(a little background)
The life of a college professor is more tedious than most think. To keep up with student questions and stay on top of your game, you must study endlessly, when you aren’t in a class or one of the endless bullshit meetings we have to attend. Then there are the seminars and lectures in between semesters that take up so much time. I’m not saying I hate it because I don’t. It is fulfilling in its own way, and I enjoy it. Being single however, it doesn’t leave much time for forming relationships. The closest thing I’ve had to a sexual partner in the last few years was my right hand. That is until I met Jill and Kirsten.
I owe a lot to my ex-wife. She stood by me while I attended graduate school. But by the time I began on my doctorate degree, I could tell the neglect was wearing on her. I was so determined to finish my schooling by that point though, I decided to concentrate on my work, and worry about my marriage later. She supported us through the entire process and even got a second part-time job for several months toward the end to make ends meet, as I was dedicating my entire life to school. I could tell she was proud of me when I received my final doctorate degree in the mail, but there was something weighing on her mind. I could tell and at our celebration dinner later that night, I coaxed her into telling me what was troubling her. What began as a joyful occasion ended in disaster.

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She tearfully confessed that she had been having an affair with her boss for the last several months. Ironically, it was the guy who hired her for her part-time job, which she never would have had to take if it wasn’t for me. Looking back, it wasn’t surprising to me, and I guess it was no surprise when I reacted reasonable and understanding toward the whole thing. It was a shock to her, and me to some point, but I decided then and there it was my fault. How could a woman go through what she had to all alone, and not turn to someone else for comfort. Especially a woman as lovely and beautiful as she was. She had been voted most beautiful in our senior class in high school and was used to constant attention from men. Sexually speaking, she was a dynamo, but I guess those years of neglect from her own husband was more than she could stand.
When the story of her adolescent ways had ended, I was willing to forget the whole thing and start over. It almost destroyed me when she said she didn’t think we could start over. She was in love with him and I was already an exiting part of her life. She was sensitive about it and kept apologizing, saying she wished things never had happened this way. I could only shake my head and fight back the tears when she said she would be at his place from now on and I should keep the house and all our belongings and she would have her lawyer get in touch with me about the divorce papers. She didn’t want to take anything more away or hurt me anymore. We hugged for a long time and then she left the table and my life as quickly as she had entered it that day we met back in high school.

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For several months afterwards, I was a mess. I couldn’t eat or sleep and I wasn’t even sure I had the desire to teach anymore. It wasn’t until I got a call from my current university that I decided to try and move on. I took a job in the history department and have been there now for seven years. I still long for my wife, and this along with the work has hampered my personal life. I was forty years old and more sexually frustrated than a hormone-driven teenage boy. I guess that’s why my encounter with Jill and Kirsten reopened my eyes.
After seven years at a small university, I am quite solid in the lineup so to speak. I have freedom to teach just about any section I want, but I have found that Western Civilization is my favorite subject area. This is typically a beginning course and many freshmen take it as part of their basics. This fact drives many of my colleagues off, but I enjoy it and so they let me pretty much have reign over that area. It was the first day of the fall semester when two such freshmen walked into my class, and immediately caught my attention. Both fresh out of high school and only eighteen years old, they were the cutest pair you would ever want to see. They were both so tiny, you might assume they were freshmen in high school rather than college. Jill was a pale-skinned, white-blonde headed peach that couldn’t have weighed more than 95 pounds in her tiny frame.

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   Even so, she filled her frame well and wore clothes that appealed to her features. Her face was picturesque and would remind you of a doll or something of that nature. I found her to be uniquely stunning. Kirsten was also a blond, though more of a sandy color blond, and was even smaller than Jill. She was not as cute as Jill, but she had a smile that lit the entire room. Kirsten’s body was her gem, as she was small, but muscular. He tight body was tanned, much darker than Jill’s, and she had much larger breasts. She also wore very appealing clothes that showed off her assets nicely. I was a little surprised when they walked directly to me instead of taking a seat like every other student I’d had in my seven years.
"Mr. Kline" (Kirsten I would learn, spoke for both girls most of the time) "we really want to do well in your class and we would like to schedule an appointment to talk about what can best help us to achieve. "
Still a little taken back, I replied, "Well certainly, my door is always open and I actually have some time right after class if you would like. "
"Sounds good to us. We will see you in your office then. " Kirsten said.

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They then turned and walked to take a seat. It was then that they kissed. It wasn’t more than a peck on the lips, but my cock began to rise just the same. They did it so fast, as if it was nothing out of the ordinary, and I could barely finish my lecture, waiting for the class to end. They filed out after dismissal like everyone else, and I practically sprinted to my office. I didn’t understand my emotions, but I only knew I had to see them again as soon as possible and I didn’t want to miss them for our meeting. I got to my office and glued my eyes to the clock in hopes they were to arrive. It seemed like hours, but only five minutes later they walked in.
"I see you are kind of isolated back here, no other teachers around?" Kirsten asked.
"No, I have fought for this office because it is isolated. Much more peaceful you know. Now, how exactly can I help you two cutties. " I said. The word ‘cutties’ was out of my mouth before I knew it and I was suddenly embarrassed.
They only smiled a little and then my world did a 180.

