 inches. It was the best feeling of my life. She put her glasses on and bobbed her head up and down until I could feel myself getting near the time to cum. I came harder than I ever had, letting her swallow some and pouring the rest on her glasses and face.

(to be continued)

This was my first story; tell me what you think. .



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