Alex and I


Alex and I
I woke up on that Tuesday morning feeling absolutely normal. I turned over in my bed and saw that it was 6. 30. I had to get up to go to school so I woke myself up properly by doing some loose stretches. I have never felt comfortable with my body. I haven’t had a boyfriend in about two years and I think that I can’t get one because I’m fat. My friends always tell me that I’m gorgeous and things to try and reassure me but it never works. So I read on the internet about healthy eating regimes and stuff. I’m trying my best and have lost about 4 pounds so far. So anyway, I finished my stretches and got into the shower. I washed and conditioned my hair and then lathered up my legs with shave gel. I finished shaving my legs and bent down to feel the smoothness. I felt quite turned on but knew I had to hurry as I was running late. I had been shopping that weekend and had bought myself a new top to celebrate my weight loss. It was quite revealing for school but I wasn’t bothered. It was time for boys to see the new me I thought.

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   The top was low cut and tight around the bust area but got looser around my stomach which hid the worst bit of my body. I put on my favourite jeans and shoes and ran downstairs to get my breakfast. I saw the time on the big clock in the hall and realised I was a lot more late than I thought! And I still hadn’t done my makeup. I skipped breakfast and ran for the bus. The stop is only at the end of my road so I didn’t miss it. I sat on an empty seat and got out my makeup bag. I held the mirror up and tidied my hair. I then put some mascara and eye-liner on before getting my lip gloss. As I brought the mirror up to focus on my lips, I noticed the reflection. Behind me was a lad that I knew from school. His name was Alex and I think he was in the rugby team. He was in my maths class too. Suddenly, he realised I had seen him looking and turned and stared out of the window. I smiled to myself and applied the lip gloss, then put the mirror away.
At school, things went fairly smoothly.

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   I’m 18 and a half so in a years time I will be doing my GCSE’s and my teachers never let us forget it. I got told off a couple of times for talking (which isn’t surprising) and a couple more times for not having my homework. Finally the day was over. I went to the bus stop to catch my bus home. I was one of the first people on so I found my favourite seat and settled myself down in it. As the bus filled up, Alex came on. He looked around for a spare seat and, even though there were some free nearer his mates, he sat down next to me. I was surprised at this because, until this morning I hadn’t really noticed him paying any attention to me at all! But I managed to hide my excitement. I moved my bag so he could sit down and smiled at him. He grinned back and said thank you and sat down. He spoke to me quite a bit. Just small talk really. Then the subject went on to maths. I told him how I was really worried I was going to fail because I didn’t get anything we had been taught this term. He smiled at me, almost sympathetically really, and said that if I wanted to come round to his place then he could tutor me.

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   Now I wasn’t exactly going to turn down an invitation like that was I! But before I could answer him, my mobile rang. It was my mum. I answered it and she told me that her conference at work had run over so she was going to stay the night at a nearby hotel and maybe the next night too. I couldn’t believe my luck. The house was empty and I had the most cutest boy offering to tutor me! I was in heaven, literally! I hung up the phone and turned to Alex, a new spout of courage being issued to me. I told him that there was a change of plan. That my house was empty and that he could come round and tutor me that night. He said that was fine and that he could easily walk home afterwards as his home was not far from mine. My stop came round the corner so we gathered our stuff and exited the bus. As we walked to my house, we walked pretty close, his shoulder was touching mine. I could feel heat coming from him. I could also feel my pussy get wet! We walked up my drive and I unlocked the door.
We entered and I led him to the living room where I told him to get comfy. I told him I was just gonna go upstairs and get changed and bring my maths stuff down and that he could get anything he wanted from the kitchen. I ran upstairs and grabbed tee and a pair of hot pants.

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   I had bought those at the weekend because all those stretches had paid off and had left me with ultra toned legs! I grabbed a folder of maths stuff and went back downstairs again. Alex was in the kitchen looking at what was in the fridge. I entered the living room. There was a breakfast bar separating us. I sat down at a stool at the bar and asked Alex to grab the apple juice and a couple of glasses from the cupboard. He came with them and sat down at the bar next to me. He poured some juice as I found a page that I knew I found difficult. As we both leaned into the book, our shoulders touched again and I could feel shocks of electricity coming from him. He smiled at me then bent down to explain an equation to me. I didn’t get it at all. I was really upset and I felt really stupid. He lay his hand gently on my thigh and pulled my chin gently up with his finger. He looked deep into my eyes and told me that we would have a break and do some more later. I led him into the living room and we sat on the sofa. I turned the TV on and snuggled up to his side.