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"Well, in that case, I guess here is as good as any place. " Kirsten said.
"What do you mean by that?" I asked.
Instead of answering, the two girls turned toward each other with a smile and embraced in a raunchy kiss. I was speechless and couldn’t take my eyes off, my hard-on and the kiss were all I could concentrate on. Then they began to take each other’s tops off and revealed their bare breasts momentarily before pressing them into each other in another embrace. Kirsten tits were hard and large, looking almost unnatural against her small frame. Jill’s tits were small, but perky and firm. They then turned their heads toward me with a giggle.
"You see Mr. Kline," Jill finally spoke, "we really need to graduate, but we aren’t too smart and don’t like homework. So our plan for college is to fuck our way to a degree. "
Kirsten then broke in, "Yeah, we are lovers who love to fuck, and we decided you would be the first. This is our plan. We never come to your class again.

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   Instead, we meet you wherever you like at your leisure on the day of your class, and we fuck each others brains out. We are willing to do anything you like. You just have to tell us. We like to talk dirty anyway. "
I still hadn’t breathed a word when they pulled down their tight shorts and revealed their shaven pussies to me, standing in only their shoes.
"So Mr. Kline? What do you say?" Jill asked after several intensely quite seconds.
Almost as if another person stepped into my body, I forgot about any rules or any ethics and I was their master.
"I say you two need to get your tight asses over here and show me how well you can suck my dick. "
They became almost giddy with my demand, practically running over each other to get at my feet. I barely got my cock out of my trousers when Jill dropped her head over my cock until it was well into her throat. Most men wouldn’t admit it, but I came within seconds. I was so excited that by the time she pulled her head back for air and pushed her face back onto my cock again, I came hard. She made a loud gagging sound and pulled her head back quickly. I knew she wasn’t ready for it but I immediately began to jack my remaining spurts all over her face as she struggled for air.

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   Cum was rushing from her mouth in large elongated streams as I pumped my cock.
"Oh my God!" was all Kirsten had to say, thinking she was next in line for a little deep throat action of her own. I wasted no time in rising from my chair and sticking my still coming cock into her mouth forcefully. She wasn’t’ ready for it and it made a weird smacking sound as her voice trickled away into a watery gurgle. I must have spewed three more shots into Kirsten’s mouth as Jill was trying to regain her composure. I was like a man possessed and I wasn’t about to give in just because of one unexpected orgasm. I hadn’t been laid in years and I was going to take full advantage of this opportunity for fucking. That’s what I call it anyway. It sure wasn’t making love or even sex. It was pure unbridled fucking. And I was ready, willing, and able. Kirsten was much more resilient, taking all of my cum down her throat without any hitches. Moments later I was pulling away and roughly pushing her to her back on my office floor.
"You want my cock in your pussy you little slut!" I yelled. To my pleasant surprise she only yelled back at me.

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"Yeah! Fuck me motherfucker! Fuck me til I scream!" She didn’t really know what she was asking for. It was still so sudden and had not fully sunken in yet.
Still, I quickly moved for her pussy. I was inside her and pumping furiously before she could even get settled in good. I grabbed her legs with both hands and pushed them as far forward as I could, pressing her knees hard beside her ears. She took it as any nice slut would and begged for me to fuck harder. She was only beginning to get the full effect. Her face was a combination of lust and anguish. I haven’t mentioned it yet in my story, but I do have an enormous cock. It’s not something I really felt pride toward until that moment. I had been taking an unauthorized pill for several years that was supposed to be an underground form of male enhancement. I guess it was a combination of wanting to satisfy my next woman, and a resent toward women in general because of my divorce, that took me toward the pill. I was always fairly large, but by this day I was measuring nearly thirteen inches and must have been at least three inches wide just below the head. Kirsten was beginning to realize in her lust just what she was really dealing with.
"Oh my God! You’re ripping me apart!" she screamed.

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   But it didn’t detour me any from my thrusting.
    I kept trying to go deeper and deeper with each powerful push, and she was feeling the effects. Jill by now had realized what she had gotten herself into, and she reluctantly watched as I ruined her lover’s pussy.
    Kirsten began to plead, "NO, PLEASE STOP!" But I could feel her hips still pushing back against my thrusts. She was hurting, but oddly wanted more. I felt Jill’s hand on my ass before she leaned over to whisper in my ear.
    "Please be more gentle Mr. Kline. Your cock is much larger than we have ever . . . "
    Before she finished, her lust overcame her. She stuck her tongue in my ear and then began to slide it all the way down my back to the crack of my ass. With her lover still pleading with me to slow down, and fucking me hard at the same time, she stuck her tongue hard against my anus and began to lick. I was in heaven.

