A Quickie


I went over to my friends place to see if he wanted to go for a bike ride. He usually was in his room playing on his computer so I didnt knock I just went up to his room.
When I walked in he wasnt there but his 18 yo sister was and she was nude and sitting in front of the mirror in his cupboard door with her legs right back and looking at her cunt which she was holding open.
She got a real fright when I walked in on her and she let out a yell and tried to cover herself. I said wow that was really cool seeing you do that before she had chance to say anything. I do that when I wank myself and watch my cum spash out. How often do you masturbate and she sat there speechless not knowing what to do. I dont she said - and I said I do would you like to see me do it. I had often looked at her when I visited and she always looked sexy to me. I am only 18 so she is about my size as far as a girl is concerned. I said I like your breasts too they are really starting to look nice. I love your nipples which were now hard and red after she had been playing with herself.
She hardly said a word because I was talking all the time to distract her as she was still nude and I was enjoying looking at her. She was a bit cautious about letting me see anything else but I said do you want to se mine. I wont mind showing it to you. I think by now she had got over the shock of being found out and as I was talking sexy she sort of relaxed.

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   She said is it hard and I said yes because you really turn me on. do I she said and I said you really do every time I come over I get a hard on looking at you and you have clothes on its even harder now seeing you nude.  I didnt wait for her to say yes or no and I undid my belt and zip and let my pants fall around my ankles and slipped my underpants down and stood there with my hard on sticking straight out in front of me. There I said see how hard I get looking at you, I think you are fantasticly sexy. How about you stand up and let me see all of you. slowly she stood up and sort of kept a hand over her cunt and I said now come over here and we can look at each other close up. As she slowly came toward me I took off my T shirt and we were both nude except for my runners and sox. Can I touch it she said and I said please do - it really likes you. then she put her hand on my cock and it jumped a bit because the top of it was really sensitive. As it jumped she giggled and said its funny. I said play with it and pull on me if you like. She said I have only seen Toby's (her brother) soft never hard like this, its cute. I said have agood look and feel of it and she got down and asked me what the top was called and why did it have a brown ring around it. I said the top is called the glans and the ring is where I have been circumcised. She said whats that and I explained.

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   She said Toby is not like that and I said I know. She said have you seen Toby's and I said of plenty of times. Now I said can I have a look at yours and she said do you really want to and I said yes, I have never seen a cunt before close up. She said you wont fuck me or anything will you and I said I wont do anything you dont like I promise.
She got up on Toby's bed and opened her legs and I got hold of them and pushed them back so her cunt was right in front of my eyes and she was watching every move I made. I said can you pull it open and she did and I said wow thats the lovliest thing its beautiful. She said you are just saying that and I said no, I really think it is. I got down closer to it to look at it and she said what can you see and I told her about her lips and her vagina and her clitoris. Can you see that she asked, I said I can see where it hides I said can I squeeze it out I wont hurt you and she said how do you know about it and I said I have read about girls cunts and see pictures of it, but yours is so beautiful I could kiss it.  She said if you know how you can make it come out and i got it between my fingers and squeezed her clit and the head of it just peeped out from the sheath. Thats wonderful I said I bet that makes you cum good when you play with it and masturbate. She said how do you know I masturbate and I said everybody does. She said how often do you do it and I said nearly every day and now I will do it twice a day thinking about yours. She said what do you think about when you wank yourself and I said you and Sue another of her friends. Do you really I said and I said sure I think about how good it would be to fuck you both.

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   She said go on you dont and I said I do and mostly its you. Then without warning and on an impulse I cant explain I just put my mouth down and kissed her cunt and it tasted really strange but the soft moist skin felt great. She shivered and shook for a moment and said shit what are you doing and I said kissing it, it looks so good I couldnt help it. Oh god she said it really gave me the shivers when you did that and I said did it feel good and she said no, then quickly said well it sent a shiver up my spine so I suppose it did. Can I do it again I asked and she didnt answer so I did and this time I kept my mouth there and kissed and sucked it and licked all around it and she wriggled her hips and I heard her moan and groan as I worked on her. Oh god she said that feels awesome, so I kept going on her and rubbed my tongue up and down on her clit and licked all around her labia lips and rubbed my face and nose in her and really gave her a good work out. I had never done it before so I did what I thought she would like. Her cunt was all wet and I started to swallow the stuff I was licking out of her which tasted strange but not bad and it wasnt like piss. I had only been going on her for a couple of minutes and she gave a cry and began to buck about and I was having trouble keeping everything on her cunt, The more I licked and rubbed her the stronger her shaking and bouncing got and she started to cry out and moan and groan and say oh shit then fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. I gathered she was having an orgasm. I had not seen a girl have one before but it was like I go when I have one.
Then she sort of cried please stop I cant bear it any more you are hurting me.  I stopped immediately and stood up and she just lay there. She wasnt saying anything and I wondered if she was alright, and I said are you ok and she just nodded and in a minute said sorry you exhausted me, I couldnt breath or talk, the sensation was so strong when I came I couldnt do anything.
I said I am sorry I didnt know it would be like that and she said no I loved it but it starting to hurt after a bit as my clitoris was so sensitive as you touched it with your tonge. 