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   I told him I was quite cold (it was true, my legs had goose bumps!) and did he mind. He grinned at me and put his arm around my shoulders. I snuggled into him again, one hand around his back and another innocently on his chest.
As we sat together, I could feel myself getting hotter and hotter. I looked up at him and saw he was staring intently into my eyes. He smiled at me and asked if he could kiss me. If I was standing up then my legs would have collapsed! I was so flattered. And he was so cute. I leaned forward and told him I hadn’t in a long time and I might not be very good at it. He told me that’s not possible and leaned down and kiss me gently on my lips. His were so soft and gentle. He broke apart and laughed quietly at my face. I was in heaven even more at this point. I smiled at him, which I suppose was a signal that he could carry on because this time he kissed me again but his tongue slowly entered through my lips, slowly roaming my mouth. I thought I had died and gone to heaven about three million times! He was beautiful.

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   He thought I was beautiful. We were beautiful.
He broke the kiss and asked me if I was ok. I couldn’t believe that I was kissing the most gorgeous guy in our year, and he was so concerned about me. I nodded, smiling and told him I was fine now.
‘good. Shall we try that equation once more?’
So I got up and got the book and brought it back to the sofa I snuggled up under his arm that was once again over my shoulders. As he spoke, his hand went lower and lower until it was on my breast. Now my breasts aren’t very big and I wear padded bras to make them look bigger but I wasn’t wearing one at the moment because I took it off when I got changed. my nipples were clearly showing through the thin material of the tee. I looked up at him and grinned. He smiled back and took the book off me and put it on the coffee table, all without breaking eye contact with me. His hand started playing lightly with my nipple as I lay back on the sofa and he gently lay on top of me. Our kiss began once more but this time the pressure was all different. He moaned gently through it, his tongue vibrating mine.

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   He broke it again and got off me.
‘What’s the matter?’ I asked.
‘Nothing, I just don’t want to take advantage of you because I have liked you for ages and I want this to be special. ’
‘Really,’ I asked him.
‘Really what?’ He replied.
‘You have liked me for ages?’ I asked.
‘Yea,’ he said. ‘I was so pleased you asked for a tutor. ’
I giggled softly. ‘Do you want to go upstairs, its more comfortable up there. ’
He stood up and took my hand. I led him up to my bedroom where I sat down on the bed. He sat down next to me, his eyes almost questioning me on what I wanted to do. I nodded then kneeled up on the bed. My lips met his and this time both hands were free.

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   They went for my breasts which were so pleased to me touched because the nipples had got so hard that they were now quite sore. I broke off the kiss this time, only to pull the tee over my head, revealing my breasts to him. His mouth lowered and clasped around the left one, his tongue swirling around the nipple. I moaned and tilted my head back. It felt so good. He moved onto the right one, doing the same but his hand was still on the left one, occasionally pinching the nipple between his finger and thumb. It hurt but in a pleasurable way. I moaned at him not to stop but eventually he did. He lay me down on the bed and hooked the elastic of the hot pants I was wearing around his thumbs and pulled down until they revealed my panties and bare legs. He lowered his face and shoved his nose into my panties, smelling my scent. He hooked the elastic of my panties around his thumbs too and pulled them down until they revealed my slit, with a streak of hair on my mound. I spread my legs for him as his face lowered once more. He stuck his tongue out and probed my pussy lips that were red and inflamed. I was so hot. He ran his tongue over my clit, making me shiver.

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   I moaned and bucked my hips to meet his licks. He stuck his tongue into my burning hole just as I had the most intense orgasm I ever experienced. I was thrashing around the bed like hell, moaning and groaning. After I recovered I leaned up on my elbows and looked at him. He had a grin like a Cheshire cat, one that matched mine. I told him that I was going to go and clean up but would be right back. I went into the bathroom and splashed my face. I tied my hair back in a loose bun of curls and sprayed myself with body spray. I called to him to see if he was ok but there was no answer. I walked into my room and saw him lying in my bed, the quilt covering his stomach down, fast asleep (or so I thought). I quietly walked up to the bed and straddled his groin. I leaned forward and stroked his chest with my fingers, feeling the strong muscles rippling under his skin. As my hands travelled lower and lower to his stomach I could hear his breath quicken. I kissed his lips lightly then made a trail of kisses down his neck and chest to his stomach where my hands were still massaging. My hand went under the cover to his groin.

