Adventures in Babysitting


Her name was Angel and she lived down the road from my family’s rural home. She was 18 (the year I was 14) and to all appearances, she was pretty much a typical California high school girl of the mid 1970s. All the neighborhood parents liked and trusted Angel who, unlike the average teenager, behaved politely and responsibly. My mother would occasionally pay Angel to babysit me and my younger brother and sister on nights she worked late.
What was amusing to me was that so many parents would trust a 18 year old high school girl to babysit a 18 year old boy. But those same parents would never trust a 18 year old boy to babysit a 18 year old girl. Reality was a bit different from expectations, though. Angel appeared to be reserved and modest but she was actually far bolder than anyone guessed.
I always enjoyed it whenever Angel babysat for our family. In keeping with 1970s California fashion, she often wore tight fitting shorts or a denim miniskirt of the type that was so popular back then. Because of this, I always looked forward to observing her pretty legs and I was always alert for the brief times when she accidentally exposed her crotch and revealed a quick glimpse of her panties. Panty flashes were rare but the anticipation of getting such a thrill always kept my interest whenever she was around. I even began to suspect she subtly encouraged my voyeurism by arranging for “accidental” teasing panty flashes to occasionally occur.
During her visits, after she’d put my younger brother and sister to bed, she’d study her schoolwork while I watched TV. I was usually splitting my attention between watching the TV and trying to catch a glimpse up her skirt. I often noticed that she was heavily involved in reading a thick textbook called “Human Sexuality” for a physiology college prep class.

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   I couldn’t help but notice that the part of the textbook that kept her most interested was the section that included drawings of the male reproductive anatomy.   She occasionally cracked jokes about it and I sometimes joked back but that was usually all our conversations amounted to.   I was usually more interested in looking at her legs than talking.
Over the course of several babysitting visits, I noticed her making more and more comments about the information she was reading. I was puzzled that the otherwise modest babysitter was becoming so forward as she rambled on about the sexual material she was studying. She started commenting about penis size, sperm content, ejaculation duration, etc. What was going on with her? I was puzzled about her behavior but I sure wasn’t complaining because I was already enjoying sexual thrills just from hearing her comments and jokes.   
I usually did much more listening than talking as she spoke. Even though she was 3 years older than me, I gathered from her comments that she had never seen a real live erection before. She seemed unusually interested in them but the tone of her comments told me she was frustrated because she’d never had the chance to see a real boner for herself. Yet Angel kept covering her comments with jokes so I never was completely clear whether she was just chatting or hinting something more.  
One night after a few of her usual jokes she held up her textbook for me to see. I was shocked to see a detailed drawing of a splendid erection. She grinned at me and then half-jokingly suggested that she needed a volunteer whose erection she could inspect so she could verify the accuracy of page’s drawing. I laughed because I was quite sure her class assignment didn’t actually require her to see a real penis to fulfill her project.

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   Still, I didn’t mind where she was going with this topic because it was setting off all kinds of fantasies in my imagination. So, I decided to tease her back a bit by hinting that I might be interested in posing for her project. I was savoring the thrill of this flirting with her but I didn't really expect anything to come of it.
The conversation rambled on but then she suddenly returned to the original topic and she asked me again whether I wanted to pose for her. As usual, she tried to frame the inquiry as something of a joke but this time I didn’t think it was.   Intrigued, I decided to call her bluff and so I told her I’d do it for her. She got a big smile on her face, put her book down, and then said in an eager voice: “OK. Show me!”
My heart was fluttering and my face turned red as I asked her “Are you serious? Do you really want to see it?”
She nodded and grinned as she sat down on the couch to watch. Her miniskirt rode up as she sat back and crossed her pretty legs. The panty flash I was got was only adding to the heat building in the room.  We were both a bit giddy from the anticipation of what might happen next.  
Now my bluff had been called. Would I muster the courage to bare my dong? My heart was pounding and I was getting really excited but I still wasn’t completely sure if she was joking or not. She might at any moment stop the whole episode by laughing at me and proclaiming what a sucker I was. But she seemed eager to do this and I was enjoying this game so had to do something quick before she lost interest.

