After Class


Opening your mouth you say, "Kita. . . uh. . . " but I continue unabatedly, "after class in your office where you try to find a way to say I should act more ladylike. . . your voice chokes off with a ragged inhale of defeat as I walk, swaying my hips sexily, around your desk unbuttoning the two remaining buttons on my blouse & then sit in front of you, little girl like, on your desk, leaning forward wide & innocent-eyed". Still narrating my actions I lean back raising my left knee placing my foot up on your desk & hugging my heel against my ass. My already short plaid school skirt falls all the way up my leg & you see my panties pulled up tight around my pussy, perfectly outlining it's fat thumb sized lips. As you begin to speak, "now, Kita", I reach between my breasts & snap my fingers. My lacy miracle bra falls apart. Smiling & shrugging with an "Oh well" look, I pull my shoulders back to sit up straight. My perfectly shaped dark raspberry tipped confections spill out just two feet from your face, jiggling & swaying.

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   My silver-dollar sized areola wrinkle & tighten, pushing my three nickel nipples forward to harden beneath your stare. (My breasts are full & round against my chest, then, as if my breasts had breasts, they step down to become pear shaped & uptilted). Sliding off of your desk sinuously while looking into your eyes, I kneel in front of you as you sat in your chair & place your nervous hands on my mouth watering breasts, urging your fingers to pull & pinch my nipples & your hands to squeeze my tender, resilient, heavy teen breasts. Fascinated with their succulent, begging attraction, their blue veins contrasting with their porcelain whiteness, you sit dumbly when my fingers first pet the bulging outline then scratch the swollen head of the outline under a wet spot on your slacks. Helpless, you stare as I tug at your zipper & reach inside your trousers, gasping as if burned when my cool, little girl's fingers close around your hot cock. I am breathing heavily. My unfettered breasts rise & fall with the tempo of my growing lust. I pull your beautiful hard cock into view, it's turgid shaft grasped tightly, your glans throbbing & swelling, larger & more angry red in time with the rise & fall of my breasts. My giggling over, my lips quiver, almost sick in my lower stomach with gut wrenching dirty lust, I start to lick it's sweet helmet head. I love it so. I need this. My whole attention, my life, is all in front of my face, threatening to explode from my slurping wanton devotion. I am your cock's whore. I wrap my tongue around & under the red shiny cap, goose flesh covering my arms from your sweet cock's man taste. Like a little girl with her lolly I lap along it's loose skinned shaft, suck wet kisses all over it, lick & suck your balls, slap my face with your cock & rub it everywhere, behind my ears & under my chin, along my neck & shoulder (God! I love it!), caressing my closed eyelids with it's velvety smooth heat.

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   My fingertips lightly tickle your ball sack while I hold just your cock's red little "suck me" in my mouth. Licking it all around inside my lips, sucking it softly. Then tucking it between my breasts I begin to stick my tongue in it's little pee hole before licking its helmeted head & around your scar just behind your cock head with broad tongued slurps, enjoying myself for several minutes without a thought for anything else, groaning & whining in self absorbed cock-sucking heaven. As if awakening from a deep trance you gasp loudly with a deep intake of breath. Like a slow motion explosion of pent up lust you swell up & command me to "suck my cock you little tease"!! Grabbing fistfuls of my long midnight tresses you shove your cock deep in my mouth & hold my face in your lap until I choke & gag. Sputtering & waving my arms, trying to escape, making my breasts bounce wildly but you hold me there, feeling my throat’s spasm around your cock head. "Do it right, Kita", you insist!! "If I let you up will you suck me right"? I nod my head affirmatively & begin to relax but instead of allowing me to recover you push my mouth up & down on your cock, showing me who is in control. "Relax your mouth & suck me softly Pretty Baby. Make it good for me, Kita. That's my beautiful little girl, my own sweet cock sucker. Wet & loose, Kita. Deeeeep. . . deeeper, Baby.

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  . . Yesssss Ahhhhhhh!! Yessssss!! Mmmmmm" In shock at your transformation from Casper Milquetoast, I suck how you command me. Out of my mind with lust I use my mouth as if it were my pussy, slavishly obeying your needs. Loving it as much, no, more than if you were shoving your beautiful rod in my pussy, much more. I love to suck. My life is sucking your cock. I am lost in jabbing your man meat against the back of my throat. My eyes are red with hungry animal lust. I am making happy, begging, please-let-me-have-more sounds, gurgling like a contented baby, choking on it in my ardor, trying to take it all inside my pretty red lips as if I could never get enough. A rhythmic, groaning, raspy breath whistles through my nose with each sucking pull backwards before sluicing your cock wetly back down again. . . never swallowing. My saliva just runs down your cock shaft, bobbing my head several times only on the top several inches until I sense your impatience.

