Almost getting caught


     ÂOne night when i get home from my girlfriend's house, my sister invited over her friend, amber. after they went to sleep, i went up stairs to their room. I layed next to amber to admire her figure. I started to massage her breasts and then her nipples. As soon as i touched her nipples they instantly became hard. I then began to rub her virgin public area. But, i soon found out that she was already wet! I started to rub her pussy until she was wet enough for me to do things with it. When i started to insert my finger she moaned LOUDLY. (and started to move alittle) I froze and thought if i were to be caught at this stage i was SCREWED! I thought the quicker i have my fun and get out of there, the better. So, i inserted 2. . . 3. . . .

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  and all 4 of my fingers in her pussy within a few seconds. She started having an orgasm! I thought, "Wow, if she is having an orgasm before i even start moving my fingers, i wonder how she would like this. . . ". i ramed my fingers in and out of her pussy. She started to buck and moan so loudly i had to cover her with a pillow so she wouldn't wake the whole house up. after about 5mins she settled down and i was able to take my fingers out. I then started to tease her with my tonge. i just touched her with my tonge and she jumped.  I started to make slow circles around her virgin pussy and then inserted my tonge. She let out a "ooo! mmmmm". After playing with her pussy with my tonge for a bit i felt her starting to come to another orgasm. I stopped. She said in her "fanasy dream" " please more.


  . . more. .
    . more!!!" i flicked my tonge which brought her dangerously close to another orgasm. (I wanted to make this one then most pleasureable. Then without warning i furiously attacked her pussy with my tonge. she bucked over and over. she started to come with a big "OO OOOOOO AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she was like a sprinkler. she started to wake up. I said to my self "oooo sh*t!" I covered her up and ran out of the room but not far so i could hear her. She said to herself "Oh, I love when i have that dream", and then went back to sleep.

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