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       Kirsten’s pussy felt like a vice around my cock, and all the while I’m getting my asshole licked by Jill. It was almost more than I could take and when I felt my orgasm building, I stopped and pulled out of Kirsten’s pussy with a loud popping noise.
    I swung my head around toward Jill, who looked up at me with a fearful lust. She then looked at Kirsten who was moaning loudly still, and saw her rubbing her swollen cunt. I guess most girls would have said no at what they were about to be offered, but Jill was not most women. She knew what I wanted and slowly laid down onto her stomach.
    "Take me from behind," was all she said as she turned her eyes from me and grabbed the legs of the desk with both hands. I easily straddled Jill’s tiny body and pushed her buttcheeks apart. I could see the slit of her lovely pussy and pushed my hips forward with my cockhead leading the way. As I came to her entrance, I thrust hard and buried at least half my cock inside her. She was tight as Kirsten around my massive cock, and I was no less forgiving on her. After my initial entry, I began to fuck forward as hard as I could.
    "OH SHIT! IT’S TOO BIG . . .


       FUCK ME HARDER!" She screamed.
    Jill was in the same unusual frame of mind as Kirsten. She was in a mixture of emotions that made her hurt and feel good at the same time. I didn’t care though. I pumped her as hard as I had Kirsten, who was still reeling in her own lust in an almost unconscious state a few feet away. The site of it all was almost unreal. My cock looked to be almost as big around as her entire tiny waist as it pumped furiously in and out of her sweet little pussy, yet she was taking all I could give her and almost wanting more.
    I had to come now. It was inevitable and unstoppable by this point. Where to put it was my only question. Then it came to me in a flash. I wanted her ass. If she could take it in her ass, both of them actually, then the experience would be complete for me. I had imagined fucking a girl in the ass in my fantasies for years. My wife had always refused, but now I was in a position of control.

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       My cock was bigger, but I could still do it. That’s what I believed. And these girls said I could have anything. I spoke for the first time since my initial demands.
    "Kirsten! Get over here now!" I said, as I pulled my cock from Jill’s slick pussy. Kirsten finally seemed to awake from her lust and did as I commanded. I had her lay just next to Jill and told both to spread their asses and expose their holes to me. They knew immediately what I wanted to do and I could see it in their eyes as they both turned back to me. It was a look of both yes and no. The same type thing I had heard them say when I fucked them in their vice like pussies. They gazed back as I pulled out a bottle of hand lotion I kept in my desk drawer. They knew as I lubed up my cock with the lotion what was going to happen, but the uncertainty of whether it could actually physically happen was stamped on both’s foreheads. I was going to try, on both of them.
    I pointed my cock first at Kirsten’s pretty little ass. I figured she had more recovery time than Jill, and she looked the most willing.

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       She looked so because she had parted her legs wide when she saw the lotion. My initial attempt proved futile, as I was only met with firm resistance and a loud scream. I tried again only to get my tip into her ass. She turned to me with a grimace on her face and told me it wasn’t going to fit. But I was not one to take defeat. With one final push, four inches of my cock slowly slipped inside. Kirsten tried to crawl forward in defense, but I kept pressing just the same.
    "No! Pull it out please for Christ’s sake!" Kirsten was saying no, but I knew better.
    I gave another thrust and to my amazement, My cock slid nearly fully inside her ass. All but about two inches were inside her and she momentarily passed out. By the time she awoke, I was thrusting with all my might. That led her back into a rampage of yeses and nos as she endured my ass fucking. Jill looked on wide-eyed and once, I think, she started to rise and leave the room. She couldn’t resist though, and a few minutes later I was attacking her ass with the same vigor. Only a few thrusts into Jill’s ass, and an almost constant screaming sound from her lips, and I had to come.

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       It could be put it off no longer.
    "Where do you want it?" I calmly asked.
    "Shoot it on our faces. " Kirsten said, as she still groped at her gaping ass and pussy.
    I stood up and allowed Kirsten to help Jill’s quivering body to her knees. When they were both ready, with tongues extended and mouths wide open, I blew an unbelievable load onto the girl’s faces in alternating spurts. Each girl took their streams with anxiousness and pushed the cum towards their mouths with their fingers. As I finished they took turns feeding directly from my cock head as I milked the last of the cum from my shaft.
    That was exactly nine months ago. I guess this could be a fictional story, but it all happened and restarted my life. The girls left my office not long after my last orgasm, but vowed to be mine for as long as I liked. Sure they fucked some of my colleagues, that was their way to a degree after all. But I was theirs each and every night since that day. No matter how much fucking they did, they always came home to me and my cock every night. I moved them in myself the day after our first encounter, greatly because of their begging, but also because I needed them.

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       I’m still forty years old and they are still both eighteen, but I think I’ll keep them around. Besides, I don’t think they’d let me turn them away now. A certain love has developed among the three of us and besides, I am not about to turn away two loving bisexuals for anything in the world.