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  . . then deeeeeep swooping drives down to the bottom of your cock, my spit coating your shiny shaft & wetting my chest & breasts, your pubic hair, running off your legs onto the chair. I obey your every direction your every wish for so long my lips & face are numb but your hands are never off my head, always there to push my wet serving mouth down deep again if I slow down my bobbing suck-off. "It's getting good, Kita. Keep it up, Baby!! Don't stop!! I'm gonna cum for you, I'm gonna spill my jizz!!" You are jacking yourself off with my mouth, just using my mouth for your pleasure, tightening your grip in my hair forcing me on & off your cock as you like. I begin to fight again when you stick your cock into my throat unexpectedly. Using your strength to hold it there you warn, "Don't struggle, Kita. Put your hands behind your back. !! Giving complete control to you I reach behind my back & clasp my hands together. . . jutting my breasts forward. You pinch a nipple cruelly & pull my breasts against your balls as the fingers of your other hand twist tighter in my hair & urge me to greater speed. I slave for you, my cheeks sink in & bulge outward as I bob my mouth wetly up & down your cock, giving you everything, my breasts swinging & my hair flying.

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   Leaning back to watch your pole slide into my mouth, you are forcing my mouth to do exactly as you want. Raising your hips up off the chair to meet my downward slobbering loose jaws, you coo for me to "relax your mouth & take it all, Baby. Make it cum, Sweet Kita. That's it!! You beautiful little teaser!! Work for it, Babydoll, my sweet soft baby girl. My own personal cock sucker!! Faster Kita! Suck faster you little whore! Faster!! Yessss, Faster, Baby!! Suck me off, my sweet little slut!! Deeper. . . deeper. All of it, Kita!! Ahhhhhhh!!! Yesssssss!! talking out of your mind, telling me that I will suck you as you want for as long as you want, not for me but only for your pleasure. Pulling my mouth off your cock you turn my head to make me look at you. "Beg to suck me, Kita!! Go on BEG my beautiful little cum eater!! Plead for my cum!! Tell me you need it!!" Then, as I try to swallow before speaking, you stand & begin to fuck my mouth harder & deeper, forcing my head back with your grip. "All of it every time, Kita", you insist while swinging your hips back & fro, plunging your long thick slab of cock meat deep into my mouth before withdrawing quickly until your glans appears but not letting me have a break but with a hand on the back of my neck you urge my mouth over your cock all the way down again. It's length seems too much for me as you obscenely hunch your hips as if fucking a deep cunt. My lips are already bruised & stretched to their limit but you pull your cock head out of my mouth with every plunge now before ramming it back to it's root. "Keep your jaws wide, Kita.

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   Show me you love it! " I must beg for it now, beetween throat-deep stabs. "Yes". . . gag. . . "please Pro". . . choking push & hold. . . "fessor, Please". Holding my face between your hands, you obscenely bend your knees & dog hunch my mouth, gagging me until the tears form in my eyes & spill out over my cheeks.

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   Getting a firm grip in my hair with a fist you use the other hand to force my jaws open wide, spreading my lips with your fingers, folding them outward to look like a pussy's lips. Then after a dozen brutally hard pumps all the way in until your pubic bone flattens my lips, the hand on the back of my head pulls harder. Your second hand pulls my bottom jaw downward then joins its mate behind my head. Holding my mouth hard!! Down all the way to your balls, holding me there, wiggling your hips slowly, levering your cock farther & farther into my throat. I cannot breathe as your cock is far past my trachea. "Fondle my balls as I cumm, Kita!! As soon as I cumm you may breath. YES!! KITA!! SUCK FOR YOUR LIFE MY LUSCIOUS WHORE. . NEVER STOP!!" You use all your strength to pull my straining jaws & lips over your balls, lodging my mouth wide open & full of balls, your cock all the way down my throat. Beginning to feel dizzy I feel your hot cock head swelling & expanding in my throat, preparing to pump it's sticky cargo directly into my stomach. You pull me quickly off your cock just keeping your cock head in my mouth, then fucking it in & out, slowly sawing it between my lips to prolong your orgasm.
    A thin stream of semen strings into my mouth. “Yessss, gently & slow now, Kita, tease it out of me, Honey. Suckle me my pretty one. Love my cock, Sweetheart.

