After Dinner Delight


“Hey, babe,” Dmitri said from the kitchen as Rebecca walked through the door. Since she had started taking her evening class, Dmitri had begun timing dinner so that it would be done just a few minutes after she got home. “How was class?” Dmitri asked her as he sat the table. “Not bad at all, really. I just have to get used to spending so much time in that desk. My back is killing me,” she replied. Dmitri offered her a back rub after dinner which she gladly accepted.
After dinner, however, Rebecca had homework to which she must attend and Dmitri had an online exam. As the evening winded down, they sunk into their nightly ritual of lying on the couch, her on top of him on her side, and watching television. While Rebecca was watching another episode of her favorite game show, Dmitri spent his time admiring her. Rebecca was one of those girls that drew attention from everyone, male and female, when she walked into the room. Standing at 5’2”, Rebecca’s small, tight body caused instant reactions from anyone with the slightest imagination, from her dark brown hair to her fit, tan legs. . She had a very perky, well rounded set of B’s, with dark nipples that puffed up at the slightest sign of arousal and a well-tanned, sexy stomach that guided the attention down to her gorgeous, large lipped pussy, seductively hidden by a small tuft of hair. Add on her perfectly rounded, large, yet firm bottom and fading tan lines, and you have the embodiment of every boy’s perspective of sexual perfection.
Somewhat unconsciously, Dmitri slid his hand into her form fitting sweat pants and gave her ass a firm squeeze, his thumb running along the lacey fabric of the rear string of her thong.

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  She let out a slight moan under her breath and shifter her weight, allowing her hand to brush across the crotch of his jersey shorts. After a few minutes of restlessly tossing and turning, Rebecca began to flip through the channels, seemingly uninterested in what she found. As she reached the premium channels, her interest began to pique. Instead of skipping over the adult channels which Dmitri had adamantly requested they order, she surfed them as well, attempting to make it look as if it hadn’t even occurred to her what would be on them. She made her way through the channels quickly but returned to the last channel immediately after passing it. On their 50” plasma television, stood the nearly life-sized image of a petite brunette, much like Rebecca, kneeling over a large busty blonde, rubbing her pussy into her face while simultaneously deep-throating a well-endowed cock.
Rebecca’s breathing became deeper and faster. Dmitri noticed that her nipples had hardened and were quite evident through the sheer material of her t-shirt. Taking his cue, Dmitri slowly slid is hand under the bottom of her shirt and began to gently caress her lower stomach. He worked his way up and slowly circled her belly button with one finger then continued up, tracing his finger along the underside of her bra, only to drag his finger slowly back down to the waistband of her pants. As he slid the finger along the inside of her waistband, Rebecca’s lips released a gaspy moan. Dmitri took the signal and repositioned himself so that she was lying face up in his lap.
Then he did something he knew pushed the limits of her resistance. He slid his left hand up under her bra and traced the outer edge of her areola while the right slipped inside of her panties and began to rub the inside of her thigh and groin, bare millimeters from her swelling pussy lips. He could feel the heat escaping from her throbbing lips and the slight buck of her hips as she grinded her ass against his crotch.

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  After a few minutes of arousal, Dmitri slid his middle finger between the lips of Rebecca’s pussy and down into her warm, wet hole. While quickly sliding his finger in and out of her tight, slippery vagina, Dmitri licked his thumb and index finger on the other hand and pinched and swirled her nipples, causing her hips to furiously buck against his rising cock. In and out, while wiggling his finger and occasionally rubbing his thumb across her unwary clit, Dmitri drove her to the point of no return. “Fuck me, baby. Put your cock in my pussy, please,” she begged between moans. Fueled by her begging, Dmitri pulled off her clothes and then his own before laying back down on the couch. Rebecca slowly straddled him and grabbed the stiff shaft of his cock, directing it towards her engorged pussy lips.
Slowly, she lowered herself down onto his shaft, filling inch by inch of her hole with his hard, warm cock. When she reached full penetration, she arched her back and spread her lips. “See your cock in my pussy, baby?”As she pulled her lips apart, Dmitri bucked his hips in excitement, sending himself deeper into her. As she built up her speed, bouncing up and down on his pulsating cock, he slid his finger up the length of his dick, between her lips and onto her clit. As she rode, he gently rubbed her clit. Faster and faster she bounced, her tits bouncing. Dmitri matched her bouncing with thrusts, causing deeper penetration. For quite some time they fucked, synchronized motions and her moaning and gasping furthering the excitement.

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  Finally she began to scream and her pussy tightened. She arched her back, moaning deeply, and rode him as fast as she could.
The extreme speed of her riding his cock and the tightness of her orgasm pushed Dmitri over the limit. “I’m going to cum, baby,” he screamed. She immediately jumped off of him and laid down on the couch as he stood up. Dmitri began to jerk on his cock and squeeze his balls while he took in the view of her sprawled out on the couch, one hand exploring the folds of her pussy, displaying it for his pleasure. “Get off on me?” she asked him. Those words were all it took. He began to cum, stream after stream of hot white semen squirting onto her stomach and chest. When he finished, she ran her fingers through the cum on her chest, rubbing it into her nipples, sending shudders of pleasure through herself. “Will you clean me off now, baby?”



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