Adventures With Lily part 1


Everything you are about to read is true

First off let me tell you about Lily, she is a tall girl, around 5' 8", around 135 pounds, with long legs, a tight ass, 36C breasts, with short red hair, it was dyed at the time, and gourgeous green eyes. She truely is a beautiful and stunning girl. I see myself as a very average guy, around 180 pounds, 6' 3", short dirty blond hair with green eyes, i have been told im very handsome, and attractive guy.

The story starts when she and I are both 18 I was extremly average i stayed with my friends at school, and outside of school, did not party much, drink, or do any drugs, nor did any of my friends. Thats just the way we were. Lily on the other hand she was a party animal always socializing with multiple groups, going to parties. getting wasted and high, but never having sex with any of the scum at the party. She is not a slut, nowhere near. To summarize I was very plain and she was very popular in our teen years.

I met Lily by approaching her, thinking she is very attractive and trying to hit on her, not knowing she had a boyfriend. That however did not stop us from becoming very good friends and within a few weeks we would constantly be hanging out together, just the two of us. Getting to know each other, but anyway i should start the story.

It was a night like any other, my folks had both left for work, which left me at home alone at night most of the time. So i decided to call Lily and invite her over, she agreed of course and was over in just a couple minutes because she lived literaly around the corner, maybe five houses away.

Once she arrived we went up to my room and started to watch tv or a movie, i can not remember. We both just sat there talking as usual until Lily asked me for a smoke.

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   I do not smoke and never have (except a bit of weed which she introduced me to but that will come later on) and she smokes on and off, whenever she is stressed or whatever, but my mother and father smoked more than a chimney and there was always a pack of cigs lying around and she knew it. She begged me for one but still i declined. She then said something i will never forget, she said "I'll do ANYTHING for one!". That got me thinking and not with the head on my shoulders. After my silence to her last comment she rolled over looking away from me and started to pout. After a moment i regained control of myself for only a few seconds and thought about what could happen, mostly thinking aobut the bad, before my dick took back over and I rolled up behind her in a spooning position and carressed up from her leg to her boob while saying "Anything?". By the time i reached her breast she rolled away and moaned her disapproval causing me to roll off and continue to watch tv. After less than a minute she sat up and said "Fine ill let you feel me up but thats it. ". To me, still being a virgin at the time, it sounded pretty good. But I had lusted after her since I first met her and my dick was in complete control. . . "Strip too" i said "I'll go down to my bra and panties but anymore and im telling my boyfriend" she said.
    "Deal" i said and with that she got off my bed and stripped down in front of me to her blue bra and matching blue thong panties.

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       After she stripped i told her to come to me and she did with only a moments hesitation. At first i was just fondling her boobs through her bra with me to the side of her. That didnt last it was boring, I having no experience and her just lying there kind of just taking it so i told her to get on top of me, which she did. Once on top i reached around and slap her ass hard and grabbed it too, i got no disapproval, quite the opposite. She started to grind on me while i rotated from her sweet ass to her perky tits. After a few minutes i tried something else i slipped my hands under her bra and just got a feel of her naked breast before she stopped me and said to me "Not under the bra", so instead i tried to feel her pussy above her panties but my hand didnt make it past her belly button, "No feeling my pussy either". After another few minutes of fondling and dry humping we stopped, it never went any further that night. After i gave her a smoke she headed home but not before giving me the biggest hug she has ever given me. Me with my dick still in control thought it was a good thing, maybe we would do that alot more often, maybe even more than that. It wasent until later when my head regained control and started thinking reasonably and the guilt hit me, I had just taken advantage of agood friend and that the hug may have been a "goodbye hug". Fortunatly for me we talked it all out the next day and it wound up only drawing us closer than ever.

    Part 2 if anybody would like to read about it. . . .

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