abused by neighbour 2


Topic: Abused by neighbor 2He took me upstairs to my room: he pushed me inside and told me to get some rest, Tired as I was from the rape I crawled into bed. I felt my asshole burning and hurting. Lying there I went through all the feelings and happenings of that day and wondered what would come next…That evening he opened my door walking to my bed and tossed the blankets of me… I was still half a sleep when he pulled the panties down leaving me naked under the skirt, which I was still wearing. He then pulled me of the bed and grabbed my hands leading me to the living room where 4 guys were sitting. They all looked at me with lustful eyes. My neighbor told me they were his friends who came over to enjoy this little slut, meaning me off course. I then realized I would have to satisfy all these guys by being there little whore-bitch. One guy pulled his cock out and my neighbor told me to go suck him. I went over very slow and kneeled down and took his huge cock in my mouth he laid his hands on my head pushing his cock real deep in my mouth, making me gag. I then heard another guy coming behind me, unzipping his pants lubricating my asshole and then pushing his head against my star and gliding inside me I screamed from pain because of the rough way he did it and also my asshole was still hurting from the rape earlier that day. The other guys were filming and taking pictures of me while sucking and fucking their friends. I felt such a slut-boy, but the tears were running. Suddenly I felt the cock in my mouth stiffen and his cum shot right in my throat making me gag even more… “swallow it you bitch” which I tried to do, but yet again it was to much for me to swallow. He, who just came moved out to make place for the one who was fucking my ass, he puthis dirty cock in my mouth and start fucking my mouth with his large-dirty-ass-smelling cock until he loudly shot my mouth full.

In the mean time another guy came behind me and roughly rammed his cock up my ass, which was already stretched wide open. This guy really went for it ramming his cock all the way in having no merci for this young ass.

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   With every violation I screamed from pain, but this seemed making him even fuck me harder. Suddenly the fourth guy came over and put his fully erect cock at my lips, I opened and he slide his cock deep into my mouth and yet again I had 2 cocks inside me, suddenly both cocks were taken out of me and they switched position, now again I had to suck a dirty cock smelling of my own shithole while the other seemed to be a more gently fucker then the one I was now sucking. The one in my ass came and shot that hot fluid in my hole filling it with that warm sticky fluid which felt so nice after being brutalized by 4 men, while I felt the one in my mouth stiffen and came while he pushed my head on his cock making me gag on his cock and almost suffocating on his cum. After they were done with me I looked up and saw my neighbor looking at me with his camera in his hand, smiling at me, “did you enjoy this you little cock-whore?” I could not respond but to sob with tears rolling down my cheeks. They all laughed at me….



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