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I used more lotion on her back and she moved a little closer so I could have better access. After awhile though, I had pushed the shirt up as far as it would go and suggested she take her shirt off.
"Here in the car?"
"Yeah, it's dark. Nobody's going to see anything. "
I didn't think she'd go for it but right away she lifted her arms over her head and took off her shirt, the bra coming along with it and I got my first glimpse of her huge teenage breasts. They were as big and looked as good as I had fantasized, wide and heavy and round with hardly any sag. And her nipples! My gosh they were a good inch and a half long and just as hard as my dick. I kept massaging her back but then gave into temptation after about a minute and slid my hand around to her left tit. She gave a little sigh and slid down a bit in the seat. She was wearing a khaki skirt and it slid up on her thighs but I just kept squeezing and rubbing her breast, sliding my fingers over the thick nipple and giving it a pinch.

"Oh! You. . . give. . .

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  a. . . good. . . massage. . . "she said, head back on the seat. As we passed under a streetlight I noticed she had her hand around her right breast and had her legs squeezed tightly together. That made my dick about jump out of my shorts but I wanted to pleasure her first. I took her left hand and put it on her left tit and told her to just rub them by herself then reached down and slid my hand under her skirt. She moaned at that point and did what I told her, sliding down on the seat and opening her legs as wide as she could.
Her panties were wet and I pushed them aside to get two fingers into her pussy.

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"OH! Oh yeah, Michael. . . " She gasped.
By then I was driving into my driveway, almost knocking over the mailbox. When I drove into the garage and parked, I was all over her in an instant, kissing her and using my left hand to rub her clit and pussy. It took about a minute before she gasped and then let out a little scream as she had her first orgasm of the night.
(Much more to Come. . . ) 



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