An Ordinary Girl Pt1


Sexually, I developed early in life. I became more curious with each expeiernce with boys and men. I grew up in Glenorchy, a two-horse village outside Queenstown. In 1980, my parents sent me to boarding school in Christchurch. Most of the other girls had interests in boys, but as my parents had instructed I was there to learn. My first experiences began in 1981, I was 14½ when I was home for the Christmas holidays. 27th December – an absolutely beautiful evening. The sun doesn’t set until 9:30 – 10pm, and its orange glow sparkled on and drifted across the ripples of the lake. I was a petite girl, only about 5 ft 3, maybe 55 kilograms after a big Sunday roast. I have always kept my sandy hair long, down to just below my shoulder blades. After spending the day helping my dad in the shearing shed, sorting wool, as the shearers worked their way through over a thousand sheep, I had tea, showered, and strolled the lakefront. I clearly remember everything from my clothes to the scene. It was a warm evening and I thought I should have worn shorts instead of light blue jeans. I wore a pink and white striped t-shirt over my training bra. (That’s right, I didn’t have much to show at that time. ) Down by the wharf there is a big old red boat shed.

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   We spent many years as kids playing in it and what drew me to it again were my now distant pleasant childhood memories. My eyes searched across the lake for a moment towards Greenstone valley, before I continued towards my past. The heavy sliding doors were closed. I touched them – feeling and seeing the flashbacks of us farming kids innocently playing house. Pulling at the door, the rattling noise startled birds and insects fluttered from their rests. I peered inside. “Hello, come in and have a beer,” Slurred speech of a male greeted me. Surprised, yet feeling brave, I replied, “I don’t know about the beer. ” I heard the croak in my adolescent voice. “Oh, you might be a bit young for a beer. ” Innocently, I stepped up into the shed. “What are you doing here?” Still the croak was in my voice. “Relaxing after a day of hard work with a couple of beers. You?” “I played here as a kid. ” “You’re still a kid.

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  ” I walked forward, my eyes now adjusting quickly to the partial darkness. “So are you,” I retorted. “Actually, I’m twenty-six. Looks like I’ve got fourteen years on you. ” “Eleven and a half, actually. ” He looked younger than he said and slightly irritated me with his condescending attitude, which suddenly changed. “Sorry, my name’s Jase, and you are?” “Beth. ” He was sitting up against the far wall. He stood leaving numerous cans on the floor and approached me. Holding out his hand to shake mine, I obliged, then he took my hand and kissed the back of it. “A pleasure to meet you Beth. Short for Elizabeth?” “Yes, short for Jason?” “Just Jase. ” “Okay, just Jase. ” I remember returning his smile, yet my memories tell me mine was innocent. “Should I go?” “No, it’ll be nice to have company.

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   You sound like you need a drink though. ” I finally cleared my throat. “No, I’m all right, but thank you. ” “Go on. It doesn’t hurt, and besides it is the season for it. ” Jase bent down, picked up a can, broke open the tab and put it in my hand. “Have a seat. ” “Thank you. ” I sat down, took a sip and burped. “You’re a real lady aren’t you?” “I wasn’t expected that. ” The bubbly liquid livened my tastebuds. I took another sip. “What is this?” “Beer. ” “I shouldn’t be drinking this. ” I tried to force the can back onto him, but he pushed it back my way.

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   “It’s okay, you’re safe. Nothing can happen. Who’s going to know?” Rhetorical question, I didn’t answer. Reluctantly, I had another sip. As we talked, the sips became gulps until I finished the can of beer. “I should go now. ” I was standing as he reached for another beer. I swayed a little. I didn’t know alcohol had this effect on people. He stood and put the can in my hand. “Have another. We have plenty to get through. ” For some unknown reason, I sat back down next to him. As I drank another mouthful, his hand rested on my right leg, half way between my knee and hip. I shivered.

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   “Cold?” “No. ” “You ever had a date or a boyfriend?” I was a bit shy at answering, but admitted, “No, and no. ” “Shall we call this our first date?” “I don’t know. Where’s the movie and candles?” I’m not sure how it all happened. I know I had finished the second beer. I was on my back just staring at the ceiling. His bristled face scratching my neck as he licked and suck on it’s skin. He put his tongue in my mouth. I whimpered and moved my head to the side disgusted at the aftertaste of beer. I could feel a hand on my right breast and a hand on my left thigh, which moved to my crotch. Then both hands were up my t-shirt and round the back, clumsily undoing my bra as his tongue was licking the sweat from my face. His hands forced my t-shirt and bra up and I soon felt his mouth on one nipple then the other. Whilst paying his slobbering attention to my nipples, I felt my jeans being undone. “Stop. ” “Relax honey, you’ll enjoy this.

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  ” “No, stop. Please. ” “Trust me, it’s all good. ” My legs were lifted up and my jeans tugged down to just below my knees. “They’re pretty. ” I looked from the ceiling to his face which was staring at my pale blue cotton knickers. ” “No, no more. I don’t think I should be doing this. ” “Relax, all girls your age are doing this. ” He sniffed at my covered crotch. “You smell so sweet and fresh. ” I just stared at the ceiling as he sucked and licked my knickers. His bristles scratched my inner thighs. I could feel his spit soaking through the cotton dampening my skin and pubic hair. He pulled my panties to the side and his rough tongue slid up and down my labia.

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   I reached down to push his face away. My hands brushed my knickers. They were soaking wet with his slobber. As I pushed him away, somehow he managed to get my knickers down to my knees. Then he was over me. I could feel his hairy thigh pressing and scraping against mine. Then something not too dissimilar from an uncooked sausage was being roughly pressed against my spit-covered labia. He couldn’t find the entrance. This went on for ages. He found my entrance, pushing and jabbing. As his penis slid up between my lips, I felt a slight throb from it and I could feel my skin and pubic hair becoming damper. He rolled off to the side. I was sore from his rough handling of me. My right hand reached down. I could feel a lot of sticky fluid through my fine pubic hair and all over the outer lips of my vagina.

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   He suddenly spoke. “I’m sorry. That was a bit awkward. It should have been a lot better than that. ” I struggled to my feet, pulling my wet knickers over my crotch. I quickly pulled my jeans up. Jase stood and gave me a hug. Still holding me, he looked into my eyes. “Look, I would love to see you again. I didn’t mean for things to get like this. Just give me one more chance. One more date. ” I just stared at him. “Look, me and a few friends are having a party on New Years here. It’ll be a lot safer, a lot more people around.

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   Come along. Get to know me. That will be our second date. ” Breaking free from his hug, I replied, “We’ll see. ” I left the shed and ran round the back, almost in tears. I didn’t know what I should feel. Taking off my jeans and knickers, I threw my panties under the shed, not wanting them. I pulled my jeans back on and walked briskly home. .



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