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       Feed on it, Baby!! Show me you need my hot syrup" (God I do love it so!!) Sneering filthy suck commands at me through lips quivering in mindless oblivion, grunting like a pig, your climax grips you as a high voltage current, forcing your grip in my hair to tighten. "Suck me my pretty Bitch, vuvuvuvuvzuzuzuzusususu" your teeth & lower lip vibrate your lust. "Don't you dare stop!!" Bending my head back to force my mouth open you scream with the pain of a large swelling, moving down your cock shaft. My eyes widen as it stretches your meatus, bulging it out grotesquely, moving slowly toward the head like a tennis ball is about to erupt. . . . . "GAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!" you cry out in pain as it moves slowly along your cock shaft even though I can feel your balls in my hand pumping furiously, trying desperately to eject this mammoth wad of pecker snot. As the first gobbitt reaches your scar, two more wads cum bulging along in the path created by their predecessor. Then, exploding out of the little pee hole with an audible "phlupp. " Thick, almost solid "phlupp". . . each weighing on my tongue like a hot, half melted marshmallow "phlupp".

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       Each glop of your nasty spunk dropping heavily onto my tongue until my mouth can hold no more. I take a breath before swallowing but your hand darts out & clamps on my neck under my chin. You sneer with your new power, "don't you dare!! Don't even think about swallowing. Hold it in your mouth, Kita. Show me you love my sperm, my pretty young oral servant. " Releasing my neck, stroking its soft skin with the back of your fingers. . . "Savor it until I say you may swallow. " Some of the thinner semen has drained down my throat & I cough a little choking sputter. Cum dribbles out onto my stretched, swollen & raw slack lips. The clumps of goo in my mouth are chewy. Tiny mucousy tadpoles seem to dart about in my mouth, tiny eels swimming & wriggling over my tongue, tickling it & making me want to laugh. "Swill my jizz, Kita!! Roll it around & over your tongue. Love it! Keep it in your mouth.

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       Hold it until it melts. " I roll it over & around in my mouth for several minutes while you kiss my face, lips & breasts, toying with my drenched & swollen pussy, then probing inside me as if only vaguely curious. I find I love the taste, the texture. I tremble now with excitement, pressing my thighs together. "Now, Kita, open your mouth. Tilt your head back, Kita, Honey. Let me see it trickle down your throat slowly. Don't swallow, Kita," you instruct. "Let it slide down. Savor it. " Then you startle me by barking loudly, "do as I say, Kita!" Your fingers find my tender breasts & pinch my nipples painfully, twisting them & pulling them outward as if starting a pinball game. . . with just enough force that I can barely stand the pain. I wring my hands together behind me & step from one knee to the other as your cruel fingers continue to flatten & roll my nipples, whimpering from the burning hurt searing through my breasts.


       I tilt my head back & open my mouth, letting the thinner watery semen flow back over my tongue first. Through my tears I see you smiling at me as if at a prize possession. I know I will do exactly as you say. I choke & gag a little as your melted cum slides over my tongue & on past my breathing passages. I shudder as it's still stringy, wriggly consistancy slips to the back of my throat. I am scared of choking & I gag when the creamy oyster enters my throat. Slowly though I get used to it & it slides down slowly, stinging all the way down my throat & esophagus to drip into my stomach. The thickest blob of sticky cum is slow to move back so I tilt my head back to speed its entrance into my throat. With my eyes open wide & your face peering directly into my mouth, you sigh proudly with satisfaction when the knotty, golf ball sized wad adjusts it's shape & oozes greasily past my uvula & down my throat past my trachea without a problem. Chills march down my back to my tight little ass cheeks. I take my hands from behind my back & cling to your knees when a sharp burning sting assaults my clitty. "UNNNNNNNNNNNGUUUUUUGCHTH!!", I grunt. "GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. " You take my fingers & put them between my swollen soppy cunt lips. I stroke them & circle my clitty, blinded by the intensity of a sharp series of popping orgasms that wrack me as the last of your cum drips into my stomach, "UNGHA UNGHA UNGNMMMM UNMMMMMNG.

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       When my heart stops pounding & I open my eyes & see that you are dressed. I realize I have found a new love, imbibing, not swallowing cum. My mouth is now empty & my pussy juice is coating my inner thighs. I am very weak. You stand up straight & pull me to my feet. "You may go, Kita. " You smile at me possessively as I smooth out my skirt. I clasp my bra together again & smooth my blouse. You swat my ass as if in consolation for trying really hard but still losing the game. I wipe my mouth on the back of my hand & trudge slowly toward your office door while buttoning my blouse. Glancing back, you are standing with your cock out through your zipper & in your hand. You jack it slowly a few times & a droplet of semen oozes out to hang thickly, beaconing. You nod & I bend to gather the precious nectar onto my tongue. Then as I turn down the hall shuffling my feet I hear your voice echo after me, "No panties tomorrow, Kita. " A smile creeps onto my sexy talented mouth, my tongue revels in the last of your tasty sperm & my feet begin skipping.

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       My school girl's skirt flips up & flounces gaily as I skip. A thrilling buzzing aftershock shoots through my pussy as I think about tomorrow. . . . . . . . kita21@swbell. net.



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