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What to do? Thinking it over quickly, I decided to bargain with her. I told Angel I’d pose for her only if she’d join me by dropping her skirt first. I thought for sure she’d refuse my demand, but, to my complete surprise she nodded in agreement. True to her word, she leaned back on the couch and unbuttoned her miniskirt while tugging it downward. She wriggled her waist and in a few seconds it dropped to her ankles revealing her narrow panties and those very pretty legs.
I could hardly believe what was happening here. Angel’s panties were made of nylon mesh so transparent she might as well have been wearing nothing. Obviously, she’d planned ahead for tonight’s activities because I could easily see her trimmed bush and pussy cleft as she reclined on the coach waiting for me to strip. The sight was intoxicating.
My heart was pounding as I decided to go for broke. With nervous fingers, I fumbled with my belt and zipper and began pulling down my shorts. Wasting no time, I dropped my briefs and stepped out of my pants while turning to face her with my cock hanging semi-hard right in front of her. This got her attention and she sat there on the couch watching what I had to show her. I couldn’t believe I was standing there with my growing cock practically right in Angel’s face but I was sure enjoying it.
My heart was pounding with pleasure and excitement as she stood up and stepped close in front of me.

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   I loved staring at the beautiful curve of her waist and ass as she moved.   We both looked down and watched my boner growing longer and harder by the second. Soon it was fully extended and throbbing excitedly. It was pointing directly at her pussy, as if it knew exactly where it wanted to go from some kind of magnetic attraction. I could hardly believe this was happening to me but here it was. She was grinning from ear to ear as she moved as close in front of me as my extended boner would allow. She lightly touched my cock head with her fingers sending an electric thrill jolting through my body from the incredible pleasure of her unexpected touch.  
She was standing so close my throbbing cock head was brushing her belly button as she reached out to grasp me gently with both hands.   I was in absolute heaven as she gripped my shaft and her fingers carefully explored its length.   My breathing grew heavier and my heart pounded violently as her grip tightened around me. She squeezed it a bit, testing its firmness, and her face assumed a dreamy expression I had never before seen on a woman. Yet as we stood there together, she didn’t realize how excited I was getting as her knuckles nudged my swollen balls while the tip of my cock head rubbed the slick nylon of her panties.
It proved to be too much for me. Her scent, her breath, her closeness and the touch of her hands proved to be just too much. With her palms wrapped around me and her eyes closed in dreamy fantasy, I lost control and began squirting powerful jets of semen like a fire hose.

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   Colorful lights exploded in my head from the intense pleasure of the ejaculation and I groaned in pleasure. It all came out in a veritable rush as streamers of semen flooded onto her belly, splattering her panties. When she felt the wetness spreading she giggled and squealed as she realized what was happening. Then her eyes grew wide with astonishment and wonder as she viewed the enormity of my explosion.   
Chuckling at my groans and convulsions, she finally had the presence of mind to point my boner away as I gradually finished squirting. She was as surprised as she was amused by how easily I’d been coaxed to ejaculation. When she began to realize how thoroughly she’d been soaked she looked at me, and then downwards at the mess, and then back at me with a look of wonder at the flood dripping down her torso. Tugging her sweater downwards, she attempted to wipe away the river of semen that was dripping down her belly and soaking right through her racy, transparent panties. The unabsorbant wool of her sweater only served to smear the globs of semen even more thoroughly onto her panties.
I watched her going through these futile efforts as I gradually regained my breath. I felt a wonderful sense of relief from the ejaculation but there was little else I could think to do as I stood there with my boner still sticking straight out and dripping the last of my load onto the floor. She failed in her attempts to wipe herself dry because her soaked panties were now clinging even closely to her crotch. Through the wetness I could even more clearly see her bush and the fold of her pussy.
She sighed and gave up her vain attempts to wipe her panties clean. Instead, she simply pulled her panties off to remove the sticky semen before it soaked further into her pussy crack.

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   What a bonus thrill for me. The babysitter was baring her pussy now! She stepped out of the soaked panties, leaving them on the floor, and strode bottomless to the nearest bathroom where she retrieved some tissue paper to mop herself dry. It felt very odd to be watching the babysitter striding around our house wearing only a sweater as she attempted to clean my semen off her pussy.
After drying herself, she returned to the couch where I waited with a deflating boner that was sagging sadly downward. She stood there, nude from waist down, with a slightly annoyed look on her face for having had her evening suddenly spoiled in such a messy way. She wasn’t really mad, though, just surprised by what had happened. We’d both gotten to see what we wanted to see (and more) but it was clear she had explored enough of my penis tonight.
Still, I enjoyed the view as she bent over to retrieve her clothing from the floor. It wasn’t often that I got to view Angel nude and bending over in our living room. She  shoved the soiled panties deep into her purse where no one could see them. Then she stepped back into her skirt and hiked it up around her waist. It was clear she’d have to spend the rest of the evening pantyless and I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of her accepting the babysitting pay from my mother while wearing no panties under her skirt.
The thought of my mother arriving home reminded me to get redressed myself. Angel handed me a tissue and I cleaned the semen off myself before I replaced my briefs and shorts. In a few moments we were back in our original condition, or nearly so, except for the soiled panties in her purse.

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   It had been a surprisingly satisfying evening that we managed to keep a secret between us.