Then she said I have never felt like that ever before when i came that was unbelievable. Then I said would you like to do it to me. She said do I, and I said no but I think I would like it. She said well just a bit I cant imagine having a cock in my mouth.  She got off the bed and got down between my legs and she got close to it and said you wont piss in my mouth or anything and I said no way.
Then she just opened her mouth and put it over my cock and closed it and I could tell she wasnt sure what she should be feeling or tasting. She opened her mouth and said it is alright, its not as bad as I imagined and then she started to really suck on it and I held her head and began to get her to slip her mouth up and down on my cock and then she began to do it herself and pretty soon she was really doing it great. I had never had head before so this was heavenly. As she worked on me I held her ears and played with them as she sucked on me and she stopped for a moment and said do you like it and I said I have never felt anything as good as this, and she said I thought so because I like the way you are feeling my ears and stuff and its making me all sexy inside again. She kept going for a few more minutesd then I felt like I was going to cum and I said quick take it out I am going to cum but she she just sucked harder and she put a hand on my balls and I let fly with the strongest ejaculation ever and my cum shot out into her mouth. I did about 3 or 4 huge spurts then  I started to go soft. She stopped and wondered what was happeneing but swallowed all of my cum and kept sucking. I pulled back and she said waht was that and I said I came and you drank my cum. she said oh hell what will happen now and I said nothing. what does it taste like I dont know.

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   She said its strange its like salty vinegar. I said I am sorry i didnt mean for you to have to drink it and she said its ok, It happened so fast i didnt know what it was but it didnt seem like piss. I said its the stuff that makes babies in a girl. Oh hell she said can I get pregnant from it and i said no only when it goes in your cunt. I believe a lot of girls do it with their mouth rather than get pregnant. Is it as good as fucking she asked and i said I dont know maybe we can find out. She said not if I can have a baby. I said do you have periods yet and she said no, but I must be getting close because the hair is just starting to show and thats a sign I will soon.  My mother has told me what happens so I know you start to bleed out of my vagina when it happens.  
I said then if we do it now you cant get pregnant and she said I suppose not. I said well lets do it and see and then we will know and you wont get pregnant.  She said will you do that inside me and I said yes, unless I pull it out first then I can wank it out like I do when I masturbate.  If you promise not to do it in me I am game. At the moment I would do anything I feel so hot.
She got on the bed and opened her legs and I got between themm and put my hand on my cock and guided it to her cunt.

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   when I was outside and ready to go into her I said are you ready and she said yes and i pushed and my cock slipped into her vagina real easy. As my cock forced its way in she gave a yell of shit she said its hurting so I pulled out. Then she said no put it back in and I did. Oh hell she said that hurt for a moment, it was like you tore something inside me it hurt and then stopped. I looked down as she was all wet and warm and I saw blood. Oh hell I said I have done something, you are all bloody. We got off the bed and we looked inside her cunt which was all bloody. She ran to the bathroom and began to wash her cunt and there was only a little bit of blood and she had stopped bleeding.
She said I dont know what happened and I said I heard the first time you had a fuck that happens. It doesnt happen again I said.
Then I said do you want to do it again and she said yes, I have gone this far I might as well go all the way. So we goy back on the bed and I started to fuck her and it was relaly good. We both talked about what it felt like and I said there are different ways to fuck and she said well one day I might see what they are. i said I hope its with me and she said thats for sure I am not going to let anybody else fuck me that would make me a slut.
I though good oh, she and I will be fucking for years I hoped.

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   We both fucked and fucked and after a while I said I think I am cumming and pulled out and she said no put it in I will take the risk, I want to know what its like. I went back into her and after about a minute I came and it felt great. All my cum came out inside her and made her all sloppy. I pulled my cock out and it was covered in bloody cum and stuff.
We went to the bathroom again and washed ourselves but my cum kept leaking out of her so she put a tissue into her cunt to soak it up.
We both got dressed and kept telling each other it was the best thing ever. I said do you think we could do it again in a day or so and she said she would think about it. When I was ready to go I went over and I kissed her with my tongue and she really went all gooey and said I want you to fuck me again, and we did it right there. It was even better the second time and even though my first lot of cum was in her it still felt great. Then I put some more in.  She said I will remember this day and you for ever. I said so will I and we kissed again and she said no more or I will want you to fuck me again. I was even hard again and said look and she said you are a glutton. Come around tomorrow and we can do it some more.
We fucked almost every day for a month often as many as three times, and she got her periods and that stopped us for a while.

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   I had to find out how to get condoms and once I got a packet we started again. This time I came in them which she liked as she didnt get messy. We used to line them up and we had 24 all in a row within two weeks. After that we washed a few out and reused them until I could get some more.
Her brother soon realised what we were doing and got a bit up tight. Then he watched us a couple of times and one night he even asked her and they did it together a few times before she said no more. She helped us find another girl who would do it with her brother and the 4 of us often fucked together. She then would only let her brother fuck her again while I fucked his girl friend.



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