A Trip to the Caiman Islands


When we arrived, we got out of the car, tipping the driver, walked down the pathway to the front door as he drove off. "Shit!" I thought to myself, remembering that I left a tube of lipstick in the car. Oh well, it wouldn't be a big deal. Amy, being the bolder of us, opened the door and ran in, hooting and hollering with excitement. Amy is a very flamboyant girl, with blonde hair to her shoulders and striking blue eyes, she has one of those "soccer girl" faces. She has slightly bigger breasts than I, a 36C. . . though, she weighs a bit more too, comming in at a 125. It makes little difference though, the two of us walking down any street can turn heads a full 180. I set down my only bag in the living room, and flipped on the TV to a surprising image. On the screen was what looked to be an 80's made porno film. . . two girls were having sex with eachother, and one could very easily see that they were enjoying it. One girl was leaned back, with here legs spreadeagled, and the others head was burried between them, obviously busy tounging her pussy to climax after climax.

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   I laughed, and called over Amy, and we shared a giggle, as I turned it off. The moans of the girls kept playing over and over in my head, "ooooh that feels so good!" and "Ohh, oh yeah, baby don't stop, don't ever stop!" It was driving me mad, I needed to masturbate, and fast. I could feel wetness begining to form and soak into my white panties. I told Amy that I was going to go make my room ready, and darted off to my bedroom, locking the door. I ripped off my tight fit jeans, and beganning rubbing my cooch through my panties, my juices were now starting to flow. It's funny, I never really thought that having sex with a girl was hot until I saw it earlier on the TV. It just never occurred to me, but finally after seeing it, it is just such a turn on! Anyway, knowing that the door was locked, I slid my panties off my smooth legs, tossing them to the floor. I reached down between my legs with both hands, and began fingering myself with one, while rubbing my clit with the other. I started to thinking about having sex with another girl, about how it would feel to have her rubbing me, while I ate her out, her juices comming into my mouth. "Ohhhhh!" I moaned at the thought, my hands quickening in their pace. The bed was starting the squeak with my motions, as could a sound be heard from my hands making contact with my hot cunt. I began to rub my love nubbin' (haha) faster and faster, and reached my other hand up under my shirt, under my bra and start to pinch and rub my erect nipples. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeah!" I screamed, closing my legs around my hand, cumming so hard it made me lightheaded. I laid there for a moment, feeling the juices run down my pussy, ass, and legs, onto the bed below me. I heard Amy calling my name.

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  . . "Oh no!" I thought, quickly getting dressed. "Shit shit shit shit shit!" I threw on my pants as I heard her comming towards the door, and started to knock. "One second!" I straighened up briefly, and anwsered the door. "Are you alright? You look a little flushed in the face. " Amy beckoned. "Of course, I'm fine!" I said and smiled at her, "What's up?""Oh I heard some noises comming from your room, and I thought I heard you call my name. . . " Said Amy. "Oh, huh, wierd. . . Nope, I didn't say anything," I said, trying to think back on what I had said during my ordeal.

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   I don't, think, I called her name? Shit. . . Hrm. . . Oh well, all is good. "Alright, just making sure," she said, and winked at me. "I'm going to go take a shower, I feel so. . . icky. "Amy walked off, and looked back over her shoulder with a smile, then turned back to continue on her way. "Hrm, that was wierd. .

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  . " I thought to myself. I didn't think much about it, and went to the living room to watch some more TV, I turned on the news to take recent events off my mind. "Today on Caiman Commerce. . . " a news reporter said. . "Blah blah blah blah blah" is all that got through to me. "Great, more boring assed news. . . " I said with a sigh, and walked upstairs. "I wonder if Amy is done with her shower. "I approached the bathroom door to find that it was not closed all the way, and I could hear the shower running.

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   Curiously, I proceeded closer, and put my ear next to the opening. Just faintly over the water, I could hear a moaning. It was Amy! I cracked the door open a bit more, and glanced in. There she was, naked, rubbing herself in the glass shower. I heard her moan what sounded to be like "Mariah," but I wasn't sure. I pondered at what to do, and decided to just risk it. I opened the door to the bathroom, and Amy didn't notice. I took off my shirt and bra, freeing my soft breast from their graps. My breast are naturally perky, so they stood up a bit and glistened in the hot showery mist. I quickly took off the rest of my clothes, throwing them in a pile on the floor. Before Amy noticed me, I opened the shower door, without saying a word, got on my knees, and began to eat out her hot love box. She grabbed my head, rubbing it with her fingers softly, gyrating her hips into my face. I could feel her warmth with my tongue, as I fingered and licked her cunt. She leaned up against the wall, and rubbed her clit as I worked my magic. .