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   I gripped his cock, the first cock I ever had. His was firm yet soft and smooth. I ran my finger down it then back up again, paying attention to the head, swirling my little finger round and round it. I shimmied down so I was kneeling down in between his legs. I pulled the covers away from him and saw it for the first time. I bent over and kissed the head. I then ran my tongue where my finger ran, again paying attention to the head but this time with my tongue. As I took it into my mouth, I heard a small gasp escape him. I didn’t see him lean up on his elbows like I was, observing me suck his cock, not knowing he was my first. I tried to deep throat him but my throat muscles were not used to it and I gagged. I tried again and again and on the third time I managed to get him all in my mouth. He gasped again, he sounded shocked! He wiggled my nose in his pubic hair and my ass in the air in unison, a kind of celebration dance! His voice sounded hoarse when he almost whispered that he was going to cum. I tensed my throat muscles so that they tickled his head and then I felt jets of cum flowing down my throat. I gagged a bit and almost spat him out but I held him there and drank it all like a pro. I looked up at him and licked my lips, cleaning up all the leaks that had escaped my mouth.


   His jaw had dropped but he looked happy. I crawled up to him and lay next to him. Wow, he whispered. I giggled quietly before curling up next to him and eventually dozing off, listening to the steady sound of his heart beat.
I woke at about 8. 30 that night. Alex was lying next to me. He smiled at me when he realised I had woken and kissed my forehead. I looked down and grinned at the fact that we were both naked!
‘Hope,’ he whispered.
‘Yea,’ I said.
‘I think I’m in love,’ he said.
I leaned up on one elbow and grinned the biggest grin I have ever given anybody. I kissed him fully on the lips before whispering, ‘I think I love you too!’
We lay there together for a while, just talking about stuff, our favourite books, our family, our hobbies, stuff like that. Then I said something I really wanted to happen. I knew I only wanted him.

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   I had dreamed for years that Alex would like me and now he did, I wasn’t going to let him go. He was perfect. Although the good thing was, he looked as though he liked me as much as I liked him. Then I said it.
‘Alex, I said.
‘Yea,’ he replied.
‘I want you to be my first. ’
‘Really. ’
‘Yea. Please. ’
‘Ok but won’t it hurt. ’
‘I’ve been told it does but I don’t care. I want it to be you. ’
‘Ok will be careful. Tell me if you want to stop.

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I kissed him and he responded. I lay on my back as Alex lay on top of me. His cock was already hard, it must have been from the lack of attention! As he held himself in position he looked at me for the signal. I nodded and smiled at him. Then he entered. He was slow and he would go in a bit then out then in a bit further. He sank into me and I felt my pussy muscles contracting to fit him inside me. Then he felt it. I felt it too. My cherry. He drew out and then asked me if I was sure. I said yes and he smiled at me before going into me again, slightly harder this time so as to break my cherry. I squealed in pain. It hurt so much! He stopped immediately and just stayed in there, waiting for me to get used to him. I held onto him, tears running down my cheeks.

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   Gradually the pain went away and I told Alex it was ok to start again. He went slowly and carefully but as he realised it wasn’t going to hurt anymore, he picked up his pace. I loved it. As he pumped into me I could feel my muscles trying to hold onto him as he left me, then making room for him as he entered me. Suddenly he stopped again.
‘What’s the matter?’ I asked.
‘Nothing,’ he said. ‘But I’m going to cum. ’
And he started to draw out.
‘No,’ I said. ‘I love you. I don’t care. I have been dreaming about being with you for years!’
‘Oh my god,’ he said. ‘So have I. I have always wanted to fuck you.

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   I want to marry you and have babies with you. I want to be with you. I want you. ’
‘Please,’ I said. ‘Don’t stop. ’
So he bent down and pushed his tongue into my mouth as he pushed his cock into my pussy. After a couple of thrusts, he grunted as he emptied his load into me. I could feel hot jets enter me just as I came. As we orgasmed together, I felt totally at ease with myself for the first time in all my life. I had never felt anything like it. We lay there together for a while, in complete harmony. Then we showered together and helped wash each other. And I loved every minute of it. Even the maths!