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  . she was starting to breath very hard, and I could feel her muscles flexing with each flick and lick of my tongue. I reached one of my hands up to her breasts, and began massaging them and rolling her nipples between my fingers. This sent her over the edge, her soft warm thighs wrapped around my head as she propped herself up with her hands on the shower bar, and began humping my face like mad, cumming into my mouth. I could taste her sweet juices flowing out of her. . . trailing down the insides of her thighs, mixing with the shower water. I stood up, and embraced her with a deep kiss, our tongues entwining and our arms going all over eachothers bodies. I know she could taste her cum while kissing me, which I think turned her on even more. She reached a hand down my neck, down over my perky breast, down my firm tan stomach, over my belly button, over my trimmed silky hair, and down my slit, and began fingering me, making me sooo much more hornier. I broke our kiss and said, "Lets finish this in your room," and took her hand in mine, as we ran to her room, giggling all the way. She laid me on her bed, and kissed me briefly on the lips, telling me to wait right there. She ran out of the room leaving me a bit confused. A moment later it all made sense, as she walked into the room with an 8 and 3/4 inch not-pink dildo, grinning devilishly.

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   She rubbed it between her legs, lubing it up with her juices, and then came and sat at the end of the bed near my feet. She leaned down, and licked at my slit, nuzzling her nose into my clit as she jabbed her tongue into me. Once she felt I was wet enough, she leaned back up, trailed the dildo down from my tummy to my cunt, and placed it at the entrance to my hole. Slowly, she wiggled it into me, inch by inch. It felt so big inside me, it was like it filled me up completely, it felt AMAZING. As she quickened her pace, I began to have orgasm after orgasm as she thrusted it into me, over and over. . . I began breathing harder and harder, until I reached my hand between my legs, grabbed the end of the dildo and held it in me. I could feel my muscles trying to pull more of it in, but there was nothing left to go in, it felt so good, I came harder than I ever had in my life. As my breathing slowed, I heard a man say, "Hello ladies. . . "We both turned around surprised, to see the hottest guy we'd ever seen, ever. .

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    He told us his name was Jason, and by just the way he talked, we knew he was a total pimp, yeah, pimp. He told us we wouldn't need that dildo anymore, and walked over to me, removing it from my box. He took off his shirt to reveal his obviously worked out body, with strong muscles and good skin tone. He removed the rest of his clothes, exposing his enormous member, as we both stared at its wonder. He told me to lay back and spread my legs, and instructed Amy to begin eating her out in a doggy style position. . . I did so, and Amy got between my already warmed up pussy, and began eating me out, tickling my hips with her free hand. I watched in awe as Jason got behind Amy and slid his entire penis into her in one thrust. . . she moaned in extasy into my cunt, and started to rock against him. He reached a hand around Amys waist, and rubbed her clit as he fucked her, causing her to orgasm multiple times after a few minutes of this. .

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      . He could tell she was about to climax, and thrust as deep as he could go into her, and felt her pussy clinging on to his cock, trying to milk it as hard as it could. She moved her hips in motion with him, and slowly came down from her high, as she continually ate out my pussy with increased intensity. Seeing that she had been satisfied, he decided it was now my turn, and told us to hop on, as he laid down on his back. He instructed me to begin riding his rod, and had Amy spread her legs over his head, facing me. . . I began riding his large cock, it was so warm inside me, I could almost feel Amys juices on it. I bounced up and down on it, my tits bouncing along with me. Amy, obviously being pleasured by Jasons masterful tongue, reached out and grabbed my tits, and began playing with them in our awesome love triangle. I leaned in and began to kiss her, while rubbing my pussy and fucking Jason, as he was eating her out. The room was filled with passion as all three of us climaxed at the same time. . . I felt him shoot his hot load deep inside my warm pussy, I felt it moving around as I slowed the fucking.

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      . . It's a good thing I was on the pill! Briefly after he shot his seed (haha) inside me, I came on his still hard cock, rotating my hips around in a circle causing our cum to mix inside me. . . I clenched his sides with my legs as I felt completely satisfied. Amy got off of Jasons face, and I saw a trail of her cum still connected to his mouth break away as she stood up slowly, with quivering legs. Jason sat up on the bed, our juices obviously apparent, glistening in the light. . . He told us he was spent, as were we, and thought it best that we head to bed. . . it was already 18 PM and we needed to be up early. We both spooned him like Megan that one time, and went to sleep with our arms wrapped over his chest, and legs around his.


      . . He could feel our juices dampening his leg from our still wet pussys. It was the most amazing night of my life. Since then, we have never experienced anything like it. The next morning when we woke up, Jasons arms were wrapped around both of us as we cuddled up next to him (aww), and he made us breakfast in bed. He gave us both a quick kiss on the lips, and told us that we did great. He walked towards the door, turned his head and smiled at us briefly, and walked away, never to be seen again because I'm tired of typing. The end!-----Comments anyone? Would you like to see more stories from me? Maybe longer ones that I don't write at 4 AM? ;) Lookin for some constructive criticism. By the way. . . this story has a lot of "inside jokes" because I initially wrote it as a joke between some friends of mine, but I thought. . .

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       hey what the heck, I'll submit it here! :).



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